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RT Fan Gothic
  • A man sneezes while five other men are talking over him. You know exactly which one sneezed. 
  • Your brain is now unsure if someone has actually said this or if you can hear their voice in your head.
  • There is a cult for an editor. We are all members of said cult. We all bring our hands together above our heads. We worship this editor. PE/\KE. SPE/\K. P E /\ K E S P E /\ K
  • There is an infinite number of Adams. 
  • You click on a video that is 10 minutes long. You black out and come to hours later, watching a different, but similar video.
  • You are called a shizno and you feel insulted. You do not know what this word means, but you are insulted.
  • All your money is disappearing. You don’t know where it’s going, nor do you remember spending it, but merchandise keeps showing up on your doorstep. You have so much merchandise. Your room is covered with so many posters that they cover the windows. No way in. No way out. You only wear merchandise now. 
  • One man is constantly constantly shirtless and this is not questioned.
  • You wanted to watch a silly show about soldiers in a canyon. You didn’t know what you were signing up for. It wasn’t this. Anything but this. 
  • There are two pairs of Joel and Adams and no one ever knows which one a person is referring to.
  • There are screencaps of tweets on tumblr before the staff has even tweeted it.
  • Another hypothetical situation has been discussed. They must have hundreds of millions of dollars at this point.
  • A man is impregnated with an alien child, but this is fine. This is perfectly normal. This child grows up and plays on the basketball team. This is perfectly normal.
  • You feel the strange compulsion to add “as dicks” to everything you say.
  • There have been terrible, terrible things done For The Kids.
  • For some reason the dynamite is kind.
  • Certain state names make you cry.
  • One man is simultaneously the dumbest and smartest person alive. You do not question this.
  • A different man is at once a murderous dark god, a loving husband, and a gigantic nerd. This, too, is never questioned.
  • There are four of the exact same person. Not cloned, however. The clones are a different story we must never speak of.
  • Everything is also a gun.
  • You must pick a team in the great battle of red versus blue. Friendships have been ruined over picking the wrong team. There is no remaining neutral. 
  • No one thinks twice about giving a child access to weapon gun hybrids, nor do they reconsider letting them fight the monsters of the world. Clearly, a man has made many, many mistakes.
  • You do not know who this drunk man declaring that he is the cheese master is, but you accept his mastery of cheese.
  • We wonder why we’re here. We see it as one of life’s greatest mysteries.
Christmas Episode

Because I love Christmas and Camp Camp and I can dream, dammit

  • ^If you say Harrison won’t wear this you are wrong
  • Nerris still wears Elf ears but also replaces her hat with this

  • Preston puts on a weird-ass spin on the Nativity Play. You can decide if it’s really good or really bad
    • Ered is Mary, the Platypus is baby Jesus, and Nurf is a surfer-dude Joseph. 
      • Ered, badly reciting her lines: Oh no the inn is full! Nurf, reciting them worse: There’s no room for you to give birth to our radical child, bro! Nikki, from the audience: kaRATE CHOP THE BOSS AND USE HIS OFFICE!
  • Dolph paints David and Gwen’s uniforms to look like Christmas trees
  • Space Kid puts ‘SANTA STOP HERE!’ signs all over the camp
  • The Quartermaster cuts down a tree and they all decorate it together
  • Even Max is having a good time.  His family never has done anything like this and so far, he likes it.
  • QM is the make-shift Santa.  He’s weirdly good at it.
    • He puts the gifts outside of the tents
      • Everyone heard him but it was so nice of him they don’t care. 
  • Nikki opens her gift with her teeth
  • Not all the campers celebrate Christmas, so David insists on spending a few hours with those campers and doing what that camper wants to do instead
  • At night there’s a huge bonfire and a feast.  
    • Don’t ask what the food is just eat it
    • They invite the Flower Scouts and the Wood Scouts
      • Harrison stop inching closer to Preston, Nerris is starting to notice.
  • Everything was going fine until Snake thought it would be a good idea to climb to the top of the Christmas tree
      • Oh god now they’re all doing it.  Why is Sasha so good at climbing trees. What the fuck.
        • Max, sitting on a branch: hOW BIG IS THIS THING ANYWAY
        • David, from the bottom: GET DOWN FROM THERE OR SO HELP ME-
  • They eventually get down but now all the time they spent decorating it has gone to waste. The tree is ruined. Great job.  
  • They head back to the tents and they all pretend to not see Harrison and Preston under the mistletoe go to sleep
  • yeah this was pure self indulgence im so sorry

*fart noise*

anonymous asked:

Wait, so I'm confused, do you hate RT or not? Like you blog about them constantly, but also you seem to take very serious issue with them (mainly that thing about the editor work review)

This is a pretty loaded question. I love RT with all my heart, I really do. It’s been my main source of entertainment for years, and it’s how I met almost all of my internet friends. If you take a look around my room, it is literally plastered with RT posters and half my closet is RT shirts. Really, my blog is dedicated to it. So yeah, I like RT. 

However, they make plenty of choices I don’t agree with. We’ve all seen the drama surrounding Kathleen, Shane, and RWBY. The common thread between all of them is how RT treats its people. Employees seem overworked and management seems incompetent. There isn’t much thought put into the people, which frankly, bothers me. When looking at other reviews of RT on Glass Door (the site that original work review was from), they all pretty much say the same thing. It’s a fun place to work but there’s no room for career growth and you’re always overworked. There is no paid overtime despite how many hours the animators are working. Another review on Glass Door said that “people would pay to mop our floors,” and its true. I bet there are some fans out there that would absolutely do it. However that doesn’t excuse the fact that their actual employees should be compensated for the work they do. Not everyone is Monty Oum and can sit in front of a computer and animate for 80 hours a week, and that’s not a bad thing. Just because some of your employees are young and starstruck to be working at RT doesn’t mean they should be allowed to take advantage of them by underpaying and overworking them.

In addition to the way they treat their employees, I also don’t like the queerbaiting within RWBY. From promising us there would be LGBT characters from almost the day the show started coming out, to now, 5 years later, there has not been a single character revealed to be LGBT. Nothing. Not even in the background of the dance. They could have casually had boys dancing with boys, girls dancing with girls. Whatever. Instead, every time the question is brought up now, Miles hides behind his cover of not being comfortable with writing relationships, despite Jaune/Pyrrha and Nora/Ren both pretty much being canon by the end of volume 4. Its frankly disgusting and honestly only the tip of the iceberg for the list of problems I have with RWBY. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the show. I still will watch it and enjoy the parts I can.

I also despise RTs strategy of just letting everything blow over. RT is literally allergic to giving a statement in regards to anything controversial surrounding it. And you know what the worst part is? It totally fucking works. Eventually, people forget about the discourse and it all gets swept under the rug. Burnie has even talked about it on the RT podcast before (when the Fine Brothers were going through that React World thing). From a business standpoint, its a great idea. However, as a fan, that really fucking sucks. I want to hear a “sorry” from them every once in a while or an acknowledgement of things they have screwed up. Even this year, I’ve heard RTX was a shitshow. Ticket prices are higher than even some of the most popular conventions. Lines are unbearably long (to the point where some people were having medical problems). Some people waited almost the entire day on Friday to get their badges. However, we’ve heard nothing from RT apologizing for how the convention was run this year and I doubt we ever will. 

Don’t idolize the things you love. Don’t put them up on a pedestal. Don’t think that they can literally do no wrong. RT is a company made up of human beings, who screw up just like you and me. They’ve messed up before and they certainly will again. When they do fuck it up, it’s our responsibility to call them out on it.