👆👀👆👀👆👀👆👀👆👀 waaay up tHere 👆 moRTY ✔ im gonna need 👆 🌱 u to put these seeds 🌱👆🌱waaaay 👆up inside🌱🌱 ur✔butthOle✔✔🍑mo-EURGH-rty 🌱👆👆👆wa𝖺𝖠AY up there 👆 morty 🌱 way up 👆 into your butthole (chorus: ᵇᵘᵗᵗʰᵒˡᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ🍑 O0ОଠOଠOooᵒᵒᵒᵒRR𝖱ᵣᵣTTY𝖸𝖸YY 👆🌱👆 🍑 👀👀 👀 👆 👆✔ waaay up there 


I’m Opening Sketch and Colour Commissions!!!!
I have about five spots open for commissions as of right now! Info listed above is really the basics you’ll need to know, but feel free to message me or send an ask with further questions. Payments will be made by PAY PAL and E-TRANSFER :)

Terms of Service:
-I draw only slight NSFW (nudity but not sexual content)
-Timelines will be made with commissioner
-I have the right to refuse to draw or commission certain pieces.
-I will draw certain animals + certain animal/human hybrids
-Payment will be half up front, then half after the sketch/ colour map is confirmed.
-$10 commissions include up to 2 characters, $15 start at 1 character 
-If interested in a fully rendered piece we can discuss pricing :)
-Can message me through tumblr, instagram, or my email (jessabellatwill@live.com)

I’m really hoping this goes well, I was kinda nervous to start but I know y’all are great and supportive! Thanks for being amazing!

anonymous asked:

I saw your post about racism in fandoms and I'm curious. Why do you consider Fury to be a good guy? I wanted to ask separately because I don't want to derail a very well made post that had an important point.

Okay so I honestly have no idea how to answer this because well…

I have no idea how people could get a reading of Fury as a “bad” guy from what we see of him in the MCU. 

Like I’m not talking about the fact that any character thoroughly enmeshed in neo-imperialist government agencies like SHIELD can’t be 100% on the level, but that Fury isn’t a Loki/Kingpin/Pierce kind of character. Those are villains. They are villainous. The narrative may give the former two “good” reasons to explain why they’re the way they are but they’re still awful and murderous.

Fury isn’t any of that.

He’s not a villain.

He’s an old guy who’s seen a lot of shit, done even more, and hasn’t gotten shit to show for any of it. 

Like… fandom isn’t being critical of SHIELD unless it’s about Fury. Fandom doesn’t care about “liars” unless it’s Fury doing the lying. The things that we’d write off as normal (or absolutely benign) if M in the Bond films or any number of white guys in the MCU did them, are things fandom cites for reasons not to like or trust Nick Fury.

I’m going to be honest here, I can’t make you believe Nick Fury is a good guy if you don’t think he is. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to change the way people think of him and other Black characters for years and I mean… It’s difficult when your argument is “in the canon they’re not bad guys in any way” when people have completely opposite readings of the text.

I will say…

Ask yourself why you don’t think Nick Fury is a good guy (if you feel this way) and then look at how you conceptualize and respond to other, actual villains in the MCU and other franchises. Because a major difference between how Nick Fury is treated when you compare him to other, actual villains is that fandom likes their villains when they’re white.

Loki attempts to commit two separate genocides (because the NYC thing counts since the Chitauri would have wiped out humanity) and he’s a poor baby that has no control over his feelings and doesn’t have to because he was adopted and fandom handles that poorly.

Rumlow and the rest of Hydra are… well they’re legitimately analogous to and descendants of N@zis. What do we get from them? Hydra Trash P@rty and assorted nonsense where Hydra “isn’t really that bad”. 

The glorification of white crime thing that I’ve talked about? Means that white villains will always be treated better than characters of color of any moral level.

Nick Fury is a complex character who deserves more than he’s got (and I am still holding out for the chance to write a Young Nick Fury series, y’all). In his appearances in the MCU, he’s been the head of an agency we know is complicity in all sorts of awfulness by virtue of the kind of agency it is. He’s also been a friend to Steve/Natasha, a mentor to Tony, and a force behind rooting out the corruption in the organization he was in charge of.

