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@stubbornessissues she blew up a gas station and now she’s gonna get starbucks

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Fake AH Crew 8-track playlist
  1. Ready Set Let’s Go - Sam Tinnesz
  2. Bad Guy - 3OH!3
  3. Family - Mother Mother
  4. Jungle - X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons
  5. No Good - Kaleo
  6. Legendary - Welshly Arms
  7. If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray
  8. Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier

i went into my folders and dug out my super old comic wip from what happened at the party (these are from…….march they look so bad im cryin) bu T

+ the line that made me want 2 Scream

Okay Taekook Shippers this is important...

For those who didn’t know yet, Koreaboo on Twitter just posted this today:


So far the rankings are these:

1. ChanBaek (22K RT)

2. TaeKook (18K RT)

3. YoonMin (14K RT)

4. KaiSoo (12K RT)

5. JooHyukxSungKyung (10K RT)

6. HyungSik x Bo Young (4.3K RT)

7. Bogum x Irene (4.1K RT)

8. Bambam x Lisa (2.9K RT)

9. Jungkook x Lisa (2.6K RT)

10. Sana x Dahyun (2.2K RT)

Justice League Reviews

Wonder Woman got a 92% RT score and topped at #1 as the highest rated comicbook movie adjusteted. The Dark Knight has a 94% RT and 8.6/10 score on imDb making it the most critically acclaimed comicbook movie of all time surpassing any of the MCU movies. DC has great films and the ‘baby steps’ is bullshit. You slap Joss Whedon’s or the Russo Brothers name onto Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Watchmen, or Justice League, its all guarteened to get 75%+ RT or higher. Why? Because everyone knows bloggers and critics hate Zack Snyder. Idk why because he’s seems like a nice guy.

The reviews 'Justice League is not a perfect film" NONE OF THE MCU FILMS are perfect films (maybe Winter Solider) and no one mentions that in their social media reviews. The bad CGI, the bad villian, and narration flaws can be applied to 90% of the MCU films, but some of them get 80% critical acclaimed because 'fun’. The double standard is insane.

I also love Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy, both of which are in my top 10 favorite comicbook movies, I’m not biased.

Aidan at the BFI / RT Television Festival 8/4/17 - some thoughts.

I took no pictures. I just listened and watched very carefully. It was the first time I had seen him irl and didn’t want to waste any time with buttons, shutters and seeing if my thumb was in the way again.

The audience were incredibly polite in how they received him and asked him questions, and gave him gifts during the Audience Question section at the end.  It was through courtesy or blind and utter shock, put it that way, but it was not a melee.  Someone should have served tea and cucumber sandwiches on best china.

He came onto the BFI IMAX theatre stage to no special fanfare, no rapturous or out of place applause.  It was quite muted.  We had been told to come and take our seats before he arrived, so the reception committee outside must have been pretty thin and according to some he was just left with the professional autograph hunters to receive him (I didn’t see any of that - I was in there and up in my seat pretty quickly, like a greased ferret through a drainpipe actually).

They showed 2 clips from Series 3.  This perhaps was the reason behind the request “no recording of any sort whatsoever” at the beginning.  People did though.  Some of the ushers were moving around trying to stop people recording or taking pictures using mime gestures (”cut it” slashing fingers across throat), which reminded me of the old days when they would try and stop teenagers kissing in the back row at the pictures.  That approach worked just as well as it did all those years ago.

He didn’t move around a great deal.  I’d heard stories of Restless Fidgety Turner, but no, he wasn’t.  Mostly sat there with his left leg crossed across his right, and his hands out in front resting on the bucket lounge type of chair you find in Costa Coffee (other coffee retail outlets are also available).  His hair was down to start with.  It had obviously been cut since filming but it was still mid neck length.  He had brought his elasticated hair band with him, and this was on his wrist most of the time.  The beard was in good health but not out of control.  It wasn’t Odessa level of frizzy.

There were minor issues with technology.  One of the clips was shown right in the middle of someone answering a question (forgive me, I think it was Damien) and it took them a while to realise and halt the clip half way.  It involved a scene with Demelza’s brothers who are new characters in series 2. 

The other minor issue was with Alison Graham’s voice microphone which packed up too.  Aidan was able to project his voice beautifully to the back of the auditorium without any assistance, and all those lessons from Ian MacKellan on not muttering must have sunk in and stayed there from his days on the Hobbit and from 5 years in theatre too of course. [note to self - his mike was working just fine, but attached on very securely to his paler than usual tee-shirt].

I am not able to remember everything.  There were times I even forgot

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Jaune: “So you’re saying that you could have told us all of that, but instead let us wander around Mistral for six months with no idea of what is actually going on, or what we are possibly up against, FOR NO REASON?!”

Qrow: “Well when you say it like I feel like kind of a prick.”

Ren: “That’s because you are.”

Nora: “Yep yep yep.”

Jaune: “Your uncle is an ass Ruby.”

(1963), Federico Fellini

I originally viewed this film, for the first hour or so, as solely a look at narcism, more so than about creativity or dissatisfaction or an inability to love, but anyone who knows anything about narcissists knows that they can never truly admit to their obvious selfishness, never able to accept any blame or show any ability to see themselves from a different perspective, so suddenly remembering that and understanding this while seeing the film become more and more self-aware and adventurous, more and more lyrical, self-reflexive, and matter-of-fact… this sudden rush of fulfillment and sometimes genuine awe began to rush right through me, seeing this recognition of sadness and guilt becoming more obvious, as did a foolish but necessary hope for improvement and happiness at the end, which might just be essential in order to feel any sort of reasonable pride in this confusing art form called life.

Metacritic: n/a, RT: 98%, IMDb, 8.1