rtstuck gavin

You know how in Sburb there are always tiny flying creatures on the planets of those who are fated to godtier there? Well, it struck me how well butterflies would fit that role for a Time Player. Though incredibly generic, they are a symbol of the consequences that messing around with the natural progression of time can lead to (see “Sound of Thunder”). And if anyone could use a reminder of that, it’s Gavin ;)


All together now! Achievementstuck, go!!!

I drew Gavin as a response to a prompt, and I liked it so much I wanted to draw the other lads (so if you’ve seen that one today already, that’s why). I might possibly do the gents as well, but that’s for another day. Anyhoo. It’s the Lads and their god tiers, showing off some cool stuff i guess. Everyone is serious except Ray ORZ

Still not sure if I like how Ray turned out, but it’s too late now :/

Or what if Gavin woke up on Derse early (or Prospit, but I kinda see him more as a Derse guy) and thought it was another one of his lucid dreams. So, as per his habit Gavin starts just… wreaking havoc on the moon, thinking that there will be no consequences. And then the next time he wakes up there, his ass is in jail, and the other guys have to bail him out. And then they tease him about how very Gavin-like it is to fuck up in a game before even starting to play it.