Social Disorder: The Garage Sale

I have not had a chance to watch the whole video yet, but the premise is that Aaron and Chris created the other person’s garage sale. So all of Aaron’s items make him seem like a serial killer and Chris’s items make him out to be a stalker of the friends cast.

If you have issues with either of these subjects, this video should be avoided.

Social Disorder- The Limo Tour

From 2:09-2:15, Aaron pretends to drink alcohol and then begins driving.  He’s drinking soda, but no one in the limo knows this.

Personally, this episode was the hardest to watch for how awkward and uncomfortable it is. In this episode, Aaron and Chris are giving limo tours of Austin, where the other person is driving. It’s hard for the people to leave the tours, so it just makes the episode more awkward than the rest, at least for me.

I can’t do time stamps until the video comes out for everyone tomorrow, but for their new show On the Spot, there is racism in the beginning (maybe in the middle, I was also doing homework so I wasn’t 100% paying attention) and there was transphobia at the end of the show.

So if you watch it before I have a chance to time stamp, be aware that these issues are in the video.