fifth harmony hurting me real bad

This really pisses me off

“You can’t be racist against whites”
“You can be prejudice, but not racist”

Prejudice against somebody’s race, is in fact, racism and literally nothing will change that definition. What’s the difference between being racist and prejudice? The race factor. One involves hatred against somebody’s race the other does not, but they are both still bad.
Some people don’t even deny that they’re being ‘prejudice’ towards white people. They say it like its not a bad thing, like prejudice doesn’t actually hurt people.

I’m pissed off that some people have the gall to say: “You can’t be racist towards whites, you can be prejudice but not racist”. Congrats you’re still a hateful asshole either way, might as well call yourself a racist.

The Empty Hearse fan club said Sheri@rty is “just as plausible as some of your theories” (Sherl0lly). They argue over this, so close but yet so far. This fan club is made up of people who believe in Sherlock Holmes but cannot figure him out. They try, desperately, to do so, but they cannot. They know he’s alive but they don’t know who saved his life. They don’t know who he lived for. That person is, and always has been, John Watson.