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4 a.m. Cuddles (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: (by @maddie-leighhh )

prompt list: 27. “If we get caught I’m blaming you” & 34. “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”

Warnings: mentions of murder and sexual language (but not that much)

Word Count: 586

A/N: I’m sorry this is a bit late and also very short! (btw I made the reader and Peter both Avengers, thought that would be more suitable in this imagine)

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It was nearly 4 a.m. in the morning, meaning the Avengers Tower was in complete silence. Everyone was already asleep, being exhausted of the mission the day before. Except for one person.

Peter Parker was wandering around the tower, trying to find something that would help him fall asleep. Even though the last mission basically wrecked everyone, Peter felt more energized than ever. He tried to watch TV, spend time I the training room and even considered swinging around the city for a while. Then he realized what he had to do all along. Pay a visit to his girlfriend’s bedroom.

He knocked on Y/N’s door for a couple of times, but of course, she was already asleep. He tried to open it but it was locked. It wasn’t a surprise for Peter so he decided to climb up to her window, which is impossible for a normal person to do but not for Spiderman. He quickly ran outside of the building and shoot his web up on the wall.

When he finally arrived at Y/N’s window, he was already exhausted, he knew he could just go to sleep but he wanted to sleep with his girlfriend so he didn’t give up. Luckily, Y/N’s window was open because Peter didn’t want to pay the damage for a broken window. He got inside quickly and walked towards her bed. He didn’t want to give her a heart attack so he gently shook her.

“Mmmhh…” Y/N whined. Peter knew he had to wake her up first because if she noticed someone was laying down beside her, she would freak out and maybe even murder Peter in his sleep.

“Babe…” Peter whispered. Y/N was woken up. She blinked her eyes for a couple of times to adapt the darkness. She looked up and saw someone standing beside her bed, watching her. “Who are you?” She sat up quickly and rubbed her head. “Spider-man” Peter answered with a grin on his face.

“Why are you here Peter?” Y/N wasn’t mad at Peter waking her up in the middle of the night but since she just woke up she wasn’t really adapted to the situation, she was just simply confused and Peter knew this. “Any guesses?”

“Peter I swear to god if this is a booty call, I’ll murder you in my own bed while having sleepy sex with you,” Y/N glared at him.

Peter threw his hands in the air and murmured: “This wasn’t a booty call at all but if you would suggest we-“


“Alright I’m here because I couldn’t sleep and thought I would be able to sleep if I slept with you- But not in that way since you are clearly not available for that right now,” Peter smirked.

“You come to my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?” Y/N asked. Peter nodded and without letting Y/N talk more, he jumped into the bed and dragged Y/N under the blanket. “If we get caught I’m blaming you” Y/N mumbled, closing her eyes to go back to sleep. “What are you talking about? We are fully clothed and we are just lying beside each other?”

“You know how much they like to mock us about everything,” Y/N chuckled lightly; she was nearly asleep so Peter decided to shut up finally. He wrapped his arms around Y/N and threw his right leg over her hips. He nuzzled his face into her neck, feeling warm and peaceful for the first time that night. Then slowly fell asleep.

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For @claudia808…enjoy!

“I’ll just be a moment,” Eggsy told Y/N.
She smiled at him. “Alright. I’ll be waiting out here.”

Eggsy smirked, kissing her temple briefly, and headed inside. Y/N brushed her hair back before pulling out her phone. She was texting her cousin who had sent her a few screenshots of some memes. Y/N chuckled.

“You’ve got a pretty laugh.”

Y/N’s head jerked up at the unfamiliar voice. She gave a brief smile to the man, keeping her eyes low.

“Thank you,” she replied curtly.
“I’m sure your boyfriend loves to hear it.”
Y/N knit her brows. “I could ask him if you’d like.”

The man chuckled, inching slightly closer. Y/N gulped, taking a step back.

“Seems you’ve got a sense of humor too,” the man complimented, “Looks and banter. Quite the deadly combination.”
“For some I suppose,” she stated nervously.

Something about this man rubbed her the wrong way. His leering gaze never wavered. It made her stomach churn. Y/N glanced back toward the store. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw Eggsy heading toward her. He smiled before cocking his head to the side. His smile deteriorated into a grimace. He hastened his pace before reaching her side. Protectively, he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her into his side.

