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“I just want to see the dent Johnny’s head made in that guardrail.”


“Oh, come on, you know it took some serious doing to even come close to giving Johnny a concussion. He punched a snake, you know,” Isaac added coyly, eyeing Max from across the room with a not so subtly crap-eating smirk written (or drawn, as Ed was having a hayday with his tool at the moment) across his face.

Max rolled his eyes, lying down on the Activity Club’s couch. His crappy flip phone dangled above his face as he reread the texts from Johnny’s mom, informing him that the redhead was indeed concussed after the stunt he tried to pull yesterday. Mr. Spender sighed from the whiteboard, reluctantly crossing Johnny’s name off of morning patrol for tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, Isabel sat patiently as Ed scribbled a beard on her face, along with a top hat and monocle, topping it off with a bowler hat and handlebar mustache.

“What was he even doing?” Mr. Spender called, capping the marker after writing Isaac’s name up instead. “You were hanging out with him yesterday, weren’t you, Max?”

“Yeah, Max, weren’t you?” Isabel lifted a painted teacup, eyelids lowered deviously as the pretended to sip on the ink tea inside, eyebrows raised dangerously high.

Max snapped the phone shut, and gave her an upside down glare. “I don’t know was I?”


He deflated slightly, back to flicking through his texts. “He, um. Was trying to do parkour.”

Isabel’s eyebrows were almost off her face. “Like you do?”


“Okay, carry on,” she put her leg across her knee, leaning back in her chair. Max felt his ears burn, which he hid by sinking back into the couch.

“He, um, got some momentum going and the next thing I know is that he hit a guardrail and knocked himself out.”

“What was the momentum from?” Isaac asked, now leaning over Max expectantly.

“… Flipping? What the heck do you people think parkour is, rocket science?”

“Alright, that’s enough,” Mr. Spender interrupted, trying to get the situation settled before Max remembered his bat was capable being attracted to the metal board directly behind Isabel’s chair. “Will Johnny be at school tomorrow?”

“Um,” Max quickly glanced at the texts from Mrs. Jhonny. “Yes.”

“Well, then I’m sure you’ll all be able to get the details from Johnny himself. If he remembers it,” he adjusted his sunglasses, facing the window, hand shoved into his pocket. “Everyone’s dismissed. Have a safe trip home, children!”

Max rolled to his feet and grabbed his backpack. Isabel joined Ed, who was excitedly bouncing up and down like he’d been charged with a 9-volt battery. Isaac headed for the door.

“Hey, Izzy, can we go see the guardrail? I wanna know if his hair dye came off or not.”

“I’m pretty sure blood would come off first.”

“Even better!”

Max was 99% done with this club as he typed out a quick text thanking Mrs. Jhonny for letting him know the redhead was alright. And after making sure the Activity Club was not within a 30 foot radius of him, he typed out another.

To: Moron, From: Mux

Hey, text me when you feel better. Glad you’re okay…ish. Seriously though, next time you want to hug me or something, could you try to do not coming out of three front flips and not body slam me like a normal person? I am literally way smaller than you, dude. … Seriously though, text me when you feel up to it.

Max flipped the phone shut as the corner store he called home came into view, and not five steps later did his phone buzz. He glanced at it and snapped it open a little more quickly than he would deem dignified to see the text.

To: Mux, From: Moron

i know scute

“What… The what? What?”


Isabel calmly looked up from her book as Max slammed his hands on her desk, closing the cover and folding her hands over it. She cast a casual glance over her fellow ghostbuster, who seemed to be breathing rather hard and was a little more red in the face than usual. His hat was turned at a ¾ angle, which she knew was his biggest pet peeve (“Wear it backwards or forwards or not at all.”) and his backpack was hanging off one of his shoulders haphazardly. Black spectral energy was rolling off of him like fire. She doubted he’d even been to his locker yet.

“What seems to be the problem, Maximillion?”

Max quickly swiped his hat back around and knelt in front of her desk to get on eyelevel with her. “Is it possible there are other forms of Hijacks that make a person extremely not normal or-”

“Hijack already made Jeff extremely not normal, so yes.”


“Will you stop shouting because everyone - and by everyone I mean Cody and Violet from across the room - is staring at us.”

He slammed his forehead against his desk, to which Isabel opened her mouth to let out a witty remark about ending up like Johnny, which Max quickly shut down. She chuckled and leaned forward.

