ru titley

Lightweight pocket tools for the adventure biking on the south coast.

Shomer-tec Titanium pen
Streamlight micro stream
Custom victorinox
Victorinox ratchet set
Knipex micro grips
Topeak spanner 10 & 12mm
Mini bic duck tape wrapped


Some of my favorites — the small, yet mighty tactical backup / fixed blade EDC  bunch: Patrick Doyle Land Pirate, ru-titley-knives kiridashi, Jarosz Knives JFS (I have two of them), and BRT Bladeworks BDU Backup. All small enough to be easily carried horizontally with a single soft loop around the belt without being noticed, but all quite capable of performing serious cutting tasks. All great, unique designs, but the BRT just melts into your hand with that angular shape. I’m glad I got the chance to handle one at a local show, because from the pictures I was wondering what Ben was smoking :) 


Quick recycle project .

Recycled Dental floss container .

Once empty the handy pocket sized container was sprayed black with added cyflect glint & glow marker .

Hunter orange nano cord with a central mono filament fishing line keeps cord neat and tidy ready for instant use using the in built floss cutter .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Rustic knives & gear .

 I have the following ready for immediate sale as long as you are over 18 years old and that these are legal to own in your country .

 Please do not contact me here but please email at the email bellow for prices and availability .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Mad Max revisited .

 It seems ages ago that I first showed this on my blog  but as I’m in the middle of making a new cutting head for it thought I’d revisit with some new pics and have been testing it out over the summer to allay any fears over the bolt together construction .

 The new head will be the last piece to make and will be a tomahawk type spike , and Ive started work on the sheaths and carry options including so far a modified UK police side handled baton holder and various rustic sheaths from car interiors with copper electrical wiring  to keep with the Mad Max theme .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


My take on a Strider knives SLCC .

3.5 mm thick old high carbon saw blade steel etched and stonewashed .

Bone linen micarta scales over double copper clad G-10 liners with copper hardware .

 from this post here

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Kryptek kydex tungsten carbide fire- steel striker I recently made up for a US LEO .

This version has a removable fire steel holder to take a 6mm thick ferro rod with shock cord tether . The main striker unit has double sided cyflect Glint & Glow markers and multi -cam 550 cord  lanyard .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


So here’s that hawk mask that I recently finished off , its a basic friction fit sheath .

Made from 4.5 mm wet formed veg tan leather which was then distressed on the workshop floor .

 Old copper was then shaped and hammered into place , then drilled and  riveted with copper saddlery rivets before being aged with brass black .

 The leather was then double dyed dark brown and then light for an aged effect before being rubbed back with wire wool for a scuffed effect.

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


The forged file knife originally from Bones and its new sheath seems to me to fit very well together with the forged Hawk also from Bones , 

Available now via email only please, either as a set or individually .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Prototype Cyflect pouch’s

Just a rough idea but certainly will look into getting some proper versions made up as these were just stitched together about 30 mins ago .

2 sizes of Glint &Glow Cyflect sew on material with Velcro hook &loop closure with technora pull tabs .

The large was sized to take a DPX Gear Danger Tag , and the small x8 10 hour mini chem-lights  the bigger can also take several other similar sized items and the small fitted both a Photon freedom and a universal cuff key . 

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Lil Red Rider .

3.5mm thick old high carbon saw blade steel with polished grinds.

Mystery wood burl over copper clad G-10 liners with copper mosaic pins and lanyard tube .

Rustic wet formed veg tan leather distressed and aged for pocket or belt carry with hammered brass and copper hardware .

available now  .

 Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from


Back up survival .

My smallest B.U.S (Basic Utility Series ) high carbon steel knife designed to fit in the classic tobacco survival tin, seen here in neck carry role with Multi -Cam kydex sheath and 550 cord lanyard.

The Mil-spec elastic Ranger band holds a Photon freedom micro light and a 6mm ferro rod with heat shrink tubing over lay that keeps the internal jute cord tinder safe from the elements till needed .

See this post here for more info on the fire-steel / tinder and here

posts on the knife here and

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


One possible version of a PSK or personal survival kit .

 All the above items fit into a belt wearable pouch in this case a Kifaru GPS pouch , this can also then be fitted to other kit such as packs or to a larger knife sheath via the malice clip  .

My personal choices for this kit include energy tablets ,small survival tin , a Spyderco Native 5 , TOPS folding saw , Boker Ti VOX tool with bottle opener and tungsten carbide breaker .

A Leatherman PS4 multi- tool , refillable Peizo lighter with fuel window and built in red LED flashlight , Fire steel wrapped in jute tinder with tungsten carbide striker and a silver foil emergency blanket .

 Also included are a Fenix PD20 180 lumen with SOS and strobe with a 66 hour run-time on low 9 lumen setting plus a spare CR123 battery in a Delrin case, a Cyalume 10 hour Visipad , wet fire tinder and several feet of Kevlar sleeved cord from

 The small Tin is 11cm long x 6.5 wide and only 1.3cm deep meaning its compact enough to stash away in clothing if I need more space in the pouch .

It features a basic personal first aid kit compromising of steri-strips ,plasters , disposable gloves and a resuscitation shield and water purification tabs .

The lid features a mirror circle , 3m orange high reflective and a GITD dot , £40.00 in tenners , x3 4hour mini Cyalume light sticks and a micro fire-steel with needle .

Also included are a folding razor /saw , mini tungsten carbide saw , photon freedom with a 12 hour run -time , P38 can opener , surgical blade and a custom made fire spark'er with jute tinder wrap .

All these items can of course be interchanged with other kit depending on the carry needs and environments traveled in and would always carry a more comprehensive first aid kit as standard .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from


Wenge Clip- point.

Another Stonewashed rustic clip- point knife .

 High carbon saw blade steel  with brushed Wenge wood to revel the grippy grain and copper clad G-10 liners with Torx chain ring bolt fixings  .

Rustic style wet formed veg tan leather aged and distressed with brass kydex eyelets to take large tek lock or belt loop .

 Available now .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from