Watch this to get a small taste of life at Boot Camp.

She sat on the counter with her robe open to him as he kissed down her neck, she was nervous but she tried not to let it show as she could feel his cock brushing against her inner thigh. The way his hands were moving along her body and the wine she been drinking she felt out of control with lust. “Royce.” she voice heavy with something she didn’t even sound like her. “I..I never done this before,I mean I never been with anyone.” she told him. Giving him the choice to stop because he didn’t want to hold her hand though this. Looking at him she waited to see what his was going to but it was no need because Connor walked inside the kitchen with a look she never seen before. 


I'll just go ahead and say this...

Boot camp is what YOU and your entire division make of it. I can’t tell you it will be easy because it’s different for everyone. Number one thing is LISTEN. Second, work as a team. If you don’t listen, you’ll get IT’d. You don’t know how to be a team and work together? Oh hey, IT. Being IT’d is not fun. My division has only been IT’d twice, but the first time was for 1hr and 30 mins. Second time was for an hour. They don’t go easy on you, they don’t care if you’re in pain on the floor dying. You will get yelled at. They will get in your face, you will be cursed at. (Edit: from what I hear boot has changed a lot and they’re going soft on these new booters but what do I know). .

Also, depends on what your RDC’s are like. If you have a-holes for RDC’s, sucks, boot camp will be a living hell the entire time. I’ve seen some RDC’s, that even if you listen and do what you have to do, they’re still a-holes.

Learn your 11 general orders, the Chain of Command, AND learn how to identify what is worn on the collar and sleeve of each enlisted member and Commissioned officers. .

Work on your running, pushups and curl ups. Just be fit before you even go. I hope you’re good at studying too. Learn how to shower in 3 mins. Get used to pooping in little to no privacy. Females, seriously, tampons and pads, WRAP THAT UP IN TOILET PAPER when you are done, unless you want to be IT’d. First time we were IT’d was because a female left a bloody tampon in the trash can without wrapping it up. Uh gross. Also, you get used to showering together. Sunday are something to look forward to. Go to church. It’s fun, even if you aren’t religious.

OH, and drink water before you get to RTC from the airport so you can pee when they ask you to, because they get pissed off if you can’t pee when they want you to.

The food is AMAZING. Don’t eat too much. You will get fat.

Update: I posted this last year, may 2012. It’s June 2013. All of the above still stands. Don’t be discouraged during boot camp. Although ill admit, the actual fleet is nothing like boot camp. Pretty much everything I learned in boot went out the window but either way, you’ll get through it. Also, boot camp, A-school and the actual fleet are in no way a like. You’ll transition through all of it but like I said, you’ll be ok. You’re going to hate life during boot and ask yourself why you did this to yourself but don’t worry So far I don’t regret my decision to join. Just make smart choices.

Update: Today is November 2014. Same same. I’m currently a CFL (command fitness leader). Don’t get fat. You’re going to be in the military you better be fit. Still don’t regret my decision to join. I like it. I don’t always love it. I hve days i hate. I want to punch my chain of command and different people in navy but I’ve made some amazing friends. Great people and the worst I’ve ever met. Ladies, keep your legs closed. Plain and simple. Guys too. There’s more to life than these people you meet. So over all, I do not regret anything.

Update: 13AUG2015. I turned 23 today. I was 19 in boot camp. Holy crap. Navy is the best decision I ever made. Remember. It’s what you make of it. Stay motivated. Stay fit. Be positive.

Update: 22MAY2016. I’m out of the navy now. As much as I loved it and miss it, it was my time to go. I completed my enlistment and now I work for the Department of Defense for the Navy now. I met the love of my life aanndddd I moved from VA to Washington state. All thanks to the navy so I’m happy. Good luck to all of you that stumble upon this. Let me know if you have any questions about any rates or anything navy related. I won’t sugar coat like recruiters do, cuz trust me, they will.

I’ll always bleed green. ALRE all day. Haha Rate:ABE Start:10APR12 End: 10APR16

Peace and love.