I’m sorry.

I honestly didn’t know I was negatively affecting people that much. I know I’m a bit too abrasive and harsh for some people and I’m slowly starting to realize it can actually hurt them. It is all unintentional though. I genuinely feel bad, and I apologize.

Ziegs, I wish you and everyone I’ve accidentally hurt the best.

And please know that I would never, absolutely for any reason try and stop someone from pursuing any kind of career. I’m not sure how I even feasibly would and I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but know that that is not the kind of person I am.

I am also NOT the type of person to push someone to suicidal thoughts. I am not. Where this lie (and I don’t mean to invalidate what Ziegs felt, I don’t. I simply mean this as the lie that I am intentionally someone who would do this) came from, I’ve no clue but I wish to stop it here and now.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. I know what it is like to be at the brink and I find myself there far too much. And to think there are people that actually believe I am some type of monster to push someone there as well – I just can’t find myself wanting to go on knowing that such a blatant lie exists. Please, whatever you think of me – be it “rude” or “bitch”, that’s fine. But, I am begging you to believe, I am NOT someone who would ever put someone to even begin thinking of taking their life.

Had I ever known or ever been told that’s what I was apparently doing, I would have immediately stopped.

I’m sorry that I was so detrimental to you, I am. But I was never made aware of my actions. Not once was I ever told about how you felt. Not once. You spoke to Cry once and then left. You gave him an ultimatum and expected him to be a miracle worker. There’s no excuse for that. In no way, through text or through speech, did you try to get to me to tell me what I was doing.
I can understand your reasoning, I can. But it isn’t fair to him or to me how you went about this.

I am being yelled at, harassed, insulted, and threatened for doing something I was never told I was doing.

Ziegs, I wish you had actually come to me about how you felt about me or about how I was affecting you, because it is hard to word things right now without seeming insincere or defensive. But if that is how it had to be, then I suppose it’s how it has to be. By going public with private affairs, you chose the hard way for everybody, and I wish things were different. It isn’t fair to any of us now.

I am sorry. I hope you realize that I’m not whatever horrible thing you think I am; I’m a person.

I am a person who is trying.

girl meets world Q&A masterpost

riley matthews

  • riley will be hurt emotionally
  • riley will use the camera shawn gave to her
  • riley will find what she’s good at/her passion
  • riley will find out what maya knew about her
  • riley’s middle name is unconfirmed
  • cory will get involved in riley’s love life

maya hart

  • maya is starting to hope in things
  • it is unknown if maya and katy will forgive maya’s father
  • maya still has her locket
  • maya will sing more
  • someone named “cletis” will do the ha hurr thing to maya
  • we will see maya’s room again in girl meets money
  • we do not know maya’s favorite color
  • sabrina was cast before they made maya’s personality
  • maya will continue to evolve
  • you will cry in girl meets forgiveness because of how maya feels towards her father
  • maya changes
  • maya will get in trouble

lucas friar

  • an ongoing concern with lucas is his anger problem
  • vanessa, lucas’ old love interest in texas, will make an appearance in girl meets texas. the girls take a liking to her
  • we will see pappy joe in girl meets texas
  • lucas will break

farkle minkus

  • farkle’s love life will take an interesting turn
  • farkle has always been farkle, his clothes do not change him

zay babineaux

  • we will see more of zay
  • zay will be a series regular
  • zay ships lucaya

joshua matthews

  • josh will be back for new years eve, airing in december
  • josh will admit his feelings
  • they want josh to become a regular

shawn hunter

  • shawn is in girl meets forgiveness
  • shawn and mr turner WILL reunite, and it will be a very special moment
  • it is possible that the gang will go on another trip with shawn
  • they will not explore who’s shawn’s real mom is
  • katy/shawn will probably happen and we will see what happened on their date
  • shawn/cory scenes

other boy meets world characters

  • angela will be back, and she plays an important role
  • angela will teach a very important lesson
  • they would love to have jack back
  • mr feeny may return
  • the entire bmw gang may return for one big throwback episode


  • someone asked is maya and lucas will ever become a couple and the writers responded with “watch what happens”
  • the writers hinted at a lucaya hug
  • something interesting is on the way
  • october is going to be very interesting

the writers responded to “will lucas and maya ever kiss”
the writers responded to “will lucas ever admit his love to maya”
texas will be in october