“What do you think your doing?” Eggsy angrily asked, “Can’t you tell you’re making her uncomfortable?”
The man let out a scoff. “Please. We were having a nice conversation.”
“Didn’t seem like she was doing her part of the conversation,” Eggsy seethed.
“All the better,” the man cheekily snickered.

Y/N moved behind Eggsy’s back as he moved toward the man. His gaze was deadly and focused.

“Y/N is a person, not an object! She doesn’t need a pig like you forcing himself on her,” he hollered at the man.

The man opened his mouth to speak, but Eggsy brought his knee to the man’s stomach. He doubled over in pain. Gritting his teeth, he pulled the man up by the back of his head.

“If I see you anywhere near her again, I’ll be using more than just my knee,” he whispered, “Got it?”

The man frantically nodded as Eggsy let go. He hastily backed away from the pair. Eggsy gently turned to Y/N, bringing her into an embrace.

“Are you okay?”
She nodded. “Yeah. Thank you Eggsy.”
He kissed her temple again. “Of course, love. Of course.”

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  • Kennyo: *to himself* How do you fail at everything you plan to do?
  • MC: By being you?

someone: engages in physical contact with me

me: thinks about it for the next 3 months

Stranger at the Window

AN: A little Sherlolly uni!lock meet cute.

It was the last night of finals before graduation. And two weeks from Monday, Molly would begin her residency at St Bart’s. She wasn’t particularly worried about not passing; she was top of all her classes and a bad grade on a final exam would hardly make a difference. But she was a studious woman and she refused to do anything less than her best.

Which is why she was poring over three years’ worth of notes on a Friday night, alone in her flat. All her peers and friends were out celebrating and would no doubt be hungover the following day. 

She was in the middle of marking a rather important finding when there was a thump outside her window, followed by a muffled shout.

Molly’s head whipped up and her heart jumped into her throat.

‘John!’ A man’s voice whispered loudly. ‘Damn it, John!’

Drunks. Molly groused. 

Her heart slowing, she dropped her pen and stood, making her way over to the window. She grabbed the top of the frame and was about to slam it shut when she happened to look down and saw a pair of hands gripping onto the ledge. 

Two very real hands attached to the very real body of a curly-haired man. Who happened to be dangling right outside her window, three floors up.

With a stifled shriek, she jumped and smacked the back of her head against the bottom of the open window. 

‘Ow ow ow ow!’ She grimaced and rubbed her head.

The man looked up in surprise. ‘Ah. Hello.’

Molly was caught off-guard by his piercing blue eyes… or were they hazel? And for a burglar, he was rather overdressed in that expensive-looking coat. His curly hair was thick and lush, begging to be touched, and a girl could cut herself on those cheekbones!

‘Might I ask for some assistance?’ His dry tone belied his amusement. 

Molly flushed dark red at being caught admiring the would-be burglar. ‘O-oh, erm…’ She bit her lip. On one hand, she should help this man before he fell to his death… or severe injury. On the other hand, she was a young woman alone with a strange man-burglar hanging from her window ledge.

‘I am not a burglar,’ he said and grunted, his fingers starting to slip. ‘And I promise not to impugn your virtue, if you will just help me up!’

Deciding to deal with the potential consequences later (and with the can of pepper spray in her handbag on her bed), Molly grasped his forearms and tugged on the thick wool material. How her tiny frame could have been any assistance to him, she didn’t know, but eventually the upper half of his body made it past the windowsill. Molly gave one last mighty tug and he came tumbling inside right on top of her.

‘Oh!’ She exclaimed, suddenly finding herself beneath a very solid man, his face right over hers, their noses touching. 

‘Thank you for your assistance,’ he said, his breath brushing her mouth. 

‘Any time,’ Molly replied breathlessly. 

He smirked, an action that Molly had never found attractive on a man… until now. He got off her and stood, extending a hand down to her. ‘The name’s Sherlock Holmes.’

She struck down the ridiculous disappointment that welled up when he moved off her and accepted his hand, letting him pull her to her feet. ‘Molly… Molly Hooper.’

