Why a Roof Top Tent?! Are you a ground camper or a Roof Top Tent (RTT) owner? Why?! Here is one opinion from Overland Bound Member 1130! “Having been a RTT owner for the better part of five years, I finally discovered what makes them so appealing when camping with my wife this past weekend….it is a treehouse for adults.” What do you think? via Instagram http://ift.tt/2a6LwfO


Eastern Sierra’s by exploredesert

Rec This Thing: Interlude Press Books

A post including all my Interlude Press books’ reviews. All copied from my goodreads account.

My story: Gosh, I’ve been following IP since the very beginning. 

See my posts for the Star Host, Something Like A Lovesong, the Bones of You and the Luckiest here. Summer Love stories will propbably get their own post. Black Dust and Lodestones reviews coming soon!

Books in no particular order. Spoilers for almost every rec.

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Jez’s beetle came into us as it had not been running for a few years. We got it running and sent it through for an MOT which it failed on brakes, indicators and the horn not working. After fixing these issues we then began making it a useable car for Jez we removed the engine as it was missing several bits of tinware, replaced the clutch as it was slipping due to a hefty input shaft seal leak and with a new carb as the old one was letting fuel past into the engine which was holding 5+ litres of fuel and oil mixture!!! The car is now really useable for Jez to enjoy over the years to come who knows maybe a few more trips to RTTS are on the cards?

If there’s anything we can do to your VW give us a call :

01332 814448 or info@absolutevw.co.uk