“Black middle class is new money, being one generation removed from poverty, they don’t want to see movies like ‘Precious’ because they don’t want to associate with the content(whether it be violence or what have you). They don’t want to expose themselves to what they know is happening. This is survivor’s guilt” - thoughts?

hi, everyone! 

most of you may not know this but my brother-in-law is a music producer/drummer and he needs your help!

his name is kevin lamar aka ‘gr8trakz’ and he’s worked with all kinds of artists; blink-182, usher, t-pain, the cab, maxwell, justin beiber, asher roth, fall out boy; etc!

he’s nominated for best producer in the georgia music awards. it’s really important because he’s the first music producer outside of atlanta to be nominated!

you can vote for him here! he’s in the 'producer’ section.

all you need is an email address! (they won’t send you ANY mail)

also, if you can vote for an artist he is working with, d'ambra renee, in the 'r&b female’ section, that would be great! 

thank you so much in advance for voting!

and please reblog!


- renleigh

p.s. voting ends on june 2! tell your friends!

Juanita Bynum says that if your man asks you to get up and make a grilled cheese sandwich as 2a, you should do it with a, “yes, sir!” She believes that women in the church should put the bible down and put the négligée on to keep their men because if they don’t spread their legs other women will. She says that women who complain about being hurt by black men should suck it up because they hurt black men too and it takes two to make a marriage work. How do y'all feel about this? Thoughts?