ru shin


Sung Shikyung: Last time, when the Shinhwa members stayed in a dorm, I heard that they often walked around without their clothes on.
Hyesung: Of course..
Sung Shikyung: Because it was just guys / Shin Dongyup: Of course
Sung Shikyung: So, they know very well about each other’s bodies. I’ve heard a lot about it.
Shin Hyesung: What about?
Sung Shikyung: Like how some have good physique, some are…amazing.
Shin Dongyup: Of course guys talk about that amongst themselves!
Sung Shikyung: Extraordinarily…
Shin Hyesung: Amazing(?)..Very amazing. When we were young, we were the only ones in the dorm. At that time, in a room, we had a dance battle amongst the members. Without wearing a thing.
Shin Dongyup: Without wearing a thing?
Shin Hyesung: From what I remember, there were those who completely stripped, there were some who just wore their underwear, anyway, almost everyone was totally naked.
Sung Shikyung: It’d be very funny if someone just wore a t-shirt.
Shin Hyesung: I’m sure there must’ve been someone like that! And so, we had the battle, the dance wasn’t just a simple dance, it was break dance. But one of the members…did a head spin while completely naked!
Sung Shikyung: That’s daebak!
Yoon Seyoon: Then it’ll be like..won’t it become a helicopter?
Heo Jiwoong: Like in Street Fighter, wa-dda-wa-dda-ru-gen!
Shin Hyesung: He had on a helmet. He put that on, hoong~hoong~ pa-re-re!
Shin Dongyup: That must’ve been spectacular.
Shin Hyesung: It was a totally unforgettable classic scene.
Sung Shikyung: Something you can’t see anywhere else..
Shin Hyesung: Because it was just guys, so we joked around a lot. 
Shin Dongyup: So, who amongst Shinhwa can do a head spin…
Sung Shikyung: Let’s just take it that all of them can.
Shin Dongyup: Shin Hyesung, after you said you’re appearing, what did people around you say?
Shin Hyesung: Last night Junjin texted me. “Just throw everything out there.” I don’t really know what I’m supposed to throw out but he told me to throw it out.
Shin Dongyup: Here, if you’re a little more shy, when watching the show, you’ll feel more (uncomfortable)
Shin Hyesung: It seems so. So firstly, I’ll just say everything. If you need to edit it for broadcast, I’m sure you’ll know what to do.
Shin Dongyup: Of course.
Sung Shikyung: I’m looking forward to it!

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