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that whole exchange between jeremiah and maggie was so uncomfortable. like, implying alex somehow defaulted to being with a woman bc there’s no man good enough for her just….rubbed me the wrong way. i’ll wait to pass official judgement, but it’s lookin like eliza might wanna get those divorce papers ready.

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What really, REALLY rubbed me about this episode is that they went through all the effort of designing a completely unique gem for the one clickbait. It's insulting, quite frankly.

Yeah that’s just ridiculous! It confirms this was 100% viewer bait, and terrible bait at that. Their ep was so bad they had to make shit up to get people to watch it lol

Anyone who follows me, knows how much I love and look up to KO. But fans have used this entire feud to disrespect Goldberg and call him a “lazy part-timer”. 

I don’t want to get on a high-horse, or anything. But we as fans really need to abolish that mind-set. Those “part-timers” paved the way for every single wrestler in WWE right now. They’ve been there and done everything that the current superstars are doing today. 

As fans of wrestling, we should never disrespect the work and dedication they’ve put into their careers, simply because they’re fighting a younger talent and rooting for them is no longer favorable. 

Goldberg is getting some crazy disrespectful tweets and it’s astonishing. Especially how everyone was bending over backwards when he first came back. It just rubs me the wrong way.  

“After Obama’s first state visit to Belgium, Philippe said “at least he knows who we are”. He reminded me of a student finally being picked by his teacher. This rubbed me the wrong way. We all know Belgium is not a super power but he, as a king, sounded so weak to me. A King should be humble, rational AND STRONG.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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Heeeey friend! Could you possibly write “Will you let me rub your back?” with Castiel x sam and Dean's ticklish!sister with those two maybe coming into the Drabble at some point? :) I have to move out of my house for 6 weeks and I really don't want to, so am in need of something fluffy to cheer me up ;-; *cries* ~ Sherlock!anon

Ah! I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier I’ve been really busy! And aww, I’m so sorry you have to move out :( I hope it’s nothing too serious, honey. And of course I’ll write this cute prompt for you! Although idk if you also wanted Dean in this? Cuz the reader would be dean and sam’s little sis but you just wrote Dean so idk if that mean’s just clarifying orrrr you want him……… lmfao I’m thinking too much about this. I’ll just write it! XD

“Will you let me rub your back?”

A small sigh and a nervous but appreciative glance, “You would do that for me?”

You rolled your eyes, “Cas, if you’re in pain, of course I would. I’m just asking your permission. I dunno if you want me touching you or not.”

Castiel blushed and he carefully laid down on his belly on the musty motel room bed. 

“They’ll be back soon, I promise… I’m sorry this happened.”

Castiel replied, “Do not apologize. I had to save you. And when Sam and Dean told me to take you to safety, I obeyed.”

“Yeah well…. thanks,” you smiled softly, “But you still needed to leave to rest after that damn thing threw you into that brick wall….” your palms brushed over the angel’s back gingerly.

Castiel hissed when you began to knead at his back in a massage sort of way, the entirety of it sore and just pained.

You frowned, still feeling responsible. You weren’t looking when the monster went after you, so Cas had to jump in and get injured for you. You just prayed your brothers were almost done taking care of it and were on their way back.

“I’ll be able to heal myself in a bit, Y/N. It’s more difficult when the injury first happens,” he relaxed more when the rubs reached a soothing pressure.

You nodded, “Okay. I’m really sorry… and don’t tell me not to apologize.”

The angel grinned, “Fair enough.” 

You massaged your fingers and heels of your hands into the soft spots of his back, getting a sense of where he was hurt the worst. Finally after what seemed like forever, the door opened.

“Oh thank god…” Dean exhaled in relief when he saw that you and Castiel were safe in the motel room.

Sam ran in and went to Cas’s side, “Jesus, are you okay? Are you?” he reached out a hand and cupped your cheek, clearly examining you for injuries.

“I’m fine, Sammy. I barely even got a chance to do anything at the hunt. You don’t look so good, though…” you frowned, “Neither of you.”

Dean shrugged, “Comes with the job. Cas, how you doing, buddy?”

The angel sighed, sitting up with a small groan, “Well, there is a lot of pain.”

“Cas…” Sam sighed and he carded his fingers through his hair, then leaning in and kissing Castiel’s cheek. 

“He’ll be okay. He’s a trooper,” you smiled softly at Cas. 

“And she’s a very caring nurse,” the angel smiled right back at you, blue eyes shining with appreciation and love. 

You blushed. Dean sat next to you, a cut on his neck and bruises probably everywhere on his body beneath his blood-stained clothes. He ruffled your hair, “You’re a good egg. Thank god for Cas for getting to you in time. Literally thank god.”

You rolled your eyes and chuckled.

Dean kissed your cheek gently, “I’m just glad everyone’s safe.”

You nodded and heard Castiel giggling softly, and you looked over to the other bed to see your big brother gently tickling the angel’s side as he kissed his neck. Or maybe nibble, you couldn’t tell. While it was kinda cute it was also probably not great for Cas’s rest.

Dean smirked, “Feel excluded, sis?”

Your eyes widened, “No!”

But it was too late, and you were being attacked with mean big brother tickles for no damn reason. Stupid siblings.

Weekend \o/

And on top of that it’s springbreak o/ or carnavalbreak? Yea. YEaa, this week has several namings in my country.. Even Crocusbreak? The flower, Crocus, you know.. xD Yeye, I know, I still haven’t replied to some chat messages. Sorry T-T I’ve been binge eating and watching anime. *rubs belly* :3 Yea feels good. LOL. Don’t worry, I’m fine *3*…. I hope lol!

This post has some replies, yaaay~ v I wish I had a cat who would rub against me trying to wake me up haha. Maybe then I would get out to bed just to play with the cat. *planned to wake up at 8, ended up staying in bed till 10* How to get back in my workout routine .. I’ll try starting from tomorrow. Really… :3

I wish you a fantastic weekend 🌸

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