white people

if you follow me

and you don’t collect people off my posts

and I see it

and you are still following me

I’m going to start blocking you

part of your

“learning experience”

of following

is collecting your fucking trash

you are responsible for your white friends

if not, you must work for your “learning experience”

by typing in my url if you want to see my shit then

if that’s how you roll

or just ‘liking’ my post like the rest of my white followers

if you’re not hard body don’t reblog my shit

because I’m not dealing with your stains

“Black middle class is new money, being one generation removed from poverty, they don’t want to see movies like ‘Precious’ because they don’t want to associate with the content(whether it be violence or what have you). They don’t want to expose themselves to what they know is happening. This is survivor’s guilt” - thoughts?

some cishetguy (37% match) on okcupid just ask me the vaguest question so i had some fun
  • guy:what do you look for in a guy?
  • me:that's so very vague...
  • me:i suppose a sense of understand of feminism/womanism
  • me:its purpose
  • me:his male privilege
  • me:his part in the dismantling of the patriarchy
  • me:sexual submission
  • me:most likely into bdsm
  • me:would be a bottom/sub
  • me:wouldn't mind wearing latex/a gimpsuit
  • me:support in my treatment for depression, anxiety, csp, ocd
  • me:not being emotionally manipulative when i cant help but be hypodepressive or catanoic
  • me:likes to cuddle
  • me:likes pets(cats, ferrets, tarantulas)
  • me:likes to blog
  • me:passion for social justice
  • me:athletic (can play volleyball with me)
  • me:doesn't complain about me wearing combats with anything i want
  • me:doesn't talk too much
  • me:says my name a lot
  • me:do you see what horrors you can unleash when you ask me such a question...do you see the thing you did
  • guy:woooooow