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i finished not one but two whole assignments for two different courses, several days in advance of their respective due dates, in the same week. i have no more homework to do this week and it’s only wednesday.

executive dysfunction can kiss not just my ass, but my whole ass. i think this is literally the first time in my life this has ever happened. i’m in a state of total euphoria even though i’m about to fully pass outt

i guess another issue i have with fandom treatment of dfab headcanons is that in my experience the character fans most often headcanon as trans is consistently the most feminine guy in the cast, and then all of their content (intentionally or otherwise) focuses on stripping away the fact that this character is canonically very proud of their femininity. 

taako wears skirts because he knows he looks damn good in them, he’s possibly the highest femme there is, and yet when fans headcanon him as a trans man and write fic about it, they never allow him to revel in femininity and love his gender presentation the way he does in canon. most of the fic has a pretty singular focus on dysphoria, dysphoria, dysphoria. taako almost never gets to just love being feminine as a trans man because he’s too busy hating his body all the time. 

for another example, it’s bad on its own to erase rare dmab nonbinary representation by making juno dfab, but another big reason i take issue with it is that fandom content consistently does the exact same thing to him that they do to taako. in canon, juno is a transfeminine nb guy who celebrates his femininity, and loves being called a lady, and looks damn good in lipstick……and when fans headcanon him as a trans man they turn all of this on its head and write about how much juno hates his body and can’t stand to be at all feminine, and it makes me really sad, guys,

i know and recognize that projecting this struggle onto a favorite character is an important way for trans and dfab nonbinary fans to find someone to identify with, it ends up reinforcing a really insidious and nasty internalized transmisogyny, too, because at its core it’s about making a transfeminine guy hate being transfeminine. i myself am a very feminine dfab nonbinary person, and the message i get from this fandom content is that i should really hate myself for being feminine. i can only imagine how much worse this feeling is for dmab nonbinary people and trans women, who are already marginalized in fandom spaces! 

tl;dr a lot of fandom content is subtly transmysoginistic because fans tend to focus on making transfeminine men hate their own femininity by introducing gender dysphoria, and thats the last thing trans headcanons should be doing

My boy in glasses!
Fanart of the lovely fic, Taking Chances written by plumeriafairy14 / @lightoflunaris.

hey so this probs isn’t a big deal but i’m gonna say it anyway. I’ve noticed a couple of times people have tagged my ace text post memes as “crack” or “dw crack” or “doctor who crack” and just… could ya’ll please not do that?

Maybe I’m being nit-picky but like… arent crack posts and fics usually wildly improbable and OOC jokes?

The idea of The Doctor being asexual is not a wildly improbable joke. the text post memes are humorous, yes, but they aren’t “crack”. please don’t tag them as such.

like, I can’t stop you, and maybe I’m just being overly sensitive, but every time I see someone tag it as crack it hurts a little. please don’t.

Just saw a trailer for “The Thinning” which is about population control based on standardized test scores…

Like…the concept is that there’s a need for population control and the people who score the lowest on standardized tests are killed off so only the smartest survive and contribute to the gene pool. Obviously the two protagonists are straight blonde white teenagers. Could the producers of this movie not think for like….a second at how this is basically just the school to prison pipeline or…? Like this is already a thing that basically happens. Yet another “dystopian” young adult film that capitalizes off of the suffering of people of colour but makes it ‘fiction’ by applying it to your white faves. Not to mention the whole ableist angle to it. The whole concept just reeks.

i like how my promos look all official and serious when really it’s just like 98% shitposting here.  I swear to the outsider I’m not that selective, and I’m usually just sitting naked in a beanbag chair eatin CHEETOS. That’s me. That’s the kind of person who runs this blog

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*hagrid voice* You are a Taemint, Mel

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I’m a what?


On the other hand, so sorry i’m late with a subpar gift hndfg aaaah

I didn’t know what to draw;; so many good arts already drawn of the bitterbabe i just… rubbed my face on my keyboard for three hours and hiccuped this!



