👆👀👆👀👆👀👆👀👆👀 waaay up tHere 👆 moRTY ✔ im gonna need 👆 🌱 u to put these seeds 🌱👆🌱waaaay 👆up inside🌱🌱 ur✔butthOle✔✔🍑mo-EURGH-rty 🌱👆👆👆wa𝖺𝖠AY up there 👆 morty 🌱 way up 👆 into your butthole (chorus: ᵇᵘᵗᵗʰᵒˡᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ🍑 O0ОଠOଠOooᵒᵒᵒᵒRR𝖱ᵣᵣTTY𝖸𝖸YY 👆🌱👆 🍑 👀👀 👀 👆 👆✔ waaay up there 


I’m Opening Sketch and Colour Commissions!!!!
I have about five spots open for commissions as of right now! Info listed above is really the basics you’ll need to know, but feel free to message me or send an ask with further questions. Payments will be made by PAY PAL and E-TRANSFER :)

Terms of Service:
-I draw only slight NSFW (nudity but not sexual content)
-Timelines will be made with commissioner
-I have the right to refuse to draw or commission certain pieces.
-I will draw certain animals + certain animal/human hybrids
-Payment will be half up front, then half after the sketch/ colour map is confirmed.
-$10 commissions include up to 2 characters, $15 start at 1 character 
-If interested in a fully rendered piece we can discuss pricing :)
-Can message me through tumblr, instagram, or my email (jessabellatwill@live.com)

I’m really hoping this goes well, I was kinda nervous to start but I know y’all are great and supportive! Thanks for being amazing!

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I saw your post about racism in fandoms and I'm curious. Why do you consider Fury to be a good guy? I wanted to ask separately because I don't want to derail a very well made post that had an important point.

Okay so I honestly have no idea how to answer this because well…

I have no idea how people could get a reading of Fury as a “bad” guy from what we see of him in the MCU. 

Like I’m not talking about the fact that any character thoroughly enmeshed in neo-imperialist government agencies like SHIELD can’t be 100% on the level, but that Fury isn’t a Loki/Kingpin/Pierce kind of character. Those are villains. They are villainous. The narrative may give the former two “good” reasons to explain why they’re the way they are but they’re still awful and murderous.

Fury isn’t any of that.

He’s not a villain.

He’s an old guy who’s seen a lot of shit, done even more, and hasn’t gotten shit to show for any of it. 

Like… fandom isn’t being critical of SHIELD unless it’s about Fury. Fandom doesn’t care about “liars” unless it’s Fury doing the lying. The things that we’d write off as normal (or absolutely benign) if M in the Bond films or any number of white guys in the MCU did them, are things fandom cites for reasons not to like or trust Nick Fury.

I’m going to be honest here, I can’t make you believe Nick Fury is a good guy if you don’t think he is. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to change the way people think of him and other Black characters for years and I mean… It’s difficult when your argument is “in the canon they’re not bad guys in any way” when people have completely opposite readings of the text.

I will say…

Ask yourself why you don’t think Nick Fury is a good guy (if you feel this way) and then look at how you conceptualize and respond to other, actual villains in the MCU and other franchises. Because a major difference between how Nick Fury is treated when you compare him to other, actual villains is that fandom likes their villains when they’re white.

Loki attempts to commit two separate genocides (because the NYC thing counts since the Chitauri would have wiped out humanity) and he’s a poor baby that has no control over his feelings and doesn’t have to because he was adopted and fandom handles that poorly.

Rumlow and the rest of Hydra are… well they’re legitimately analogous to and descendants of N@zis. What do we get from them? Hydra Trash P@rty and assorted nonsense where Hydra “isn’t really that bad”. 

The glorification of white crime thing that I’ve talked about? Means that white villains will always be treated better than characters of color of any moral level.

Nick Fury is a complex character who deserves more than he’s got (and I am still holding out for the chance to write a Young Nick Fury series, y’all). In his appearances in the MCU, he’s been the head of an agency we know is complicity in all sorts of awfulness by virtue of the kind of agency it is. He’s also been a friend to Steve/Natasha, a mentor to Tony, and a force behind rooting out the corruption in the organization he was in charge of.

And all fandom sees him as is a lying liar that lies.

Dospívání. To jsou prozvracený noci po akcích u kamarádky v koupelně, mokrý povlaky na polštáře od pláče a vlasy vonící po cigaretách. Rty sladký z polibků, při kterých jste byli nervózní, že je neumíte. Přátelé, co vás kazí a kvůli kterým se na vás zlobí rodiče, ale vy se vlastně necháváte zkazit moc rádi.

Plný lidí, kteří vám nedaj spát, ale jim se bez vás usíná snadno. Prosmátý dny a noci, kdy jen ležíte a nemůžete nic.

A pokud je až moc smutno, že se to nedá vydržet, přemýšlíte, jak slastný by bylo to všechno skončit.

Už abych dospěla a měla ty “skutečný” problémy.


V pět hodin ráno se rozhodnu, že mám chuť na cigaretu. Opatrně otvírám okno ať neprobudím rodiče. Stoupá mi adrenalin, protože vím, že rodiče mají ložnici hned vedle mého pokoje. Sedám si k okenímu rámu a zírám na město. Zapaluji cigaretu. V hlavě mám naprostý klid. Obklopuje mě tma, která je porušena jen nenápadnými světly pouličních lamp. Taková nádhera.
Victor mi neokupuje hlavu a já se nechci zabít. Naprostý mír. Potahuji z cigarety. Moje rty hladově přilnou na filtr a v plicích cítím rakovinu.
Rakovina neexistuje.
Pozoruji kolemjdoucí, kteří nejspíš spěchají do práce.
Pozoruji chodníky a říkám si, že bych se šla projít.
Moje mysl pohlcuje celou ulici a míří ke hvězdám.
Típnu cigaretu a opatrně zavírám okno.
S pocitem koncentrovaného klidu ulehám do postele a zabíjím Victora, který začíná šeptat.

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Aesthetic for Vriska pls

A E S T H E T I C for Vriska

Artist: http://machopie.deviantart.com/art/Vriska-272027077

Source: https://au.pinterest.com/mckailaz6/dark-blue-aesthetics/






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Also,, another phan theory is dan maybe doesn't have a very good relationship with his family (which is why he doesn't talk about them very much). I think maybe they really wanted him to be a lawyer or do something big with his life, so when he dropped out to be a youtuber they all kinda disowned him. I mean, Phil's family is very involved in their lives it seems, so I feel like Dan's kinda been adopted into their family aha

yknow,,, this does make kind of sense! (hypothetically ofc these are just theories) another thing, he has mentioned family before (very minimally) and it’s a subject we all know not to touch, but remember the whole thing d*ni*l w*dd*p *s *ver p*rty? that may be a reason why he keeps his family to himself and philly
also yeah dan basically is a lester haha (“daniel lester, good suggestion”) !

send me dnp theories from the back of your mind >;)

Mlčky se usmívá.
“Proč mlčíš?” ptám se. Sám sebe. Jeho.
Upřeně se mi podívá do očí, pokrčí rameny, koutky mu škubají. Jako stydlivé dítě odpovídá: “Nevím.”
Ten pohled z očí do očí trvá, zrcadla zrcadlí sama sebe, až do ztracena. Snažím se odhalit, je-li skutečně dítětem, nebo mu dětská naivita vyhovuje. Nevidím nic, pouze nevinnou zvídavost, potěšení z okamžiku a jedno zvednuté obočí.
Také mi začínají cukat rty, ale do smíchu mi není.