“Okay, but seriously, what’s wrong?”

“Johnny isn’t acting like Johnny.”

She raised an eyebrow. “No good morning RKO?”


“He literally could not be more violent, so… Oh my god did he turn into a pacifist? Max, is he a pacifist did I just lose my sparring buddy-”

“He’s being… Affectionate.”

She blanked, frowning at the brunette. “Max. Max, you realize you’re telling me your boyfriend is being affectionate to you? You realize that is a normal™ thing for relationships, right?”

Max grabbed her face, glancing at the door like he expected it to explode at any given moment. “It is normal™ for my relationship?”

Isabel suddenly stood up, her chair almost falling over as her spectral energy flared up. Max watched, lips puckered, as she grabbed her phone and then him by the hood, dragging him towards the door.

“Where are we going?”

“To see Johnny.”


“It’s for science, Max,” she explained cheerfully, practically dragging the boy through the crowded hallways as spirits and students alike went about their mornings. Max’s internal screaming levels skyrocketed when he remembered he was supposed to be cool and calm at a time like this. While he tried to fix himself as Isabel dragged him along, he figured he should probably be sarcastic at one point this morning.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Ed.”

“I live with Ed.”

“… And there it is; the root of all evils.”

“Max, do yourself a favor and shu- HEY JOHNNY!”

And the internal screaming was back as Max attempted to hide behind Isabel (which wasn’t hard, Isabel was puffing her chest out all proud like). He saw Johnny’s head perk up from where he stood, surrounded by the goons Ed affectionately referred to as the Jang. A ball formed in his stomach when he saw the bandage slapped to Johnny’s forehead, a byproduct of his love of dodging, and the dazed look in the bully’s eyes. Ollie seemed to be fussing over him like a Squad Mom he was, while RJ and Stephen seemed more fascinated by the prospect that Stephen and Johnny might be scar twins.

“Oh, hey, Isabel.”

Isabel stopped dead in her tracks, and one could practically hear the shattering glass of the scene. She looked over her shoulder at Max, who flicked his palms out for her, like she didn’t believe him when he said Johnny was acting strange.

“Why is he so calm?” she hissed. “He’s like… Cody-level calm? Did he even rough someone up for their lunch money yet? Has he even offered to punch somebody’s clock out?”

Max gave her an “I-told-you-so” look. “Concussion side effects I think, yes and it’s unnerving, no, and no.”

She flicked her bangs out of her eyes and looked back at the Jang. “How’s your morning been? Feelin’ okay?”

Johnny shrugged, hands in his pockets, looking slightly downcast. “I’unno, feelin’ off, I guess. Like everything’s all…”

“Mad whack,” Stephen supplied.

“Yeah, that,” Johnny nodded, rubbing his head. “Morning’s been eh. Max bailed on me. So that sucks.”

Ollie patted him on the shoulder. “It’s okay, Johnny, we’ll find him and bring ‘em to ya no problem.”

RJ nodded in agreement, slapping their bat in their palm. “He can’t run forever.”

Isabel looked back at him. “You hurt his feelings!”

Are you just ignoring the fact RJ and Ollie are planning to kidnap me to bring me to their leader and my feelings of being mildly concerned for my wellbeing?” he hissed back.

“You’re a cruddy boyfriend.”

Max jumped out from behind Isabel as Ed suddenly materialized beside him, and while he did have a split second to process that his cover had been blown, he did not have time to process the sudden crushing pressure on his ribs or the sudden burst of heat against his back.

“Maaaax, why’d you ditch me this morninggg?”

The spectral suddenly wanted to be anywhere but locked in the hug Johnny’d put him in, casually hoping he’d be able to suddenly become a spirit and disappear right into the redhead’s chest as he unconsciously pressed into it. He felt his ears heating up again as his personal space heater of a boyfriend rested his chin on Max’s head, waiting for an answer. Max’s ultimate death glare was now pointed directly at Isabel, who was nearly crying from trying not to laugh, and Ed, who seemed to be drawing a picture of this moment to immortalize it in the Activity Club. Meanwhile, Ollie had a hand clasped over his heart, shaking his head, while RJ and Stephen were excitedly slapping each other.

“I had to make sure I had a second opinion that your eggs were definitely scrambled,” Max managed to get out. “They are.”

Johnny muttered something that Max didn’t quite get. Johnny leaned back, and Max prepared to be flipped over his head, but instead Johnny just leaned against the lockers and used it as a ploy to hold the smaller kid closer to him. Max gestured to Isabel for help, but she just shook her head.

