Mig Dfoe on the rise

Mig Dfoe just revamped his Soundcloud with a handful of new & old tracks that I highly recommend you check out. You never know what you’ll get when you hit play on a Mig Dfoe track, as the Barcelona-based producer is known for bringing a huge variety of influences to the studio. His most recent uploads are no exception, with highlights including the breezy, pulsing “Histeria” and the very impressive progressive cut, “Where Are You? (Lost In Barcelona)”. A typical Mig Dfoe track will incorporate layers of ambient, techno, progressive, and dub to varying degrees in an experimental manner– an eclectic approach that gives each of his releases a truly unique flair. Please enjoy the tracks below, and be sure to keep up with his Facebook and Soundcloud for more. You should also check out RTFKT, the electronic music collective to which Mig Dfoe regularly contributes. Independent music matters, so as always, please show love.  

Mig Dfoe - Where are you (lost in Barcelona) FREE DOWNLOAD. by Mig Dfoe

Histeria by Mig Dfoe

Happy new year!!!!

1. DeViere - SYMP
2. Scientific Dreamz of U - Mystic Revelation of Science (Black Merlin’s Extended Sword Remix)
3. Dream Weapons - Pathways
4. Demian - As a Replicant (Philipp Gorbachev Remix)
5. Willie Burns - Windows Down
6. Kit Grill - Still
7. Tempelhof - Drake (Young Marco Remix)
8. Scientific Dreamz of U - Sacred Fractal Geometry
9. North Lake - Isoterics
10. Moebius, Plank, Thompson - Farmer Gabriel (Edwards Desert Remix)
11. Tin Man - In Your System
12. Ø [Phase] - Perplexed
13. Call Super - Threshing Floor
14. Angelo Battilani - Red Maple Leaf (Vaghe Stelle Remix)
15. Zombies in Miami - This is the End (Man Power remix)
16. Angelo Battilani - Monopoly
17. Antoni Maiovvi - Voodoo Voodoo (Vercetti Technicolor’s Space Voodoo Mix)
18. Martial Canterel - Phantom

In preparation of the summer edition of our RTFKT Night coming july 26th at de Melkweg in Amsterdam we asked one of the guests of the night, Olaf Stuut, to record us a mixtape. For the ones who don’t know Olaf yet; he is a producer from The Netherlands, has super long hair and will release his debut album this Autumn over at our friends of Manual Music. His mutecast is Laidback, funky and melodic being the key terms, ever orientated on a tribalish dancefloor. Though never overly aggressive. Just sweet flows of melody and clever harmonies. We can only wish that the night of the 26th will have a warm, summery, glowy, slightly sweaty feel to it so you can let the Olaf, together with the RTFKT boys and Taragana Pyjarama, create the ideal soundtrack for such an evening. You know where to catch us, hope to see you there! Enjoy!

1. Dj Koze - La Duquesa

2. CoMa - My Orbit (Dauwd Remix)

3. Isolee - Allowance

4. Escar - With You

5. Oaktree - Chapters

6. James Holden - Renata

7. Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

8. Boards of Canada - New Seeds

9. Olaf Stuut - Demiurg

10. Jøburg - Epoch