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Just read a stucky fic where Steve magically turns into a female body and then gets written as she/her pronouns when it was he/him before he got turned ugh am I overreacting bc it very much rubbed me off the wrong way @writers pls don't do this

oh man. Thats. hoo. yikes. There is a chance it was written by someone new to english who doesn’t quite understand pronouns fully yet but like. Like guys, Steve does not stop being a man if he has a vagina. Like… no. Hes still a man. Genitals are not gender.

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so about that superb crazy megatron fic (i had trouble writing my midterm essays bc i just wanted to go back and read it again): could you please write some more along that thread but like starscream and the poor human girl just bonding over the fact that neither of them particularly want to be there but megatron is a scary bent on torment star and keeping reader as a weird sexpet and they will both do what it takes to keep his favor. what im asking is pls hurt me. xoxo

rubs dirty hands together,,,,, im glad u liked the fic, and i have been waiting 2 find the perfect time to write this prompt. also its not exactly totally bonding, but this was the best direction to go in i think.

Starscream (Transformers: Prime)

The second in command has been watching you for some time- ever since your arrival on the ship. He’s watched the hope- the life- slowly drain from your eyes. The raw, purple skin of the Decepticon brand was ever so slightly visible above the collar of your clothing.

He watched you now, as you sat in your large cage- one furnished and fit for the pet of the Decepticon’s leader. Starscream was the only one on board that could watch you- and he was on the threat of death, if you were harmed or killed, while Megatron was gone. You stared at the wall next to Starscream’s head. You were trying to pretend to, at least, be looking at him. He felt a small surge in his spark.

He pitied you.

He slowly, awkwardly, moved closer. Your eyes finally focused on him as he sat down near your cage. You didn’t move from your fetal position on the bed, however. Starscream thought back to other humans he’s seen- the ones running in terror, or the foolish ones trying to take him on. He was used to that.

Seeing you, though, just made him uneasy. Whether screaming in fear or anger, he always saw humans as a very lively species. Your silent stare, and paling skin, unnerved him deeply. He knew Megatron had the ability to suck the life out of anyone, but this was… something else. He’s seen that stare many times before, however.

“… You truly are a prisoner here,” Starscream murmured. You didn’t reply- you just turned your eyes back to the wall, when you realized Starscream wasn’t going to try and grab you. Starscream felt an involuntary sneer form on his faceplates, before he sighed softly.

“No,” he continued. “You are… worse than a prisoner. Prisoners have the chance of freedom, at the very least.” You tensed up slightly, glancing back at him. He was looking through you.

“You and I are stuck here.” You didn’t reply, for the longest time. You two just stared at each other.  Starscream almost jumped when you finally opened your mouth, and spoke- for the first time in, what seemed like, weeks.

“You and I?” Starscream clenched his jaw, leaning forward on his knees.

“Yes,” he snarled, making you flinch. He paused, doing his best to relax his tone.

“At first, I joined Megatron… willingly. As time went on, however… I realized my mistake,” he said simply. He didn’t expand on his explanation, and you could tell he didn’t /want/ to. You didn’t push it.

Slowly, you sat up. He watched as you sat on the edge of the bed. Your head bent, and he saw fluid drip down onto your clothes.

“I want to go home,” you whimpered. “What did I do to deserve /this/?” Starscream hesitated. His engine let out a strange, stuttering rumble. It almost felt like some kind of energy surged through the room. Starscream’s posture mimicked yours- head bent, shoulders hunched.

“I could ask the same thing,” he whispered. You don’t know if he was talking about you, or about himself.

So imagine Kamui just rubbing and poking Leon’s face and he says that line “what do you plan on doing to your little brother… Just kidding.” and kamui’s face turns five shades of red as Leon pulls her close and whispers “But I know what I’m doing tonight…” Kamui looks up and asks, “What?” And he answers with “You.”