“Hey, Ed, Mr. Spender needed to see us before homeroom,” she suggested slyly. Ed opened his mouth to protest, probably wanting to watch Max’s embarrassment, but Isabel grabbed his arm and began to lead him away. But not before giving Max a wink that made him want to throw his tool at her.

“Yeah, and we got some nerds to get some poptarts off of,” Ollie nodded solemnly. “We’ll bring you some in 1st period, man.”

“Aite, cool,” Johnny waved to them, allowing Max some wiggle room to turn around and face him. Once the Jang was gone, he burst.

“What the heck are you doing?!” Max looked up at the bully, who was looking at him with a strange look like made Max feel 100 more people were looking at him. Which was probably true, considering he was just hugged in public by Mayview Middle School’s #1 bully.

“Nothin’ out of the ordinary.”

“No seriously,” Max frowned, still catching that dazed look in Johnny’s eyes. “Are you okay should you be back at school, do you need to go to the nurse or-”

“Y’look cute when you’re worried.”

“I- what? What?”

Johnny gave him a lazily, lopsided smirk of a smile that made Max’s cheeks turn pink. “S’cute. Y’look cute.”

Max just stared at him. “You need to go home and lie down. You don’t call thing’s cute.”

Johnny frowned, tilting his head slightly. “But f’I go home, I can’t be with you.”

“I- Well, um, yes, you’re not wrong there, boy-o,” Max managed to spit out. “But you are definitely more than a little loopy.”

“S’fine, this is fiiiine,” Johnny said with a flip of his wrist. “C’mon, I’ll walk you to yer locker.”

“I, uh, okay?”

Max watched as Johnny pulled himself off of the locker, and with some alarm also noticed the wobbliness in which he did it. Although Johnny managed to balance himself as he trailed a short step behind Max, the smaller spectral was hyper aware of it whenever Johnny’s footsteps shuffled or wavered nervously. After two minutes of it, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh my g- Just, just hold my hand so you don’t faceplant,” Max held out his hand, hiding the ever intensifying color on his cheeks under his cap. However, when he saw the way Johnny’s eyes lit up at the offer and that way that he grabbed his hand, he couldn’t help but feel a small surge of affection for the loopy bully. Even if he was concussed, and he was not okay at the moment.

Johnny noticed Max’s eyes now averting his. “Aw, Maaaax!”

“Don’t call me cute again, please.”

“M’kay, yer adorable.”

Jonathan shut your mouth and keep it closed,” Max hissed, much like Scrapdragon, as they finally made it to his locker. Johnny just gave him the same dazed, tired smirky smile. Max looked from him to his locker, lifting his hat up to run his fingers through his hair.

“You’re not gonna open it?” Max frowned.

Johnny looked puzzled. “I dunno the combo?”

Max’s eyebrows scrunched together, his concern increasing. “Dude you kick it open. That’s why there’s a bunch of footprints on it.”

“Oh yeah.”

With a sudden flash of movement, Johnny nailed the locker with a loud bang, watching like door swing open like a mildly interesting news segment. Max watched the redhead watching him as he swapped out his stuff. The halls were starting to clear as people either headed to homeroom or cafeteria breakfast, leaving the hallway pretty quiet. Johnny seemed to pick up on this and seemed to remember what time it was.

“Let’s just skip 1st period,” Johnny said suddenly. Max raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“The only reason I’d skip would be to take you to the nurse.”


Max instantly felt bad when he saw the crestfallen look in Johnny’s eyes. He groaned. “Why of all why’s do you want to skip 1st period?”

”So I can hang out with ya ‘cause I whacked my head yesterday and we didn’t get to.”

Guilt once again tugged at Max’s soul. “Dude you got to go to class. Or go home. Cause you don’t look too hot right now.”

Johnny folded his arms across his chest as smokey waves of spectral energy rolled off him. “Maxie Boy, ‘m always lookin’ hot.”

Max’s face deadpanned as his cheeks flared to life. “Johnny are you listening to the words coming out of your mouth right now.”


“Well at least some part of your head is still in tact,” Max sighed. “… Come on, I’ll walk with you to your homeroom. So you don’t, like… Die. Or something.”

“My hero!”

Johnny stop talking.” Max’s face was almost as the STOP sign he wished the bully would acknowledge.

