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I could go on for hours and hours about Joel Heyman and Adam Ellis. Their almost 20 year age gap but the fact that tower of a man Joel looks like a tiny baby beside Adam and how their job is to be inches away from holding hands constantly like even if you dont ship them romantically I aspire to have a friendship like them. Like, Joel is a FOURTY year old man who says "kitty" like a toddler and Adam does those accents that make Joel laugh until he hiccups like lets get real here. Okay im done.


I was tagged by falloutmavin​ so here are her questions!

  1. Favorite Season?
    hmm, I love all of the seasons tbh, summer is probably my least favorite though. I’m not a big fan off hot weather & in florida it becomes hell during summer. though, to answer your question, maybe fall? or winter? .. or spring?
  2. Tell an inside joke without context and tag who it’s with.
    catz 5 devious-dustin
  3. What’s your biggest dream?
    to make something of my life, whether it be as a writer or a cashier at mcdonalds, as long as I sit back at the end of the day & be proud of who I am.
  4. What’s a song that got you through the worst time in your life?
    gah, I don’t really have a song that I can point at & say, “that’s it, that’s the song that saved my life” or anything, so I’ll just say that a song I’ve been listening to a lot is “pretty little heads” by ??? I forget & it has this creepy vibe it’s cool.
  5. What was you first tattoo/do you want to be your first tattoo? If you don’t want tattoos, whats something you llike the idea of getting tattooed?
    hm, well, I wanna get a lot of tattoos tbh, one of them is going to be cat related, another would maybe be based on a planet with rings of the under side of my wrist or something. no idea.
  6. Do you like amusement parks?
    do I like deathtraps that carry a dozen people at a time? do I like over priced foods & other various items? do I like having heatstrokes? do I like waiting in line for hours for a five minute attraction? of course!
  7. What’s something you do every morning? (e.g., I drink coffee + listen to music)
    I have no pattern to waking up. though I usually do wake up, so.. that.
  8. What color does your closet mostly consist of?
    hmm, it’s about an even balance, though mostly dark colors. ( the brighter colors are gifts from family.. thanks family.. )
  9. A city you’ve always wanted to visit.
    all of them. next question.
  10. Do you prefer salty or sweet food?
    salty. next question.

  11. Do you believe in ghosts?
    to say it short & salty ( call back to the last answer ayye ), ya.

thank you for tagging me! I really liked your questions.. I got a bit.. talky.. at some bits,, sorry. anywhoozle, I tag jacktapillo, mogarsjones, rtlifehasruinedmine, grizzlymogar, & devious-dustin

here are my questions!

1. what is a mythical animal you wish existed?
2. if you could only keep one thing ( besides computer, phone, etc. ) in the room you are in, what would you keep?
3. if you could be flawless with any talent, what would you want to be flawless at?
4. what is the best pun you can think of right now? go!
5. what is your favorite fabric?
6. what is your earliest memory with electronics?
7. what is your favorite word? lest favorite if you can’t think of it.
8. if you were to order a pizza right now, what would it have on it?
9. if you could have witnessed any historical event, what would it have been? you go into this knowing you cannot accidentally mess up the time line, so don’t worry.
10. what is the longest you have gone without sleep?
11. let’s say right now you were put in a circus, what act would you preform? or what strange talent would you show off?

rtlifehasruinedmine asked:

If you suddenly moved to your dream home location how would your morning routine change? (For the get to know me thing <3)

Suddenly in my dream home? Oh dear. Well, I suppose I’d wake up next to my dream spouse, give them a few lazy kisses of course, take the dog out in my jammies because idfc I have my dream home, I am in fact the neighbour who walks out to the mailbox in their boxers and tanktop. Have a nice warm shower, go down to my lovely dream kitchen- cook breakfast on the stove top and prepare smoothies. 

Enjoy that meal in the cute little nook the house has because I go all out with these dream homes, man. 

If it’s the weekend, then of course be dressed in something comfy and cuddle on the sofa to watch some cartoons. If it’s the week then I suppose after lovin’ a bit on my significant other head out to my dream job. Or go to my office if I ever succeeded as an author and get to work on that new and coming manuscript.

(My dream life is a grandiose tbh, and would be very hard to achieve but a lady can dream, yeah?) 

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Athena, Eros &amp; Hermes <3

Athena: share a piece of wisdom : When you’re motivated, or busy, spending the entire day doing nothing is the best way to kill that motivation, and believe me, it’s much harder to get it back after that.

Eros: describe your crush: He’s taller than I, short hair, thinner, and has the best laugh I’ve ever heard.  He’s also got about the same sense of humor I have, and when I insult him, he doesn’t get upset, but laughs at it because he knows I only insult people I like.  A damn good genuinely nice guy. :)

Hermes: last text you sent : Not very exciting, but it was to my dad: “i think i’ll call them tmrw then ok?”

OMG. I was so so so nervous this whole week about my NBRC Board Exams, we have to take 2 exams in order for us to be a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist and I’m so so SO happy to say that I PASSED!! Say hello to your new RRT! 😁🙌🏼 #thanktheheavens #hiremepls #RTlife