If it was possible, she blushed darker when he didn’t release her hand, but grinned widely and said, ‘I’m in your debt, Molly Hooper.’

‘Oh, no, I-I’m happy I could help, don’t worry about it,’ she stammered and pulled her hand back to tuck her hair behind her ear.  

‘Sherlock, you twit, where are you?’ A hushed, angry call came from outside. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. ‘I’d best be off then. My keeper calls.’

Molly tried to keep the disappointment from her face as he walked around her toward the door. ‘Right, of course. Erm, be safe. And try not to hang from any more buildings. I don’t want to see you on my slab any time soon!’ She giggled, but then her eyes widened in horror as she realised what she had said. ‘Oh, sorry, no! I-I just, I’m a specialist registrar, or I will be once I pass my finals tomorrow morning, and bodies that come in, dead ones, they’ll need to be autopsied on the slab, obviously, a-and god, I’m just going to stop talking now.’ She winced and covered her face, wishing for the ground to just swallow her up whole. 

‘Coffee. Black, two sugars.’

Molly froze in surprise, then slowly lowered her hand. Sherlock was watching her intently, a slight smile on his face. ‘Sorry?’

‘It will be most efficient for you to bring coffee with you tomorrow, bypassing the need to meet in a public place and deal with the ambient noise of the average stupid masses while discussing intelligent topics.’

Utterly at sea, Molly asked the only question her jumbled thoughts could put together. ‘Erm, where then are we meeting?’

‘221B Baker Street. 4pm.’ He flipped up his collar and winked. ‘And obviously if you’re buying coffee, it’s only fair that I pay for dinner.’

With a flourish of his coat, he spun on his heel and disappeared, her front door opening and slamming shut.

‘Wait a minute! I don’t even know you!’ Molly sprinted after him. She threw open the door and rushed out into the hall, only to find it completely empty. 

With a frown, she went back inside and shut the door, leaning against it. 

A mad man hanging from her window had just asked her out on a… date? Yes, it was definitely a date, she decided. And she would be just as mad to accept it! She didn’t know him or anything about him, except that he was running about at all hours of the night hanging from window ledges.

She would be crazy to go out with him… Wouldn’t she?

Only one way to find out.

A slow smile spread across her face.

To Baker Street it is then

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I really like your OC Cassandra, and her relationships with Jim! But I must admit, I'd give a lot to see the faces of Jim and Strickler, when Barbara has announced that she is pregnant. LOL

Ah, thank you so much! I love Cassandra and it makes me so happy how the fandom has showed her such affection! 

God, can you imagine?! You know how Barbra chugs that jug of water after finding out about the trolls? I’m torn between Strickler doing the exact same thing (except maybe with some scotch) or…

He very calmly hears Barbara deliver the happy news, very calmly gives a very stoic “…Ah”, very calmly rises, and then - very calmly - faints. 

Once he recovers while Barbara sighs and rubs her temples at this man Changeling whom her heart has decided to love and whom she is having a baby with, oh God what they hell are they getting into, they give Jim the news over some tea. 

To his credit, Jim does not faint. But Strickler does not appreciate having tea sprayed all over him do to Jim’s spit take of shock. “You’re WHAT?!” 

“Pregnant, sweetie.” 

“But – how – is that even possible?!” 

“…Well, Young Atlas, when a Human female and a Changeling male decide to –” 

Barbara swats his arm. “Not. Helping. Honey.” 

But secretly she’s relieved - if Walter can recover enough to indulge in sarcasm, he’ll be fine.

After all of the shock wears off for both of her boys, Jim and Strickler’s main concern is Barbara’s (and the baby’s) safety, seeing as she’s the first Human to carry a Changeling’s child. But with the wisdom of a doctor and the ferocity and feeling of a mother, Barbara manages to calm their fears, though Strickler will still end up countless nights before the actual birth staring up at the ceiling, thinking of EVERYTHING that could go wrong, it will go wrong, how could this be anything but wrong, unnatural, impure

It doesn’t. 

And it isn’t.  