The redhead just latched onto Max’s hand again, which Max really didn’t have any complaints about. Until Johnny tried to start walking and nearly squashed him when he tripped from being disoriented. Max somehow managed to catch him and hold him up while Johnny tried to get his bearings back, but he’d made up his mind that Johnny’s homeroom was now going to be the nurse’s office.

It wasn’t that hard to lead Johnny there, as long as he let him keep talking. What was hard was trying to keep himself to keep from looking totally flustered by the words coming out of his boyfriend’s mouth. And the saddened look that Johnny gave him when the nurse said he had to go home was a little bit of a heart crusher.

“I’ll swing by after school to see how you’re doing,” Max assured him as the nurse called Johnny’s mom. “We can hang out then. In the safety of your room. Where you can’t bang your head again.”

“Promise?” Johnny asked, now lying down on the table. Max nodded, acknowledging with some concern that Johnny looked more out of it than before, like he had exhausted himself trying to focus on Max earlier.

Johnny closed his eyes. “… don’t feel too hot ri’now.”

Max sighed, shaking his head over why Johnny even bothered coming to school today. “I know. Go home, get some rest. I’ll see you later.”

As the Puckett left the nurse’s office, hall pass in hand, he bitterly acknowledged that he’d miss scrambled Johnny. He adjusted his cap and started down the hall, going over in his head which was worse; getting attacked into a rib-crushing hug in front of the Activity Club or just getting attacked normally.

About a week later, Max stood behind Isaac as they checked the security cameras for any paranatural activity after morning patrol. Isabel and Ed sat at the table to the side, discussing the benefits of making their grandfather’s mustache look more like Lucifer’s.

That’s about when the door slammed open. Isaac didn’t even look up.

“Could you back up a few steps so I’m not in the crossfire?”

“Sure thing my dude.”

Johnny sprang on Max, clapping him over the shoulders with the grin of a devil. Max felt his back seize as he pursed his lips, shoulders up to his chin as he looked over them to see the redhead back, fire lit in his eyes, grey spectral energy fuming off of him, mouth already opening to challenge him to a Mega Fight™ since he missed the last five or so.

“Yep great to have you back.”

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I've really appreciated your criticisms of S2 of Supergirl (re: Sanvers and James and M*n-el specifically) and was wondering....what would you have done differently for the season, if you'd gotten to write it?

​ohhh buddy that’s one hefty request.

to be fair, let’s assume that the budget/timing/etc constraints still exist, so i can’t magically whizbang lucy and cat back in for the whole season.  ALAS.  and as a disclaimer, plotting individual episodes of television is vastly out of my wheelhouse and i fully acknowledge this, so i’m just going to…go with general overarching storylines for characters and try to hew as closely as possible to the major plot points for the season (re: cadmus, daxamite invasion, etc).  the general theme for the season is people trying to solidify their own understandings of their identities and both learning to be their own people without existing in the context of others (james, alex, winn, a wee bit of mon-el) and to lean on people when necessary (kara, j'onn, m'gann)*.

so, here we go:

kara: kara’s whole arc would have been figuring out who kara is in the context of supergirl.  s1 was very much of “who is supergirl?” thing, so this season, now that she finished more or less shaking into a level of comfort as supergirl, is her figuring out how to be kara.  cat’s gone, so her comfort zone at catco has disappeared, and she’s venturing into a new career track.  this means a lot more of snapper carr, bless his cranky soul, yelling at kara about being a proper journalist and sending her off to write puff pieces about like…a bakery feud downtown or some nonsense like that.  they butt heads a lot, as they do, because kara wants to be A Hard Hitting Journalist like clark but snapper is like yah no, so kara has to go off doing things like interviewing lena on her own time.  there are lots of issues with kara balancing her actual job, her supergirl job, and her moonlighting journalism that she’s doing to try and get some respect from snapper.  she doesn’t get any actual positive feedback on her work from snapper until somewhere in the back half of the season, and she starts getting assigned to some investigative pieces, and then fucks it all up by publishing the blog post against snapper’s orders anyways.  her whole thing at catco is a two steps forward/one step back situation.  

