Nice to meet you | Josh Pieters imagine

Nice to meet you | Josh Pieters | Imagine
Word count: 1275
A/N: Hey guys! So I thought I could work something out really quick before this weekend end for real. I had this idea when on my Baci chocolate I picked the quote you will see ahead and I thought on it through all the last week. Hope you guys like it! See you soon!
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Since there do not exist two individuals exactly alike, there must be for each particular man a particular woman […] who corresponds most perfectly. A really passionate love is as rare as the accident of these two meeting.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Someone should tell London it was almost summer time, because you were freezing as hell (well, if hell is extremely cold… You don’t know that, you’ve never been there). Beloved London, did you know June is the next month? Of course not, that’s why you were heading to buy something to warm you. it didn’t matter if was a hot chocolate, a coffee or a tea, you just wanted to survive until it was really summer.

“Hello, Y/N!” Giuseppe, the nice old man who owned the little cafe palace said to you. The place was really close to your apartment, so you would always go there.

“Hi!” You greeted, nodding to his new employee too (he got the job last week). “How is your granddaughter? Did she turned well on yesterday assignment?” You asked, his grandaughter needed help for the task and you happened to be in the store, so, as her grandpa wasn’t able to support her, you volunteered (thanks God she was little, because it was Math and you weren’t good at all with Math).

“Great! Thanks for helping, by the way.” He said. “What are you going to order today, missy?”

“I don’t know… What do you recommend? I’m really cold, I need something to help me with that.”

“What about some irish coffee?”

You frowned. “I thought you were from Italy.”

He laughed. “I am, however I’m british now and I learned how to warm up.”

“I never had one of those.” You commented. “I didn’t know you guys do this in here.”

Giuseppe winked. “We don’t.”

You giggled and accepted the drink.

“So, you know what’s happening down the street?” You asked as he started making you your drink.

You saw large vehicles closing the street with some big lights and stuff like that, it seemed a production.

“Yeah, they’re filming a video. I don’t know if it’s for TV or not, though.”

“It’s for Youtube, grandpa.” A little blonde girl said, getting out from the door across the bar. On the other side of it was the stairs that headed to Giuseppe’s house.

“Hey, girl.” You greeted and she opened a smile.

“Y/N!” she exclaimed.

“How was school today?”

“Great! Thanks for helping me.”

“You’re more than welcome, dear.”

Giuseppe had a small bell on the front door, so when a customer entered, he could realize. That was the sound you heard that afternoon, the sound that would change your whole life.

“Hello! How can I help you?” The employee asked, being the cashier as the owner finished preparing your drink.

“Hi. I just want a coffee and a macchiato, please.” the stranger told. He was about to open his wallet to pay when he noticed the open bottle on the bar that Giuseppe just had putted down. “Actually, do you make irish coffee? I want one of these instead of the macchiato.”

“Actually we don’t do that.” The employee informed.

You were smiling still. Giuseppe’s granddaughter was talking about her day as you waited, then he interrupted her.

“Here it is, Y/N.” Giuseppe said, handing to you your cup.

“Thank you.” You smiled, taking a sip of it. “Oh, that’s delicious.”

“Alright, she is too pretty, I wouldn’t deny her anything too.” The stranger said, smiling and standing his credit car. “You can leave the original order then.”

You heard his comment and looked at him, paying attention on the customer for the first time. He was a tall ginger guy with a gentle smile, using what seemed to be a lot of coats.

“What happened?” Giuseppe asked to his employee and the younger told him the story. “Oh, that’s ok! I can do another, everything is already out.” He said. “It’s on the house.”

“There’s no need, thank you.” the ginger answered.

“I insist, new customers don’t become old customers unless we put effort on it.” Giuseppe declared.

“Well, in this case, thank you so much.” The client nodded his head in appreciation and paid his order. He walked and stood by your side, waiting to his drinks.

“Thank you for the compliment back there.” You said with a little smile.

“I meant it.” He said. You blushed, not knowing what to do. “I’ll take that silence as the confirmation that it wasn’t my best pick up line.” He joked.

“Oh my God, no.” You giggled. “That wasn’t it. I just don’t know how to react when people compliment me.”

“This should be a serious problem then, because I bet people are always complimenting you.”

“Yeah, that’s an improvement of pick up line.” You made fun, still not knowing how to behave. “I’m Y/N, by the way.” You extended your hand.


“Josh!’ You heard a sharp void exclaim. “You’re Josh Pieters! I knew it was something about Youtube!” Giuseppe’s granddaughter was almost jumping from emotion, you forgot she was there. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

Josh laughed. “Hey, young lady, you shouldn’t know who I am, I do many inappropriate things for your age.”

She giggled. “I don’t watch you!”

“Ouch.” he said, putting his hand in his chest. “You don’t need to be mean.”

The little girl giggled again. “I watch Joe! because Joe is Zoella’s brother. You are always on his channel!”

“Well, Joe isn’t good for kids children either, but I guess it’s ok if you are just a huge Zoella fan.” Josh shrugged and you noticed he had the brightest smile you had ever seen.

“Have you met her? Is she nice? Can you tell her I love her? She must be beautiful!”

You laughed, definitely the girl wasn’t that excited to you helping her with the Math’s task.

“Don’t annoy the customer, dear.” Giuseppe said, heading Josh his order on a paper support. “Here it is.”

“It’s nothing, really.” Josh told, picking the cups. “Thank you.” He turned to the grandaughter again. “Yes, I know Zoe, she’s really nice and of course I’m telling her I met her biggest fan.”

You smiled at him. “That’s really nice of you.” You commented.

“Thank you.” He nodded his head, extending his hand. “As I was saying, I’m Josh.”

You shook his hand, ignoring the shiver you had. “Nice to meet you, Josh.”

“This is your code to ‘you can have my number’?” Josh asked.

“The pick up lines’ game are only going up, huh?” You joked. “Yes, it is.”

“Nice.” he smiled.

You two exchanged numbers and he went away after saying bye to all of you. You couldn’t stop smile because you just met the nicest guy ever. He was really sweet and seemed to be someone who was easy to make smile, you loved people like that.

And the craziest thing of that day wasn’t meeting the love of your life in that place you would return many times after (alone at first, but then you would be always with Josh, even if it was far away from the house you would move in together). The craziest thing was that Josh would tell his kids that their mom was drinking coffee with Irish whiskey in the first time you met each other, after all, you never liked drinking. Of course, they wouldn’t know that the only reason you didn’t drink anymore was that day when you and their dad got so drunk that you… Well, this is a story for another time, isn’t it?

i like how all the people on this site in this sort of area… where we are all basically creative enough that sometimes you give us an inch of a story we go a mile with it…

we all seem to enjoy the king a/rthur movie a lot more than others??

like i GET why people didn’t like it for technical reasons and other stuff but every single person i know that has seen it and does RP stuff here has loved it and i feel like maybe it’s because they see the POTENTIAL and how easy it would be to write the shit out of a continuing story.