There are lots of characters with red in their names in mythology. The shades of red are really shades of blood though and that might be because of the influence of the medieval belief in the 4 humours in medicine. Some characters are described as Dearg - Dirty Blood, Flann - Wet Blood and Ruad - Dried Blood.

Of the 4 humours blood was the most important because all the other humours were moved around the body with it. If something was wrong with a person the general diagnoses was the blood needed to be cleansed either by herbal remedies like a decoction of wild garlic or famously by blood letting!

Blood shaped peoples lifespan, gender, emotions and importantly their character. Since medieval people understood the 4 humours It meant that an author could tell the reader/listener a bit about some characters without needing to provide a back story by including red in their name. A young verile warrior is Flann wet blood and an old tired warrior is Ruad Dried Blood.

I find that bit of info very handy because the authors of myth used short hand where ever they could.

This is what I have so far it’s still a WIP, it will be for sale when it’s done, but this is the first time I’ve painted in a year and only the second time I’ve filled a whole canvas and the first time I’ve started to play with paint as a 3-D medium.

Ruadán only got into it once and honestly caused more damage to my palette than the painting but hopefully he’s learned from this. I know I have so far.