And all fandom sees him as is a lying liar that lies.

Dospívání. To jsou prozvracený noci po akcích u kamarádky v koupelně, mokrý povlaky na polštáře od pláče a vlasy vonící po cigaretách. Rty sladký z polibků, při kterých jste byli nervózní, že je neumíte. Přátelé, co vás kazí a kvůli kterým se na vás zlobí rodiče, ale vy se vlastně necháváte zkazit moc rádi.

Plný lidí, kteří vám nedaj spát, ale jim se bez vás usíná snadno. Prosmátý dny a noci, kdy jen ležíte a nemůžete nic.

A pokud je až moc smutno, že se to nedá vydržet, přemýšlíte, jak slastný by bylo to všechno skončit.

Už abych dospěla a měla ty “skutečný” problémy.

ur-mum-is-a-bitch  asked:

oh my fuck please write something for that rylex meets game grumps thing it'd make my entire life complete

This was fun to play around with. i’d love to get into their characters interacting with themselves more, and the idea that they all exist (just in different dimensions) is one i’ve been thinking about for awhile

hope you enjoy!! i might continue this later


The funny thing was, even though Ryland and Alex were just characters, they often felt so real Danny wondered if they were real people.

Of course, they weren’t. They were fictional characters for a TV show. But sometimes Danny caught himself wondering if Alex would like something or what Alex would do in a situation. He’d become rather fond of Alex, in a strange way. Sometimes, it didn’t even feel like he was portraying Alex. Sometimes it felt like Alex was a whole separate person, and Danny had just been tasked with playing him onscreen.

Danny mused about this as he and Arin walked onto set for the day. Arin was on the phone with Suzy, and Danny glanced up as the costume department trailer came into view.

“Alright, babe, see you later,” Arin finished, ending the call and shoving his phone into his back pocket. He glanced at Danny. “You good?”

“Yeah,” Danny replied, shrugging. “Do you ever feel like you know Ryland personally? Like we’re friends with them?”

Arin bit his lip, thinking. “Yeah. Sometimes I find myself thinking about Ryland as though he’s real and not just a character I play.”

Danny nodded frantically. “It’s the same with me and Alex.”

“That’d be weird if they were real, huh?”


They went into the costume trailer, but no one was around. Arin frowned. “That’s weird. We’re supposed to get ready for our scene here.”

“Maybe they’re late,” Danny suggested.

So they waited a few minutes, but not seeing anyone, Arin made a decision.

“Let’s go to set. Maybe they’re waiting there for some reason.”

Following Arin’s lead, the two friends walked to the most familiar set–Ryland and Alex’s apartment. As Arin twisted the doorknob leading to set, Danny suddenly felt a strange twist in his gut. He reached forward to grab Arin’s sleeve, but the room spun around him and everything went black.


When Danny woke up, he found himself sprawled in front of the door leading to the apartment set. It took him a moment to remember why he was there. Then he wondered, How long have I been out? Where’d Arin go?

He got to his feet, wobbling only slightly as he twisted the knob and entered the set. He frowned.

It looked different.

It–it looked like an actual apartment, not just a filming set.

“Maybe I’m dizzier than I thought,” Danny murmured, but just then Arin walked out of the door that would’ve been Ryland’s room.

“Oh, you’re back,” Arin muttered, rummaging around in the fridge before sitting on the couch. “That didn’t take long.”

Danny blinked at him slowly. There was something different about Arin, too. Something…not right.

“What do you mean? Why’d you leave me passed out in the hall? Where is everyone?”

Arin turned to look at him, unamused. “Are you drunk? How’d you get drunk so goddamn quickly, Alex?”

Danny froze.

“What…what did you just call me?”

“By your name?” Now Arin looked concerned, getting off the couch and walking over. “Alex, you’re really pale. Did something happen?”

Danny grabbed the wall for support, then let out a weak laugh. “Stop it, Arin. Is this some kind of improv session? Seriously, what’s going on?”

Arin looked alarmed. “Alex?”

Danny shook his head, trying to clear his brain. “I’m not Alex. I’m Dan. Dan Avidan.”

