alright, anonymous person that called me out earlier,  here is some of my recent attempts at drawing (for the first time since i was like 16! and even then, it was just aqua teens and 12 oz. mouse).  top left is “that kid” from lamezine 002, middle is a random dog lady from lamezine 2, the left one i call “attempted ru'mel" 

the bottom two are attempts i made at a ray guy that i want to make.  the left one cracks me up because it is a lot scarier than i wanted it to be.  one thing about this idea that i want is an attention to details of how shitty he and his place look.  its something that i’m kinda gonna rip off from simon hanselmann…

also i need to actually learn how to draw, instead of just seeing what i can do already.  maybe i’ll look at some of those old "draw your own comix!~” books for kids or something