roosterteeth meme: [2/3] teams → team achievement hunter

“We’re going to be slightly better than sub-par, with a wafting of adequate.”


roosterteeth meme: [3/10] minecraft let’s plays → episode 100 + clues

“What are we doing on this nice sunday afternoon, Geoff?”
“We’re spending hours upon hours upon hours building a world in minecraft for one second prank.” (x)


roosterteeth meme: [¼] quotes → geoff in rt ten year retrospective

“This has been a dream come true. And the fact that I get to wake up every day and go to a building and work with the coolest people on the planet that I’m lucky enough to be able to call friends is an absolute joy. I don’t know how else to say it. I really don’t want to get sappy but um—I can’t imagine a life that could be more beneficial or rewarding or fun than the one I’ve been given.” (x)