Arin began to look frustrated. “Alex, you’re not making any sense. Did you just call yourself Dan Avidan? Is this some kinda joke? Did you call me Arin?”

“Arin’s your name,” Danny said weakly.

“My name is Ryland,” Arin said, a bit of impatience edging into his tone. “You don’t sound drunk, but you’re not making any sense. Did you hit your head?”

“No,” Danny squeaked. “You’re…not Arin.”

Just then, they both heard voices in the hall and the door suddenly burst open, revealing a matching set of faces. Danny stared in disbelief at the man standing opposite him, that looked just like him and somehow…not.

Then the man behind his doppelgänger rushed forward. “Dan? Is that you?”

“Arin!” Relief washed over Danny as he hugged Arin. “Where’d you go?”

“I don’t know! Everything kinda went dark and I woke up in front of an apartment building! Then you walked out of the building and I asked what the hell was going on, but the guy said he wasn’t you!”

Slowly, Danny and Arin turned to look at the couple gawking at them.

They were identical to them in every way.

Danny’s grip tightened on Arin’s arm. “Are…are you guys…”

“Ryland?” Arin cried, disbelieving. “Is that you?”

Ryland blinked, passing a hand over his face. “What the fuck…?”

Alex glanced at Ryland, concerned, and then back at Danny and Arin. “Okay.” He pointed at Arin. “You’re not Ry.” He pointed at Danny. “And you’re not me. So why do you look like us?”

“Oh my God.” Arin covered hs face with his hands. “You’re Ryland and Alex. Is this some kind of dream?”

“I don’t think so, buddy,” Danny whispered.

“Who the hell are you people?” Ryland demanded.

“I’m Arin Hanson,” Arin replied, glancing at Danny. “And this is Dan Avidan.”

“Dan?” Alex said softly, staring at him, but Ryland interjected.

“You can’t be Arin Hanson,” he deadpanned. “Arin isn’t real.”

Confused, Arin and Danny glanced at each other. “What?”

“Arin and Dan,” Alex said quietly, “are characters for a comic Ryland made. A comic about two friends that play video games together.”

Danny felt all the blood drain from his face. He gripped Arin a little more tightly. “We’re–we’re real people. And we do more than play video games.”

Ryland crossed his arms. “Like what?”

“I have a wife named Suzy and I do voice acting and write for our band Star/bomb,” Arin said, almost robotically. “I also do animations.”

Danny watched Alex gulp.

“I’m in a band called Ninja Sex Pa/rty,” said Danny. “I have a whole music career.”

Ryland groaned. “There’s no fucking way.”

“Ryland, have…have your comics come to life?” Alex squeaked. 

“Hold on,” Arin said. “But…you two are just characters in our show. You’re not real, either.”

“We’re characters in a show?” Alex repeated. “What show?”

“Good Game. With Ash, Sam, Lorenzo, Kamal…”

“You know them?” Ryland asked, surprised.

“We know the characters,” Danny responded.

There was a thick silence in the room. Finally, Alex spoke up.

“Look, I don’t know how you guys are real or why you’re saying we’re characters in…some sort of TV show…but you’re obviously real and we’re obviously real, so can we at least agree on that?”

“Unless this is some sort of hallucination,” both Ryland and Arin muttered at the same time. They glanced at each other. A smile quirked on Arin’s face, but Ryland frowned.

“Okay, well…” Danny laughed nervously. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Alex grinned and offered his hand to Danny. “It’s like they say, Dan. Everything happens for a reason, right?”

Danny accepted his hand, smiling back. “I feel like we’re friends already.”

Drunk (Third Part)

This is the third part to my Rick Sanchez x Reader fanfiction “Tease” and “Mad”.

This one is longer than the rest, and I think the next one (which I’ll probably post tomorrow or tonight) is the last one of this series. 

First Part: https://darcia22.tumblr.com/post/165201439890/tease-first-part

Second Part: https://darcia22.tumblr.com/post/165242882610/mad

I’m tagging everyone that liked the first two parts but if you do not wish to be tagged in anything else, please tell me and I’ll stop. It’s no issue at all :)

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Warnings: Big age gap but the reader is over 18. Mentions of sex. Alcogol and drug use (weed and alien drugs). The reader is described as an orphan in a very derogatory way by another character. 