In fact, when the small, gently squirming bundle is settled into his arms, and Strickler looks down into the face that stills his soul and steals his heart in the smallest matter of seconds, a face that has his eyes, green and watchful and wide as he presses a shaking hand to the damp beginnings of red curls, a gesture that makes that tiny little rosebud of a mouth purse before she - his daughter their daughter their child their baby his world - looks at him once more with the whole world that is in those eyes and she


up at him…

When that happens…Strickler can only think that nothing has ever been more right. 

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reyes/sara, you know the council isn't happy about us

“You know the council isn’t happy about us, yes?”

From where she sat perched on the edge of the bed, Sara absently fastened the side of her shirt. “There isn’t a council,” she reminded him. Not for the first time.

On the opposite side of the bed, across rumpled bedding, Reyes folded his arms behind his head. Stark naked, he reminded Sara of those paintings Suvi kept prints of.  Judging from the way he languidly stretched, the man was clearly aware of this.

“Perhaps not on paper,” he retorted. “But here they are, making demands of me.”

She bit lightly on the inside of her cheek. Then shifted in her place to get a better read of him, her still-bare legs comfortably folding. His eyes followed the motion and she tried not to let her ears heat up.

“Tann only asked you to slow down on the murder.”

He tilted his head in that infuriating way of his, tone curious. “And you agree?”

“I’m generally not a fan of murder, no.”

“Yet you’re sleeping with the man who runs Kadara.”

“I’m sleeping with Reyes Vidal, not the Charlatan.” Sara fiddled with the edge of her shirt, suddenly uncomfortable. “Just like I hope you’re sleeping with Sara, not the Pathfinder.”

A moment of silence, and his gaze softened. With a slow (languid, again) movement, Reyes pushed himself into a seat. His hand moved, covering the exposed skin of her thigh, thumb brushing across it.

His voice was soft, “It hasn’t been just sleeping together for me, Sara. Not for a while.”

Her gaze darted up to meet his. “Is that why you suddenly care about the council’s approval?”

“Thought there wasn’t a council?”

“You know what I mean.”

The corner of his lip twitched. “There have been rumors. About us, together. None of them seem to support our having…support.”

She rested her hand over his. “Reyes?”

“Hm?” His gaze was growing distant.

She brought her other hand up to direct it back to the present moment. Slipperyo bastard, already working out logistics for their relationship without talking it over first.

“Don’t bring Director Tann into our relationship, okay?”

Reyes stared down at her. The twitch at the corner of his mouth morphed into a smile–small, and bittersweet. Like he had reached a conclusion and was dreading the wait for her to catch up. “Don’t worry. He’s not my type.”

“I mean it,” Sara said levelly. “You and me? We’re just you and me. They don’t matter.”

Reyes tilted his head, pressed his lips against her palm.

“Of course,” he said. And didn’t mean it. His brows drew together.

Sara sighed. “I know that look.”

“What look?”

“You’re planning something.”

“Always, my love.”

“Care to enlighten me?”

“You’ll find out later.”


He winked.

Months later, Sara found a new message in her terminal, complete with several attached files. Frowning, she opened them and saw...financials. Deeds, bank accounts, investments. All with routing or trade serials based in Kadara Port.

All, also, in her name.

“What the…” Sara opened the message, already knowing who it was from.


It’s not a ring, but give it some thought. Now seems like an appropriate time to demonstrate commitment.


I promise all documents are legitimate–at least, Kadara legitimate.

Sara rubbed her temples. If the man had turned a proposal into a credit-laundering scheme, she was going to kill him.

She went to respond-

CC: Jarun Tann

-maybe she was just going to kill him anyway.

Sleeping teens violated!

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Man I live for corny shit like that, do what you gotta do, Sui.

Darling Little sister Fake Ah crew x Reader (prolouge to another thingy)

Originally posted by silly-luv

contrary to popular belief, Ryan was actually the perfect child growing up.Always doing as his parents told him, always taking his punishments without sass when he did something wrong, never talking back, never stepping a toe out of line. He was the perfect child, 

His sister on the other hand, was quite the opposite. Y/n was a problem child, she always stole things, got in fights, barely did her homework, and snuck out almost every single night. she was a parents nightmare.