there isn’t really a front-and-center romantic arc for her in this season.  james is still on the backburner romantically for most of the season because tbh without mon-el i would have fully supported her deciding not to date him in 2x1 bc she’d just basically come back from the dead after sacrificing herself to save the world and THAT IS A LOT TO HANDLE EMOTIONALLY.  alex encourages her to date throughout the season bc what’s the point of trying to figure out how to be kara aside from supergirl if she doesn’t try to be happy as kara?  it’s an ongoing thing throughout the season that kara’s on tinder or whatever and goes on unsuccessful dates all the time that we never see but she’ll show up at things at the deo in huff bc her date told her romcoms were stupid or that she can’t, as a woman, really understand fight club ever.  s2 ends post-mon-el (more on him later but suffice to say they do not date in this version of things) having to disappear and kara is sad because her friend is gone and she goes to see james and actively chooses him this time and is like this is what i want and i needed some time and perspective and i don’t expect you to have been waiting around for me but– and then they kiss and live happily ever after (aka, next season they’re in full on couple-vs-the-world mode and also dealing with working in the same office and even though kara doesn’t work for him her still technically outranks her, generalized sexism in the workplace making people be assholes to her, etc etc etc, but they Come Out Of It Stronger Together ™).

alex: alex has always been gay as shit.  this doesn’t change maggie’s introduction to the show, just the way it proceeds, which is basically with a lot of teasing from kara about how alex normally has game but this time around she’s nothing but a flustered puddle of gay whenever maggie smiles at her. they get together around the middle of the season not because alex has some coming out situation to process and not because maggie is some asshole who’s like fresh off the boat ain’t my thing, but because maggie was working with james behind alex and kara’s backs to track down aliens before the deo got to them because neither of them have faith in the feds to offer a fair trial to anyone, especially aliens.  there’s a whole thing where alex finds out and is like wtf sawyer and kara eventually is like you do realize that you’re as angry at maggie as i am at james and that Means Something and alex is like NO and then …maybe and then they make out and start dating and it’s very adorable.  there are some subplots dealing with the fact that alex is terrible at relationships because she’s always both obsessed with keeping her sister safe and also throwing 100% of herself into making other people, including her partner, happy, which is unhealthy and a thing that has to be addressed.

her main arc for the season, though, is cadmus and her dad.  she gets a lot more screentime with lena, generally behind kara’s back, bc lillian is involved with cadmus and alex sees lena as her way in.  that’s the big conflict alex and kara have over the season– that alex is dangerously close to tunnel vision re: finding jeremiah and uninterested in collateral damage, even if it’s a friend kara cares a lot about like lena.  alex toes the lines with legality a lot right up until the point in exodus when she goes over it entirely, and has a complete crisis of faith over the fact that someone she’s been fighting so hard for had done something she viewed as unforgivable.  that whole thing takes place with eliza and kara, who lost something important too, and alex has to start rebuilding her faith in her own judgment and abilities after feeling like she failed so entirely regarding jeremiah and cadmus, which sets her up nicely for a build-back-up arc in s3.  it’s a way of introducing the whole identity crisis thing in alex that the coming out story did without, y'know, completely ignoring all of the existing characterization of alex danvers.

james: james still gets the idea to be the guardian.  he hits the ground running in episode 2 afte rthings fall apart with kara and throws himself into it, and is getting way too into it and then runs into this cop.  maggie.  who’s like what are you doing and then is ilke if you’re going to do this then do it smart and they work together, where she tips things to him and he keeps tabs on her and they take down criminals together because maggie doesn’t trust the mysterious deo and james is like oh yeah i know them me either bc of the whole thing with max lord last year.  eventually maggie finds out who he is and is like wait you’re out here doing penny ante shit when your day job is running the largest media outlet in the world and refuses to work with him anymore because she wants him to be more effective at getting the message out into the world about how important it is to treat aliens as people etc etc.  he hangs up his stupid suit of armor but keeps it around as necessary to pitch in when he need to (see: daxamite invasion).  

mon-el: basically his storyline is exactly the same, minus the falling in love with kara part.  he’s the prince of daxam and shows up in the pod and just kinda floats around the deo uselessly for a while until kara’s like GET A JOB and he’s terrible at working so he’s liek well what if i was a hero like you.  it goes exactly as well as it did in the actual show, because his heart isn’t in it, and the big conflict between him and kara is that kara feels a responsibility to fight for people and he just…doesn’t.  and there’s a lot of discussion in figuring out when/if people are required to be heroes, and if their capabilities mean they’re obligated to use them for things like putting themselves in danger to help others.  he winds up with a surprising rapport with james– after a very rocky start because, y'know, slave owner in his past life and james justifiably being Not Cool with that– because mon-el is like people want me to be a hero bc i have powers and james is like i want to be a hero but i don’t have powers.  they becoming buddies and have drinks nights with winn sometimes.