Morty walked into the garage expecting his grandpa to be working on something new but instead, Rick was sitting on the floor, under his desk, with a bottle in his hand. The sound of Morty walking in called to his attention and he hit his head with the button of the desk. Groaning, he got out of the small space and stumbled towards Morty.

“Wha-what’s this about, Rick? –Come quick, Morty! Adventure ahead!-“, read Morty from his phone. “It’s 11 at night, you could have just knocked on my door. What’s up with the text?”

“No-no time, Mo-brrr-rty! We need to head out now. Get in the ship” he commanded as he got inside himself. “Need you to give me a ride, M-Morty, I’m too drunk. Need to cool off before –brrr- before we get there”.

“Get where? Oh jeez, Rick, why you…why do you always do this? A-and since when do you stay safe while dri-driving?”

“Do you know where Joe Constant-douche lives?”

“Joe Carlson?” Morty asked, unsure whether to tell Rick the truth. He seemed too drunk and mad to be going to that boy’s house right now. Summer was at that party, supposedly trying to get it on with Joe and if Rick ruined this for her, she would surely blame Morty and make his life impossible for the most part. “Hey, Rick, I’m not sure you… I don’t know if you should…”

“You don’t know anything, Morty. That’s sort of the whole point of a Morty. Just drive me there, Morty”. And because Rick knew what his grandson was thinking, he sighed as the boy started the ship. “I won’t destroy Summer’s chances with that boy, I swear… Just… Just… I need to check on someone”

Morty looked over to his grandpa, a surprised look on his face. What was going on in his head lately? He normally wouldn’t bother to reassure him, those things didn’t matter to Rick. And, someone? The only person Rick knew enough at that party was Summer. Maybe he was trying to stop her from sleeping around with Joe? Either way, Morty pulled out of the garage in the ship and headed towards the party.


To be honest, (Y/N) was getting bored. Everyone around were drunk already while she was only tipsy. This was a shame, because truly, she just wanted to get wrecked with the rum she was holding and maybe buy some weed and finish everything off with a nice hook up. None of these things could happen though. One, the drunkenness part: not only did she have a higher tolerance than everyone around her but she was also more responsible, drinking lots of water in between drinks. She didn’t want to be completely wasted when she dragged Summer home later. Two, buying weed would only make that task more difficult at the end of the night and she didn’t think she had enough money for weed and next week’s food. Three, no one here could give her what she wanted right now. A few boys and even two girls had approached her asking if she wanted to hook up or something. She was almost tempted with one of the girls. Pretty little thing, freckles and brown hair in space buns that shared one of her classes, but she ended everything and lost her in the crowd before they could get to an empty room. Just a few kisses in the dancefloor that Joe had arranged by moving furniture around in his spacious living room.

She was currently sitting on one of the sofas against the wall, her head moving with the music while she watched everyone else dance. She focused her eyes on Summer, who was kissing Joe in a corner. They had been like that almost since they got there. (Y/N) wondered how it felt to be that kind of normal but she didn’t envy it. All of a sudden, Joe pulled back to whisper something in Summer’s ear and she giggled as they got up.

That was her point to interfere. “Summer!”, she yelled.

A drunk, wide eyed and flushed Summer turned to her and smiled softly, waving her hand. (Y/N) called for her to get closer and she motioned Joe to wait where he was. When Summer got to her and embraced her planting a kiss on her neck, the walking steroid (she kept calling him that in her head and it made her smile almost every time) whistled.

“You two going to have sex?”

“Wow, you sound like my mum”, said Summer, laughing and still hugging her friend.

“Right now, that’s my part. You sure you want to do this?”

Summer looked at her seriously and nodded. “I came here for it. You alright staying here alone?”. When her friend nodded as well, she smiled again.

“You got condoms?”

When the answer didn’t come, (Y/N) sighed and reached for her back pocket. “What would you do without me?” she said as she handed her two of the ones she has brought with her just in case.

Summer took them and kissed her on the cheek, which prompted another whistle from Joe. Oh my god, had he never seen two drunk girls interact before? (Y/N) doubted he needed more than one condom. She said goodbye to Summer and left the couch to go to the kitchen. Getting another drink was a necessity now that she was completely alone in that party. She knew almost everyone there but she wasn’t about to bond with anyone.

