t*ron eg*rton is cute and i mean, appearance-wise, sure, i guess, not really what i mean rn, i specifically am speaking abt like.. the facial expressions he makes and the vibe he gives off and also.. voice

first eva green works w r*man p*l*nski now she’s backing out of that gay virginia woolf/vita sackville-west drama to work w t*m b*rton again FOR WHY

can people stop pretending like m*xine ald*rton is an ~amazing~ writer when she’s actually just really far up rbron’s ass like just because she’s the only writer that caters to yall doesn’t mean she’s the only competent and good writer on the show lmao yikes

y’all i’m not tryna get e-targeted by h-feds 4 sharing the link publicly so jus… go on twitter and look thru the gr*ham n*rton tag , ppls are postin it in parts