Originally posted by kxxkus

But Ryan wouldn’t wish for a better sister. 

Whenever she would steal, she would always grab something for him. Gifts ranging from snacks to a brand new video game with the game console included. 

She would get in fights with younger kids who bullied Ryan, eventually giving the kid some grade school street cred. 

She didn’t do much of her homework, cause she was always helping ryan with his, and making sure he studied for his tests, and helping him with his projects. she was a very intellectual individual even though her grades said other wise.

And many times, when her parents fall asleep. She’ll sneak out and take ryan with her, taking him to the movies, amusement park,or just to walk around the town eating ice cream together. 

Yup, his life was pretty awesome. 

But as he got older, he realized something. He used to think his amazing sister was invincible, and the world was amazing,but she wasn’t, and the world was anything but.

As he got older he’d see her come home, covered his cuts and bruises,he would patch her up, no matter how much she protested. always telling him that he ‘should’ve seen the other guy’, and ironically telling him not to ever get in a fight. Their parents were more brutal to her, locking her in her room for days on end. which was okay cause she would always sneak out her window for a couple hours and come back.One day, she was screamed at by her mother because Ryan had seen her kissing their next door neighbor Daniel Adams, and thought that it was so wonderful she had found a girlfriend he wanted to tell his mom and dad. 

They didn’t think it was so great either. 

they screamed and shouted for what seemed like hours, ryan worriedly listening from he top of the stairs, and eventually y/n ran up to her room and slammed the door shut, she had a bright red hand print on her cheek.

But of course, the only thing running through the young boys mind was that it was his fault. 




“ i’m so sorry.” he cried as she wrapped her arms around him and smiled, rubbing his back. “ i thought they’d be happy!” he said and she pulled him away so she could look him in the eye.

Originally posted by gugunwo

“ you didn’t do anything wrong Rye-Rye.” she said, using his nickname that always made him smile. “ ma and pop just don’t get that i’m happy, but it’s okay.” you said and he look up at you with wide, tear-filled eyes. 

“ really?” he asked and you nodded, tickling him under the chin as he giggled and hid his face in your side. 

“yup!” you said, popping the ‘p’. “ cause i have you, “ y/n said and he grinned. “ and you know what?” she asked and he tilted his head to the side. 

“what?” he asked and she chuckled, bringing him in for a big hug. 

“ i dont care what they think, cause im happy. and that’s all that matters. so no matter what, always do what makes you happy, you got that rye?” you asked and he smiled and held up his pinkie, while closing his eyes and holding his other hand over his heart. 

“ i, james,ryan,haywood pinkie promise to always do what makes me happy.” he vowed and you giggled, doing the same. 

“ And i y/n, m/n, haywood, pinkie promise to also always do what makes me happy.” you said and you guys wrapped your pinkie fingers together and you smiled, pressing a kiss onto his head. 

“ so ryan, wanna sneak out and grab some pizza?”

“ You Bet!’cause pizza makes me happy!”

“ Good, always be happy little brother, always.”


.” GETTIN’ BEEEEEVED!!!!” Gavin shouted happily as they walked into a bar/restaurant , annoying Michael so much he smacked the brit upside the head. 

“ Shut up you idiot, you wanna get the whole bar’s attention?” the brunette growled and a woman walked in front of them, sporting light brown shorts and a Hawaiian floral shirt. 

“ michael’s right gav,” jack said as they all sat down in a booth.” we just robbed a bank three hours ago, i think we should be trying to not draw attention to ourselves.” she said and gavin pouted, slouching in the booth.

“ meanie.”

“ so what do you guys want to get?” Geoff asked as he skimmed a menu. “ im in the mood for a hamburger, how about you jack?” he asked and the woman shrugged, mostly because her attention was on the figure whom just walked into the bar. they had a hood on, but was clearly upset. they had trudged into the place and sat down at the bar, setting their head against the counter and shooing away the bartender when they asked the person what they wanted to drink.

Of course this shouldn’t have bothered her that much. But she was the mom of her crew, and many times she has mad “mama days” as they liked to call it. where she is always trying to make sure everybody is okay and happy, and when they arent, she does all that she can to make them smile.

And now, she was in mama mode. 