She was on her third drink and already drunk when she heard the sound behind her, coming from outside the house. Curious, she moved the curtains of the window in the kitchen to see Morty stepping out of what could only be Rick’s space ship. What the hell was he doing here? Summer had told him to stay clear because Jessica wasn’t going to come anyways, but… And there was Rick. Damnit. Not a good idea to see him while she was drunk. She needed to go to the bathroom and put cold water on her face and neck, clear off a bit before talking to both of them. Rick was probably here to check on Summer under Beth’s orders, and she would only inform that she had condoms with her and that teenage pregnancy wasn’t an option in Summer’s case while she was around. Instead of going to the bathroom though, (Y/N) took another swing of her drink, finishing it and walked out of the kitchen. She was going to play a game.

The alcohol in her bloodstream made her bolder and she strolled into the dancefloor and got close to the girl with the space buns. She greeted (Y/N) with a bright smile, “There you are!” she said; her brown lipstick was smeared a little around her mouth. She remembered being the one to do that and she went in for another kiss, putting her hands on the girl’s lower back as they danced. ‘I am not a kid’, she repeated inside her head. Another voice answered that she was acting like one, a stupid and immature kid. What was she expecting to accomplish? Now that she was deep in the game she herself had proposed, she realised that this probably wouldn’t work. Rick wouldn’t give her a second glance even if she was fucking that girl against a wall in front of him. Why would he care? Of course he wouldn’t get jealous.

Not long after she started kissing her, Rick opened the front door, Morty following close behind. (Y/N) noticed he was a bit drunk, but according to Summer, this wasn’t a rare occurrence. However, his expression was wild, like someone had slapped him and he was about to hit back. Nobody paid attention to him walking in except for her, who immediately locked eyes with him, at the same time that space buns girl roamed her chest with her small hands, squeezing a bit hard as her mouth explored (Y/N)’s neck.


Oh no. Morty looked at (Y/N) as she was being felt up by another girl, a sight that he would normally enjoy if it wasn’t for his grandpa next to him. His breathing was erratic, his hands in tight fists, so tight his knuckles were white and his veins showed more than usual. He had noticed the way he looked at (Y/N) but he attributed that to how any man would look at her, nothing that would translate in actions in his case. She was hot, too pretty and smart for her own good, and Morty also thought that Rick saw her as an annoying presence in the house. Even though he hadn’t complained, that was how he saw most of Summer’s friends. He didn’t think (Y/N) was any different in that aspect.

“Rick, Rick, maybe we should go… Summer doesn’t seem to be around…”

Rick ignored him and walked towards the girls. (Y/N) almost seemed to have been waiting for him to do that, but there was still a hint of surprise when she stopped dancing with the other girl, and stopped touching her altogether, to face him.

“Who is this? Your grandfather?”

(Y/N) could have killed her right there and Rick looked at her with a frown.

“No, he’s Summer’s grandfather… What’s up, Rick?” she asked.

Without hesitation, he reached for (Y/N)’s wrist and pulled her towards him. She lost her balance, surprised by his action and fell on his chest. “We’re going home. Get Summer”, he whispered in her ear. “Now”.

“Why?” she pushed back, but didn’t pull away from his hand, that was still holding her wrist, softer now. “She’s with Joe. I gave her condoms so it’s all good. Now, you have two options, leave and let us enjoy the party, or stay and participate. You seem to be deep in pre-drinks right now”

She was pushing his buttons. He didn’t have a fucking reason to want her out of there, which was the worst part. Why did he feel like she shouldn’t be touching that girl? Why wasn’t she touching him like they both knew she wanted? Or had he misunderstood her remarks?

“Stay?” he asked, shocked now by her expression, a smile creeping on her pretty face.

She turned her hand so she was the one to grab his wrist. Before he knew what she was going to do, she pulled him towards the kitchen, away from the crowd. As they passed Morty, she waved at him and giggled. Morty couldn’t believe his eyes and as he looked at the girl with the freckles that (Y/N) had left on the dance floor, she didn’t either.

