Here's something fun to do for characters~

An artist I really admired did this for her characters  and it really helped me understand them. One of the songs I chose for Da'ae’s list came up and I was like, “I haven’t formally posted it anywhere!”

Give it a try yourself! It’s fun and it’s a great way for people to get to know your character/have music to draw them to I whisper my true intent.

Here’s the list and it’s themes:

1. Theme Song
2. What their voice sounds closest to
3. What other people think of them
4. Happy/inspirational song
5. Sad song
6. Song you want to use in a flash movie for your character (typically hilarious)
7. ‘Walkin’ music. No lyrics here.

I have way too many characters to do this to, so I will do it for my two favorite WoW characters~


1. Time of Your Song- Matisyahu

2.(Been having a hard time trying to decide this. Either K'naan or Namless Probably leaning more towards K'naan.)

3. Demons- imagine Dragons

4. Wavin’ Flag (Coca-cola celebration mix)- K'naan

5. Endless Night- Lion King Musical

6. And We Danced- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

7. ((Fuck it. FIGHTING SONG)) Birth of a Hero- Two Steps from Hell

Ru'ek Farraki

1. Jerusalem, If I forget you- Matisyahu feat. K'naan

2. A World Without Fences- Lady and the Tramp II

3. Dumb Dinosaur- Drewmo

4. If Rap Gets Jealous- K'naan

5. Somalia- K'naan

6. Somewhere out there- Community (With Nasrah ^_^ )

7. Ancient Egyptian Music?

There you have it!