“ Guys i’ll be right back.” she said as she walked over to the bar, taking a seat next to the sulky stranger. 

“ you okay there?” she asked and they merely mumbled a few incoherent syllables and she chuckled.

“ yikes, bad day?” she asked and they groaned, lifting their head up slight to set their chin on their palms. As soon as they did her heart stopped.

 The person was a woman, with s/c skin with multiple scars on it, and peircing e/c eyes, reminding her of ryan in a way.odd…..they had a look of sadness, anger, and just plain fatigue.

“ wanna talk about it?” she asked and they shook their head. 

“ no it’s fine, besides, it’s been more so a bad month than a bad day. this is just the cherry on top of the shitty cake.” She said and held out her hand. “ I’m y/n by the way.” she said and jack smiled.

“ and im jack, nice to meet you. you know….” she mused. “ ive been told im a great listener, and i give great advice. so why dont you just tell me about it?” she asked an dy/n sighed and sat up, letting her hood fall to reveal luscious h/c hair.

“ alrighty, but im sure you have better things to do with your time.”

“ you mean hang out with the drunk bumbling idiots i came here with?” jack asked, “ ha, no thanks.” she said and y/n let out a light laugh,flashing the brunette a smile. A smile that seemed so familiar, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“ well, i guess it stared four weeks ago, i had gotten fired from the car workshop i worked at in san feirro. and of course my girlfriend thought it was a perfect time for us to move in together, “ she said and then shrugged. “ not that i minded anyways, she was super hot. so we moved in about two weeks ago ,and she bought a house here for us to live in.” she said and jack cringed. 

“ so wait. you have no job, and your girlfriend just bought a HOUSE, in LOS SANTOS?” She asked and y/n chuckled and nodded. 

“ yeah, she’s a bit quick when it comes to relationship stuff.”

“ i’ll say.” jack muttered as the woman continued with her story.

“ so then ive been trying to find a job, i mean im a mechanic so finding a job in los santos shouldn’t be that hard. everywhere i go all the jobs are sketchy as FUCK!” She groaned. “ and on top of that, today i came home to my girlfriend going cowgirl on our couch with the pizza guy.” she said sadly and jack’s eyes softened. 

“ man, im so sorry.” she said and y/n chuckled.

“ meh, it’s fine, i mean i have enough money for a motel and ill probably be moving back to san feirro so i’ll be fine. ive got a close friend i can stay with there. “ she said and let out a bitter laugh. “ i guess this is God’s twisted version of a birthday present. “ she mumbled and jack’s eyes went wide. 

“ wait a minute, “ she said, her heart practically shattering. “ it’s your birth-”

“ yup, turning 25. “ she said and jack rubbed her back.

“ shit man, im so sorry.” she said and y/n shrugged.

“ nah, it;s not so bad, i mean the only reason i was okay with us moving to los santos was because my brother lives here, but i haven’t heard from the guy in like five years, not even a birthday card.“ she said and sighed. “ he probably forgot, it’s understandable.”  she got up and stretched her arms, letting out a loud yawn.She turned to jack and sent the woman a sweet smile.

“ thanks for listening to me cry about my problem, felt kinda good. well, i guess ill see ya ‘round jack.” she said and before she could take one step, jack clamped a hand on her shoulder. 

“ what’s your brother’s name?” she asked and y/n smiled peacefully, as if thinking of a fond memory. 

“ ryan, his name is ryan. well, his actual name is james but he prefers to go by ryan.” she said and looked at jack, who’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates. 

“ you okay buddy?” y/n asked and jack looked at her and shook her head. 

“ oh um uh yeah, yeah im fine.” she said and y/n waved goodbye before putting up her hood and walking out of the bar. 

Even though she left jack still stood there. 

“ his name is ryan. well, his actual name is james but he prefers to go by ryan.”

oh my god, ryan has a sister??that poor girl, she’s gone through so-wait a minute. 

“ i haven’t heard from the guy in like five years, not even a birthday card. “


Jack was enraged, yes Ryan didn’t seem like the touchy feely type of guy. but family stays together! you watch over one another, especially during hardships!and to hear all that the poor girl was going through and to hear that she hasn’t seen Ryan in FIVE YEARS!?

