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“i’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top!”

“ elyse, she’s fun. other gangs, they see her, they think she’s just a pretty face, they think she ain’t good for nothing but decoration. and they’re right; when she decorates the walls with their blood and brains, it’s real pretty, the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. elyse, she brings the party. ”

Guys. Guys.

My fiddle toys to combat my trich arrive today. Guys I’m so excited. And I got so many hugs yesterday and I told the dude that is getting me the toys that he’s my favourite person and that made him happy and I’m happy and guys. Three whole days without pulling out any hair. This is literally insane.

Route 66: changes I’ve seen.

The Boots Motel as it appeared in 2008, maybe a bit neglected and with the “inappropriate gable roof” that was installed in the 1970’s. In 2012, I was given a tour of the wonderful restoration work in process on the rooms (thanks, Debbie Dee!) and since then, the roof has been flattened to its original late 1930’s design. A night at the Boots is near the top of my 66 travel list.  

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Route 66: changes I’ve seen.

Neon sign at the Boots Motel, as it appeared in 2010. The refurbished sign is now red, and the establishment opened by Arthur Boots in 1939 is once again known as Boots Court, which sounds much better.

Link to this image: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/5-route-66-boots-motel-frank-romeo.html

Other Galleries to explore: http://frank-romeo.pixels.com/