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Why is the Mad King dressed up as Booker DeWitt?

I need an explanation, Tumblr.

EDIT: Original GIF made by @jeremydooley

EDIT 15/02/17: Removed because I am tired of seeing people take this from GIF search…

okay but i was reminded of one of my fav headcanons, which is that fahc ryan has similar eating habits to irl ryan

  • scary vagabond runs past someone, knife in hand like his life depends on it…just to make sure he gets to eat dinner first. 
    • (he still has manners mind you, because he was raised to have manners and jack will personally murder him if he isn’t at least somewhat well mannered; but no one gets in between the mad king and food)
  • the rest of the fahc is pretty sure that vagabond would sell them all out for food when he’s hungry, tbh
    • so someone’s always in charge of making sure that there’s food just in case he gets hungry on the job.  
  • ryan himself is known to have snacks in odd places sometimes
  • there’s nothing quite as intimating as being interrogated by a vagabond who just wants to go eat his dinner

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introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood


fucking for the people in the back