She stomped over to their booth and slapped Ryan upside the head repeatedly.

“what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you!?” she growled as she slapped him in between each word. 

“ ow!what the hell jack?what did i do to deserve that?” he asked and she glared at him.

“ oh i don’t know, maybe abandoning your sister for five years and not even calling her to say happy birthday?!” she shouted, not caring if others were staring.

“ five years?” Michael whistled, “ damn dude, that’s cold.’’

meanwhile Ryan was just all sorts of confused. “ wait a minute, how do you know about y/n?” he asked and she rolled her eyes.  

“ i was just talking to her. and her life seems pretty shitty. “ she said and he looked at her worriedly. 

“ what do you mean?” he asked and jack scoffed. 

“ oh now you wanna be a good brother. well, she has no house , her girlfriend cheated on her, she’s out of a job, and she staying in a motel ALONE IN LOS SANTOS ON HER BIRTHDAY!” She shouted and ryan’s eyes went wide. 

“ oh my god, today is-holy shit it is!” he said and jumped out of the booth. “ and she cant stay alone in a motel here! los santos is extremely dangerous! oh my god, my precious little sister all alone is los santos on her birthday!?!?! what kind of brother am i!?!” he thought aloud as he got up and hurriedly put on his coat.

“ ryan where the ll are you going?” Geoff asked and Ryan gave him a look of ‘are you kidding me??’

“ dude, im going to get my baby sister!i cant leave her all alone!” he said and ran out of the building, the others following right after him.

“ Y/N?” He called out as walked on the side walk, looking all around for you. “y/n!?” he called out, as soon as he did a hooded figure turned around and  familiar voice called out. 

“ R-Ryan? is that you?” you called out, not being able to see him so well since it was pretty dark out side. 

“ Oh thank god Y/N!” He shouted and ran forward and before you could say a thing, he engulfed you in a giant bear hug, one which you gladly returned.

“ ryan oh my god it-ti’s been so long.” you said with a light laugh. “ man, you have some pretty ironic timing.” you said and he pulled away.

“ i know, and im sorry about all that’s going on and i just want you to know that i am here for you..”

“ wait- how do you know about-”

“jack told me?”

“ yup, right here.” jack said and Ryan nodded and you smiled.

“ well thank you but i gotta get going, i wanna go get a motel room before-”

“ no you’re not, “  jack and Ryan all said in unison.

“ i-i’m not?” you asked and look at the lads, whom merely shrugged. 

“ hell no! im not leaving my defenseless baby sister alone in los santos, are you insane?” Ryan said and you raised a brow at him.

“ im older than you!”

“ not important, i have a small apartment that we can both stay in until-”

“ are you kidding me?” Jack scoffed. “nu uh, she’s my new friend,”


“ 100% y/n.” jack said with a wink.” and there’s no way im letting her live along with you Ryan.”

“ I’m her brother!” Ryan shouted angrily, questioning his family skills was a personal offense, and he would not stand for it.

“ but you practically live at the penthouse!” jack shouted back and the man went silent. “ we all do, so why don’t we all help y/n collect her stuff from her bitch of an ex-girlfriend and she can live with us?” jack asked and looked at y/n.” i mean, if that’s okay.” she said and y/n smiled.

“ sounds great!”

And you did, you packed up your things from your ex-girlfriend’s house, who nearly had a heart attack when you showed up on the door with six extremely terrifying strangers with terrifyingly polite smiles that helped you get your things. little did you know they decided to blow up her car while she was working, Ryan said it was his way of making up for not seeing you often. you just thought he wanted to see something blow up.

But, you moved in with the crew, and became close with them all. playing games with the lads, and talking about serious stuff with the gents, and going out with jack at least once a week. that woman is the greatest wingman there ever will be.Of course you knew they were a bunch of extremely famous and dangerous criminals, i mean you weren’t stupid. they just didn’t know you were too. 

you created amazing and complex weapons and sell them to whomever is willing to pay the highest price. they thought you were making it up, until they saw your work.

