taylorswift, we thought you might like a peak into how we reacted when you let Taylor Nation kill us and how we enjoyed the rest of our night at the concert after our little hang out together! We’re about to spend thirteen hours on a plane with 1989 on repeat the whole time, and we hope you have an absolute ball tonight girl!! We miss you already and love you so so so so very much. 

Your Aussies, Maddie and Gracie <3 <3


anonymous asked:

Please tell me where like what issues specifically i read read about that arc where peter parker wears the dd suit because matt was hired to defend daredevil? i wanna read comics for that alone lol

sorry it took me a while i had to rescan but this was from the bendis/maleev run (v2) i think u need to start reading on issue #20 to understand what the case was about, and heres a cute panel from #24 when they showed that it was peter wearing the dd suit:

it covered issues #20-25