his parents show back up and he’s like why would i want to leave i like this place and these people because he’s found a family that, y'know, isn’t psychotic, and he’s a total cad who’s been sleeping aroudn the deo in a very cheerful manner and is bffs with winn and kara.  they still want him to leave and come rule daxam, and he’s like yah no and the invasion still happens, lena still builds the lead weapon, he still has to leave.  kara sends him off in the pod and gives him the necklace because her mother gave it to her so she wouldn’t be alone but she has a whole family here plus the fortress with the holograms of her parents to talk to so she’s not alone but he will be and he’s leaving this family behind.  it’s a teary goodbye from everyone in the deo, even alex who was the last to warm to him mostly because he’s a total ho who slept with all of her coworkers/friends.  

winn: winn’s plot is largely unchanged, save for lyra.  i could take or leave the concept of lyra but if she stays she’s not a violent abusive whack job.  

lena: i adore her and i haven’t really had many issues with her storyline this season, save for 1) desperately wanting more screentime for her, and 2) her interacting with alex because UNDERESTIMATED SIBLINGS and SCIENCE NERDS.  additionally even though i am definitely on board with the kara/lena ship enough to take wild stabs at writing them, even, the s2 i would have written for this show would have just gone all in on their friendship, because the intent of the showrunners really does seem to be kara/james as their endgame.  so, given that, hardcore friending between kara and lena, as well as significantly more interaction between alex and lena, winn and lena, and j'onn and lena.  maybe mon-el and lena, too, re: parental issues.  

maggie: maggie’s storyline is tied heavily to james’, almost as much as it’s tied to alex’s.  she spends more time being a cop than hanging out at an alien bar, asks james lots of pointed questions about alex bc she has a crush, etc.  her shortcomings as far as being a girlfriend (the fact that she has a history of infidelity and always presents herself as a victim in situations) are stil lthere, but they’re addressed– at first by kara, who’s like alex i’m gonna kill her for being a shit to you and alex is like no; then by james who’s like bro.  don’t treat alex like that, you’re better than that and she deserves better than that; finally alex is like yeah actually this is messed up and we need to talk about it and they actually, y'know, talk about it and address it and move forward.  

j'onn: is involved in just literally everything more.  like, so much more.  he’s tired of kara talking about all of her lame tinder dates, exasperated with how winn is always trying to rebuild things in the command center and how it only works 42% of the time, so done with walking in on his agents boning mon-el. his side of the storyline with m'gann is very much what it was, starting with his distrust and (much more slowly) moving to understanding, to respect, to affection, to trust, to hearteyes.

m'gann: m'gann is always part of the scenes at the bar, yells at maggie a lot for wallowing when her gf early on dumps her, and staunchly avoids dealing with j'onn for ages and ages.  when her gross ex husband shows up she still drops his ass and leaves to go start a revolution among the white martians, but doesn’t just vanish bc dammit i want there to be interplanetary skype and she and j'onn talk A Lot.  there’s none of the crap where’s like you taught me how to stand up and be brave given that she, y'know, stood up and was brave as a white martian when she disobeyed direct orders and went AWOL.  she comes back with her posse to help out during the invasion and doesn’t leave.  she and j'onn go on adorable dates all throughout s3. 

*deliberate delineation putting the survivors of lost planets in that category bc of course survivors of lost civilizations would be less likely to lean on people in their adopted home planet.

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what is your favorite thing about girls?

asdgdhhgjjgkl EVERYTHING e ve rthing. how gentle they are, like little soft laugh or like scrunching their nose up and … like their smiles and just. how nice hands are. AND like when they play with ur hair or just randomly compliment u and ur like oh my god thank u u feel so blessed. or when they rest their head on her shoulder and nuzzle u a little . im just….. or playing w ur fingers and tracing ur palm.. . theyre so soft and lovely and also like… boobs bc wow, the way u just see a lil cleavage under a shirt or smth and like. girls in lacy lingerie and like .. girls hips when they dance to their song or when u hold their waists over their shirts and it rides up a lil and ur gay ass is like BLUSHIGN and how soft their lips are they taste nice and how gentle they can be but also rough and i.. m so gay i jsut want a girlfriend