Machine guns that are completely silent, A sniper rifle that can see through walls, completed with bullets that can fly through 3 foot plaster walls like a knife through butter, and fixing up cars to make them sweet as hell. you were also a little bit of a scientist on the side, that came as a shock to them all.

was Ryan upset?yes.

But was he extremely proud that his big sister was the most kick-ass mechanic los santos had ever seen? hell yeah.

And that’s how it happened. how you became known as the BlackSmith  the greatest mechanic and inventor in all of los santos, who works privately for the fake ah crew.

“ are you kidding me? we can’t let you make cool shit for other people! you’re making cool shit for us young lady!” (actual conversation you had with geoff) Helping them with numerous jobs, and fixing their heist when it gets broken like eVERY FUCKING WEEK JESUS MICHAEL I JUST MADE THIS YESTERDAY HOW THE FUCK IS IT ALREADY IN PIECES DICK HEAD.

But they had become family,  weird, crazy, psychotic, homicidal family, but none the less. you loved these dorks. 

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of course, this was only the beginning. Now, things were going to get even more interesting.

alright so this is like a little prolouge type thing for something else im writing, but also cans tand on it’s own, so yeah. this happened.

Vernon/OFC: Date Night In

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 659

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Prompt:  27.“Is there anything you want to tell me?” 28. “Shut up and kiss me.”

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like that.” she cringed, turning away.

Hansol pursed his lips, which were wedged with two Pringles chips, fanned out in a duck formation. He squeezed his chin to his neck, the skin bulging out in layers, giving her a creepy stare.

“Quack, quack.” he said through his half full mouth.

“Oh my gosh, why am I dating you.” she whined, squeezing her pillow closer to her chest. “I hope you choke on those chips.”

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The Cancer Woman In Bed:

“When it comes to making love, the Cancer woman can be quite romantic, deep and erotic. Since she likes to put your interests before hers when it comes to sex, you may want to pamper her at first. When it comes to the actual lovemaking, you may want to avoid teasing her; it’s not really her kind of thing. Cancer zodiac sign females make passionate sexual partners who can share a pleasurable time with their love mates. But she doesn’t like to lose. So the man has to be on his toes to make sure that she is satisfied with his seduction. Sexual positions they most enjoy might be 69 or missionary and spooning close, connected and cuddly, this romantic sex-position hits the Cancer’s sweet spot. That satisfies her innate modesty, she doesn’t have to be seen having an orgasm. And also pleases a latent Cancerian desire to rub her buttocks against the man. The Cancer Woman tends to keep her intense sexuality under wraps. She does not flaunt it, she sends it subtly over the airwaves.”

Working it


Pepper brought her lips from Mel’s, down her jaw then down her throat. She was careful not to mark her. She didn’t want to upset her with a hickey. Her hands found the bottom of her shirt and lifted it, “Youve got too much on.” She mumbled against her skin before pulling back to take the shirt off.

With a lick of her lips she leaned in to rub man her tongue along the swell of one of her breasts. Briefly she buried her face between them then pulled back so she could catch her lips for another kiss, “Mel.” Her name was a sigh against her lips. She could feel desire pooling between her legs. It had been a long time since she’d done this and even longer since she’d actually wanted it.

during her autograph someone told jared she lost her photo op picture of j2, so jared got up from the table, held her hand, walked all the way to the other side of the venue to get jensen, had the three of them take a selfie together, and walked her all the way back making sure she was alright and rubbing her back. this man is an absolute gift. protect him.

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"James..." Wanda mused, rubbing her man's shoulders. "Let's disappear somewhere for a bit. Somewhere quiet, just for a few days. The world won't crumble to dust in a week without us on the watch." |Because I'm not always Mrs. Satan.

“Anywhere in particular in mind, doll?”

A small smile crept on his face at the suggestion,he could literally not remember the last holiday he ever had. “We can always come back should ‘the world start crumbling to dust,correct?’”


a friends return ( closed rp)

@futaqueenchrysalis *navi sighed rubbing her back and wings. man did they hurt but at least she still had them she had left linket seven years ago to find her self and to try and hide her feelings for her friend. she was getting close now to hyrule. not knowing if linket was there or not but she hoped she was. she wore her old brown cloak to hide her self as she entered hyrule market*