So, dark Achievement City? Well, you can’t claim a world that does’t belong to you. But at least now the Dark Achievement Hunters have places to live and a way to get to the Overworld safely. Gotta teach them Overworlders to keep their hands off of what isn’t theirs.


So, here’s the Dark Gavin Free, basically the negative/alter version of Gavin. Rather than a creeper, his skin was stolen from hoards of Endermen and his abilities relate to Endermen too, rather than just blowin’ shit up and lavaing houses for fun. And no, he doesn't only steal dirt from houses.

But, yeah, thought I’d give this a go. Might do some fics with the Dark AHs messing with the Overworld AHs. So here’s Gav and Dark Gav. Drawn with sharpies and twelve color pencils so it’s not the best. Sorry but not really? Enjoy? 

But yeah. Dark AH vs Normal AH. Kinda. Woohoo.