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Just saw a trailer for “The Thinning” which is about population control based on standardized test scores…

Like…the concept is that there’s a need for population control and the people who score the lowest on standardized tests are killed off so only the smartest survive and contribute to the gene pool. Obviously the two protagonists are straight blonde white teenagers. Could the producers of this movie not think for like….a second at how this is basically just the school to prison pipeline or…? Like this is already a thing that basically happens. Yet another “dystopian” young adult film that capitalizes off of the suffering of people of colour but makes it ‘fiction’ by applying it to your white faves. Not to mention the whole ableist angle to it. The whole concept just reeks.

My boy in glasses!
Fanart of the lovely fic, Taking Chances written by plumeriafairy14 / @lightoflunaris.


On the other hand, so sorry i’m late with a subpar gift hndfg aaaah

I didn’t know what to draw;; so many good arts already drawn of the bitterbabe i just… rubbed my face on my keyboard for three hours and hiccuped this!



I heard you were having a bad time, so have a picture of my dumb baby who got stuck under a dresser. Her name is Topaz and she loves belly rubs.

Des notes: TOPAZ IS SO CUTE OMG pls rub her belly for me pls pls

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all the rings he had on his fingers in the shoot i'm nutting pls spank me harry

Rub your hands together to get them warm then fucking BRAND me baby

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yOUR BLOG IS AMAZINGGG could i could get relationship headcanons for shisui and obito?


Shisui Relationship Headcanons:

• Braids your hair all the time, he used to practice on Itachi

• Gives you all his hoodies you don’t even have to ask he’ll just be like ‘here have these three’

• Shows up on ur roof at 3am because he wants to go on an adventure ((it usually just leads to eating ice cream on the side of a street somewhere))

• Headbangs to songs with you when you’re angry without question

• Likes to tickle his S/O when they’re off guard, he likes to get on your nerves in a playful way

• Worships your thighs #praytothebooty

• Wraps his arms around your waist when you’re kissing, it’s really comforting


• Secretly keeps a photo album of all ur selfies

Obito Relationship Headcanons:

• Likes to show you off, constantly has some kind of grip on you in public so PDA is inevitable

• Slow dances at 3am with you in the kitchen

• Likes it when his S/O kisses the scarred side of his face bc he’s pretty self conscious about it


• Trains his S/O bc he doesn’t want anything to happen to her like it did to Rin

• One time he got a manicure with his S/O because she didn’t want to get one alone

• When you’re holding hands he does the thing where he rubs his thumb across the back of your hand ((pls tell me you know what I’m talking about))

• Likes when you lie across his lap so he can trace patterns on your neck ((it relaxes him yanno))

• Doesn’t sleep so when you sleep he’ll just sit on the window sill and watch over you

• Showers with his S/O at least once a week

• Obito and his S/O have competitions the whole time like who can brush their teeth faster in the morning ((this usually results in his S/O giggling and spitting toothpaste everywhere))

• ^ One time you had a competition on who had the highest alcohol tolerance and you had to drag his drunk ass back to your room when he tried to fight a tree

So imagine Kamui just rubbing and poking Leon’s face and he says that line “what do you plan on doing to your little brother… Just kidding.” and kamui’s face turns five shades of red as Leon pulls her close and whispers “But I know what I’m doing tonight…” Kamui looks up and asks, “What?” And he answers with “You.”

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so about that superb crazy megatron fic (i had trouble writing my midterm essays bc i just wanted to go back and read it again): could you please write some more along that thread but like starscream and the poor human girl just bonding over the fact that neither of them particularly want to be there but megatron is a scary bent on torment star and keeping reader as a weird sexpet and they will both do what it takes to keep his favor. what im asking is pls hurt me. xoxo

rubs dirty hands together,,,,, im glad u liked the fic, and i have been waiting 2 find the perfect time to write this prompt. also its not exactly totally bonding, but this was the best direction to go in i think.

Starscream (Transformers: Prime)

The second in command has been watching you for some time- ever since your arrival on the ship. He’s watched the hope- the life- slowly drain from your eyes. The raw, purple skin of the Decepticon brand was ever so slightly visible above the collar of your clothing.

