Let's Play - Cloudberry Kingdom Part 2
  • Gavin:And uhh, bloody what's her name from X-Men and GoldenEye
  • Jack:Famke Janssen
  • Michael:she's like a bitch right?
  • Gavin:Yeah in real life she's a whore
  • Michael:Apparently total fucking absolute bitch, like, nightmare
  • [Gavin laughing]
  • Ryan:Allegedly
  • Michael:Allegedly
  • Gavin:Salt of the earth
  • Michael:Never met her but apparently, mean cunt
  • Gavin:I wonder if we should cut that
  • Michael:No we shouldn't cut that. I'm talking about specifically Famke what's her face
  • Gavin:Famke Janssan
  • Michael:Yeah! You're a cunt and people fucking know you're a cunt. What do you want me to tell you.
  • Gavin:[Laughing] It's getting worse
  • Michael:How's it getting worse?
  • Gavin:You keep calling her the 'C' word
  • Michael:I don't give a fuck
  • Gavin:What if you meet her and she's lovely
  • Michael:Ahh yeah, I bet. Sorry I called you a cunt during that uhh fucking Cloudberry Kingdom Let's Play
  • Jack:You know she's a huge Let's Play fan actually
  • Michael:Yeah she's just watching right now and she's like "I cant't believe it."

the heroes we need… but don’t deserve

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One thing about the company Roosterteeth that makes me super happy is the diverstiy in body image throughout their casts and crew. And nobody is shamed or looked down on for not being society’s idea of normal.

You’ve got people like Blaine, Aaron, James, Bruce, and Alan who are all in really good condition, physically fit, and workout often. And then you have the guys and gals who have recently started to improve themselves like Michael, Ryan, Meg, Josh, and Zach. And nobody told them to do it, they did it for themselves. Burnie talked a lot about his process to lose weight,and did a damn good job of it. Look at him five or six years ago as opposed to now. Goddamn. Hell, three of the five I’ve mentioned made a show about it, and happily encourage others advice and support if the community wants to work alongside them.

Not all of Roosterteeth is fit though. Obviously, not everyone wants to be super toned, drink protein and watch their carb intake. (Not that any of that is bad, I do it myself.) There’s a huge array of body types at RT. Many of them are happy with who they are, comfortable in their own bodies, and are proud of themselves. Sure, Jack gets lots of shit for his weight, but he takes it stride, and laughs and jokes about it himself. That man is the living embodiment of sunshine, large or not. Don’t forget Lindsay, who takes more than her fair share of insults about her weight and looks. But she’s one of the nicest and happiest people I’ve ever seen in camera. And as I mentioned before, Zach Anner, a disabled man has incredible self worth. Incredible. He takes his disability in stride. And still seeks to improve himself.

Nobody at RT is the same. Every single person is unique. Several of the people at RT have awesome hair colors, tattoos (looking at you Geoff), or differing seuxalities than their peers. And they’ve never shown anything but support for their fanbase regarding those things.

Got tattoos? Great. No tattoos? Awesome. Red hair? Green hair? Pink Hair? No hair? Perfect, get to work. Like girls? Boys? Both? None? Cool, come watch this new video we put out. Thin? Not thin? Muscular? Come help set up this new stunt that Blaine’s gonna get naked in.

Nobody is made fun of because of their weight, ability to workout, or lack thereof, hair color, or sexuality. At the company or in in the community. Are there people in the community that are assholes? Absolutely. But these people I watch nearly every day of my life have taught me a lesson. You can look however you want. Be whomever you want. And be happy with yourself.

And I have to thank the Roosterteeth company for teaching me not to hate the fact that I’m not perfect. That with a little bit of work, I can be who I want to be, or just even just be me.


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“I’ll tell you–Team Losers stick together. Lindsay will be standing on the dock as Gavin’s sinking and she will jump in. she just doesn’t care.”