Day 15 and 16.

Pretty uneventful days, to be honest the West coast region of New Zealand has a lot less to offer than the rest of the country. Beautiful beaches yes, but appart from that… Anyway we visited a beach called the three sisters, which was awesome. It got its name from 3 giant rocks standing on the beach, also visited the white cliff beach, again awesome. Great contrast between the black sands and the white cliffs. That was yesterday. Today we visited the Waitomo cave area, didn’t do any rafting (costs way to much) but did some nice walks in the area. The Ruakuri bush walk was awesome. We visited another beach, forgot the name. After that we drove off to a nice camping place near Matamata, because tomorrow we’re visiting Hobbiton! Peace. For more photos you could always check out our instagram: @mchlptrs and @yvodezeure