He watched you now, as you sat in your large cage- one furnished and fit for the pet of the Decepticon’s leader. Starscream was the only one on board that could watch you- and he was on the threat of death, if you were harmed or killed, while Megatron was gone. You stared at the wall next to Starscream’s head. You were trying to pretend to, at least, be looking at him. He felt a small surge in his spark.

He pitied you.

He slowly, awkwardly, moved closer. Your eyes finally focused on him as he sat down near your cage. You didn’t move from your fetal position on the bed, however. Starscream thought back to other humans he’s seen- the ones running in terror, or the foolish ones trying to take him on. He was used to that.

Seeing you, though, just made him uneasy. Whether screaming in fear or anger, he always saw humans as a very lively species. Your silent stare, and paling skin, unnerved him deeply. He knew Megatron had the ability to suck the life out of anyone, but this was… something else. He’s seen that stare many times before, however.

“… You truly are a prisoner here,” Starscream murmured. You didn’t reply- you just turned your eyes back to the wall, when you realized Starscream wasn’t going to try and grab you. Starscream felt an involuntary sneer form on his faceplates, before he sighed softly.

“No,” he continued. “You are… worse than a prisoner. Prisoners have the chance of freedom, at the very least.” You tensed up slightly, glancing back at him. He was looking through you.

“You and I are stuck here.” You didn’t reply, for the longest time. You two just stared at each other.  Starscream almost jumped when you finally opened your mouth, and spoke- for the first time in, what seemed like, weeks.

“You and I?” Starscream clenched his jaw, leaning forward on his knees.

“Yes,” he snarled, making you flinch. He paused, doing his best to relax his tone.

“At first, I joined Megatron… willingly. As time went on, however… I realized my mistake,” he said simply. He didn’t expand on his explanation, and you could tell he didn’t /want/ to. You didn’t push it.

Slowly, you sat up. He watched as you sat on the edge of the bed. Your head bent, and he saw fluid drip down onto your clothes.

“I want to go home,” you whimpered. “What did I do to deserve /this/?” Starscream hesitated. His engine let out a strange, stuttering rumble. It almost felt like some kind of energy surged through the room. Starscream’s posture mimicked yours- head bent, shoulders hunched.

“I could ask the same thing,” he whispered. You don’t know if he was talking about you, or about himself.

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can you rec me some panic! blogs pls??

*rubs hands together* fuck yes

first of all, @stray-dog-sick is one of my best best frens on here and she’s a slut for panic! tbh (let’s be real kimberley) also she’s an awesome person 10/10

@brobecking is fucking rad?? we’ve never really talked but i love

@brohecking as well hMM can u tell i love the brobecks as well as panic! (both of those are mainly p!atd blogs.,.,., i think?) 

@ryden-ryden-ryden i think the url says it all. fuckin great blog

@trippingeyes colby makes awesome fuckin edits i love u colby

@wclvesvshearts makes the most beautiful throam art. which i need in my life. 

@actualbrendonurie is my actual fave im 

@throamdallondeservedbetter has a sick blog too

that’s all i can think of rn?? but there are so many good p!atd blogs that i follow aaa

“fuck, that feels so good,” you practically moan, letting your shoulders relax into luke’s large palms, unsure if it’s his touch or the mass amount of aloe he’s massaging into your abused skin. he chuckles, working his hands down your arms and up again, then to the burnt skin on your back. 

“i told you to use sunblock, babe,” luke gloats for about the thirteenth time since the drive home from the beach. 

“shh, just keep working the aloe, smartass,” you hush him, dropping your head. it was usually you doing the gloating, often seeing the horrible outcome of luke’s grand (and usually drunken) bright ideas. so in the odd instance luke was the one who was right, he often took it to the extreme. 

“there ya go,” he announces after a couple more minutes of massaging you. “all done,” he confirms with a pat to your shoulder, causing you to wince in pain.

owwww,” you whine, your entire body tensing up. “luke!”

“shit,” he grimaces, before letting out a small chuckle. “forgot.” you turn your head and pout, before attempting to get up without disrupting the cooling feeling tingling upon your skin. “hey, listen. grab one of my hoodies and i’ll grab you an icepack and make some popcorn or something. movie night,” luke suggests, stretching his long frame as he stands up from the couch to hover over you. “your choice.”

“my choice?” your expression softens, gazing up at your boyfriend with a small smile, extending your arms for him to help you up. 

“your choice,” he confirms with a peck on your chapped lips. “my cute little lobster.”