Road to you

Ratings: NC-17, supernatural, suspense, racism, mystery, romance, angst, horror, m/m, f/m

Main pairings: Erik/Nadir, Christine/Raoul

Summary: With Nadir returning to his hometown after 4 years, he hopes to have peace with his past. But when the dead reenters his life, he discovers about his old friend’s past and his devils.

First chapter | CHAPTER 2 IS UP


trans zero rick bc he’s one of my favs and daycare rick bc I always imagined him as someone who gets excited when taking care of Mortys.
like, hugs them and keeps them occupied until their Ricks come back (if their Ricks come back).

i keep getting recommended sa*sage p*rty blogs because of mel’s fuckin gifset and i decided to go on one out of curiosity

whatever you imagine the fandom is like, it’s worse

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The ship is my: brotp??

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive (maybe toxic is a better word because they really bring out the worst in eachother and are always fighting) | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: I DONT want to upset anyone bc it is obviously a really popular ship but i really need alot more character development before i can properly get into it.. Alot of the fanart is of them fighting and yelling and just physically hurting the other and thats not how relationships work. I especially dont like when people say ‘im sinning!’ about an mlm ship and apply racist stereotypes to the ship like in D/rty Laundry. Also just bad mischaracterisation in fanart. I am just not feeling it my guys

Už je to tady zase.
Sedím v autobuse a přemýšlím nad tou nocí.
Jak hrozně krásné a vyjímečné mi to s ním přišlo.
Ale teď?
Teď na to vzpomínám a hnusí se mi.
Hnusí se mi vzpomínka na jeho rty.
Nechci se dotýkat míst kde se dotýkal on.
Nevěřím jeho slovům.
Nevěřím jeho očím.
Je mi z něho špatně a celá ta noc se mi bortí pod rukama.

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what post/posts are you talking about, the kl@nce ones?

some recent posts by sh!tpilot, one of them has a lot of notes

im not interested in fighting them about any of this i have my hands full with dc issues but i just saw those and felt rly wary and irritated (and grossed out by the sex one). tbh because of jtgate (and d/rty laundry) i literally dont trust anyones claims of fandom bullying type stuff unless they can actually link proof bc ive watched fandom play Moral Outrage Telephone over and over turning ‘someone said that this ship is creepy/this fanwork is racist/etc’ into hundreds of users getting up in arms screaming THIS POOR DEFENSELESS PERSON WHO DID NOTHING WRONG IS RECEIVING DEATH THREATS!!! with no evidence of it and people just getting each other worked up about the idea of it whether or not it’s true

calling out racism and similar issues is literally not ever “harassment” on its own, even if the person saying something didnt phrase it like “um ah uwu im so sorry and you dont need to listen to me im just a smol and i dont know anything but i think maybe perhaps that this thing you posted could be maybe possibly interpreted as slightly problematic in a race way and here’s six freely provided very polite resources on why but um uwu youre still great and please dont be mad and it’s fine if you dont do anything different”

Měla vlasy po ramena, nabarvené na zrzavo. Né nadarmo si ráda říkala „Mrkvička“. Měla drobnou úzkou postavu. Úzké rty. Krásná mladá slečna, bojácná a odhodlaná. Poslouchala jen muziku, kterou už odvál čas. Stejně jako my všichni ostatní, nebyla dítě dneška. Hleděla do minulosti a v té hledala to krásné, minulosti snila aby vydržela podivnou přítomnost. Přítomnost na kterou nejraději hleděla skrze objektiv fotoaparátu.

Michal Hadraba, poeta, básník, co vidí svět v temném světle, přítel

Aneb když o vás píší jiní. Lidé, kteří vás znají tak dobře, až vás to trochu děsí.