rtlstuff asked:

Fuck, Marry and Kill: Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom and Dobby :]

Fuck Harry, just so I could tell the rest of the wizarding world he actually had a small cock and wasn’t great in bed, Marry Neville since he’s pretty damn awesome, and kill Dobby.

I like Dobby lots, but I wouldn’t marry him since he’d jump out on you out of no where. o__o And I’m unsure if fucking him counts as bestiality even though he’s not an animal, so for the sake of PETA not knocking on my door, I’d best avoid that.

It's definite, I’m going to go see the Hunger Games the night it comes out, sadly I will be going on my own but I don’t know anyone who reads the books. But I’ll have a good time nerdgasming by myself.

Also I will be wearing gold eyeliner in an attempt to look like Cinna :D its a shame we don’t have the dress up to see a film culture in the UK.

Friendly reminder that if you don’t tag triggers I will unfollow the shit out of you (and probably think better of sending you anon hate)

because you know what you’re an asshole and I’ve cried too many times at things people haven’t tagged because they scare the shit out of me

thank you and fuck you