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I hope that Lazer Team is really successful and a whole bunch of people fall in love with Michael Jones and decide to look him up on the Internet and find hours of shows where he screams profanities at video games and occasionally his British costar, like honestly that is my one dream.

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So by Ed Sheeran for a Juggey fanfiction.

It’d been a summer he probably wouldn’t forget for a long time. Sunburn and a sprained ankle a result of too many days spent running around in the sun at the camp his parents had sent him to. His hair at least two shades lighter and his smile at least two degrees wider.

One thing he wouldn’t forget was Lindsay. The way she’d turn up outside his dorm window after lights out, she made it more than easy to sneak out after the counsellors had turned into bed. She made it easy for him to forget that they only had a few precious weeks.
A few weeks turned into days to hide on the banks of the lake a few yards from the dorms, staring up at the stars and telling each other any and everything about their past and dreams about their future.

A few weeks of butterfly filled, stolen kisses when their friends had their backs turned and they had both grinned at each other, eyes lit up by the crackling firelight.
A few days of finding each other’s hand under the bench top tables during a less than satisfactory dinner, trying to master the art of eating with one hand without giving away their excitement that they’d managed to find someone.

For Michael, someone who managed to calm him down in his most fire fueled moments, when his throat strained silently with its will to scream at any and everyone and their inability to complete the simplest tasks.

For Lindsay someone who could make her smile even when she had been slowly and carefully counting down the days until she’d be back at home. Back in the town she couldn’t stand alone. The memories of him enough to propel her into the future and even further.

Their one last kiss on that final day, stolen behind the bunkhouse she’d dragged him from night after night giving them the courage to go back to their now, brighter lives, with the promise of the future lifting the pressure off of their shoulders and propelling them back into their normal lives.

Memories of summer kissing their temples and the phantom feel of another’s lips on their own.