  • they will have a big moment in texas
  • their moment in texas will be bigger than it was creativity
  • there will be more lucaya this season
  • “does lucas like maya?” in which they responded with “you’ll see”
  • all the lucaya moments in s2 are leading up to something and this season we will see how they really feel
  • the next lucaya moment is “pretty big”
  • lucas would never hurt maya
  • lucas will be involved in maya’s kiss during the episode texas
  • watch carefully
  • they have been planning since the beginning
  • “will lucas ever ask out maya” in which they responded with “please join us in texas”
  • there will be a beautiful lucaya moment in texas around a campfire
  • “will lucas and maya get together in season 2?” “texas”
  • i’m assuming that texas is going to be big for lucaya considering all the tweet relating to it
  • future lucaya quote: “what did you do that for?”
  • on a scale of one to ten of how big the the best lucaya moment will be, the scale isn’t big enough
  • zay will comment on lucaya interactions
  • we will find out what lucaya said in their silence conversation in creativity


  • lucas will have his moment
  • the next big moment happens in october
  • riley will realize her brother feelings towards lucas
  • rucas will have a happy ending
  • “the next rucas moment better be one where they realize how wrong they are for each other” in which they responded with “texas”
  • you will be quoting back the rucas moments
  • it is confirmed that there will be another rucas kiss in texas
  • there is only one cory and topanga
  • rucas happens in every episode
  • girl meets texas, part 1, 2, and 3 are very important. so is girl meets new years and girl meets graduation
  • “poom”
  • riley and lucas will go through something that they hope will be one of their most important lessons
  • lucas will give riley lots of looks
  • lucas still likes riley


  • riley knows maya would never hurt her
  • riley and maya are the absolute best of friends
  • someone (not female) will put riley and maya’s friendship to the test
  • riley wants maya to be happy
  • we will learn about how riley and maya met in girl meets bay window, which is premiering in february
  • maya might hurt riley emotionally


  • there will be riarkle in girl meets i am farkle
  • farkle will make an interesting decision soon
  • the similarities between cory/topanga’s first kiss and riley/farkle’s first kiss (in girl meets the truth) were intentional


  • there will be focus on lucas/farkle’s relationship, along with zay. they will have important roles in upcoming episodes.


  • maya will teach farkle how to live


  • the writers liked the college dorm scene
  • josh will tell maya how he feels
  • there will be joshaya moments
  • there will be cute joshaya moments
  • joshaya is a thing
  • josh might find his “topanga”
  • maya still likes josh
  • josh will tell maya how he feels
  • it will get confusing


  • everyone will be satisfied with the finale
  • everyone will change
  • season 3′s theme will be about feelings
  • they would start filming for a third season in the middle of janurary
  • we will see more corpanga
  • there will be an interesting halloween episode
  • a POC will become a main character
  • missy could possibly return
  • charlie is coming back in october
  • charlie wants to become riley’s boyfriend
  • cory/topanga might have another child
  • belgium 1831 is very important
  • thing will get complicated
  • rowan is focusing on her acting
  • there will be a lot of tension between all characters
  • morgan is confirmed to be coming back
  • lauren might come back
  • there is an episode call girl meets i am money
  • it is unconfirmed if there will be a love triangle
  • the lesson in rah rah is to never give up and to never surrender
  • auggie and ava are happily married
  • we will meet emma weathersbee in girl meets commonism
  • they will cover more mature topics once the characters get more mature
  • an episode will talk about feelings/sexuality
  • we will meet kermit in girl meets forgiveness
  • the rest of the seasons episodes are pretty extraordinary
  • there is not a limit yet on how many season of girl meets world there will be
  • the writers said that the show isn’t all about ships
  • the writers are hoping that the show will follow the kids until the end of college
  • they will deal with mental health in girl meets i am farkle
  • they will cover cyberbullying
  • girl meets graduation is the finale, which will air in february
  • all of the characters will always have feeling for each other
  • texas will be a three parter
  • dewey will be in halloween and graduation

“A woman is a beam of the divine light
she is not the being whom sensual
desire takes as it’s object
she is a creator it should be said
she is not a creature
she is infinite love.”

~ Rumi~

Original art by Antonio Mora
.gif animation by George RedHawk (


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  • Fans:*ask question about Riley and Lucas kissing*
  • GMW Writers:Texas.
  • Fans:*ask question about Maya and Lucas kissing*
  • GMW Writers:Texas.
  • Me:This is the exact love triangle bullshit I did NOT want from you guys.
  • Writters :......Texas
  • Me:......whoah