(Y/N) knocked against a boy getting into the kitchen and dragging Rick behind her. She bend over once she opened the cupboard and handed him a full bottle of vodka. “Drink up”, she said, a smile on her face. Why was she so happy? He was still fuming at the sight of her being touched by someone else. Of course, he had no right to say that to her. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to get drunk tonight because I was responsible for Summer, but you and Morty can help these poor girls get home, right?”

Rick sighed and opened the bottle, thinking that there was nothing innocent in her tone, and that drinking more wouldn’t make their night any easier if they ended up on a bed together. It certainly wouldn’t make the morning easier. All those thoughts vanished when she winked at him over her own drink.


He had bought them both weed and mixed it with his own alien drug when they sat in the sofa together, Morty sitting next to them. He was a nervous wreck, stuttering and looking around. Everyone was older than him and way more popular, and according to him, this wasn’t his place. (Y/N) thought that if he wanted this kind of thing to be his place, the only reason stopping him was himself but she didn’t say anything. In her drunken state, she placed her legs over Rick’s and he used them to roll their joint, smiling to himself over how daring she was being. Soon, they were a mess. They shared the blunt, laughing at the smallest of things and before long, Summer was back, hair a mess and a stupid smile on her face. Upon seeing Rick and Morty sitting with (Y/N), her face turned to shock. Rick couldn’t blame her, seeing as he was holding her best friend’s legs over his and they were both drunk and high. She didn’t seemed angry though, already a bit numb to her grandpa’s antics when drunk. After that, everything became a bit of a blur under the effect of everything he had taken.

The music in that place seemed to be mocking him, all about sex and smooth skin touching, and he couldn’t help but feel her skin, soft and warm, the total opposite of his. He was rough and cold and he felt like crashing onto her and ruin her beautiful city, turn her to ruins in the most satisfying way possible. Her laughter at something he had said filled his ears and he smiled at her. He was surprised at the fact that he was actually having fun, his body full of substances to make his sensations even stronger, not to numb them. One of his hands moved to higher to her thigh and her laughter stopped as she turned towards him, her eyes locked on his. Nobody else noticed their silence, Morty and Summer talking to other people and dancing around, without a care in the world. All of a sudden he was very aware of how exposed they were as she leaned towards him a bit, her stare shifting a bit to his lips. He was doomed. He ignored his surroundings and leaned in as well, smelling her scent the closer he got. So fucking pure in comparison to him. He was almost there, almost touching her soft lips with his, when a tall and lanky teenager dropped his drink on top of her. Half her t-shirt ended up drenched in coke and rum as she jumped back to look at the boy.

“So this is why you weren’t ‘looking to date anyone’, huh?” the boy enquired, a drunken vicious smile on his lips.

Rick felt (Y/N)’s legs move from his lap and she sensed her hostility but he also felt her hand on his shoulder, a sign that he didn’t want him to intervene.

“Joe accepted it, Nathan. Just get over yourself and grow up”, she growled. Nathan. Summer had told him about this dude. A problematic little shit who had been interested in (Y/N) since she transferred to their school, being met with a harsh rejection that he just wasn’t used to get. Rick prepared to get up, leaving his drink on the floor.

“Yeah, I bet you want me to grow up. I see now that you like them old enough to be your father. Wonder why, orphan girl” he answered, almost screaming. Rick felt his blood boil. Summer had never disclosed (Y/N)’s story, why she had been transferred or where her parents were, and he ever asked, sensing it was a sensitive issue.

(Y/N) got up and faced him. “Shut the fuck up”. She was almost taller than him, which seemed to intimidate the kid, but that didn’t make him stop.

“Are you really that desperate for a daddy?” he laughed at his own joke grossly, his drunken state making him almost loose his balance.

The punch came from deep inside his stomach and he felt the bone break under the force of his fist. (Y/N) didn’t have time to react to what Nathan had said before the kid was on his back on the floor, nose bleeding and whining loudly. The party was over.

“Grandpa!” Summer yelled, in shock. (Y/N) was holding his arm and he felt her pull towards the door, his grandkids following close behind.


Fourth Part: https://darcia22.tumblr.com/post/165347752575/regret-what-you-must-later-fourth-part