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I had a dream about zero and Mattias that was like Killing Stalking where their relationship was unhealthy as hell and Mattias tortured zero but was obsessed with him and idk it scared me so I had to check your blog to make sure it wasn't real lol

i can’t with the thought of Matt being obsessed with him. lmaoo like that wouldn’t end well at all.

I wish my dog had a phone so I could FaceTime her but she doesn’t have a job so she can’t pay the bills to afford said phone. RT if u cried

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(From JR's interview w/ ign) they’ve been apart now way longer than they were on the ground. You see how much change there has been in so many of these characters, from the pilot to where we are now. [...] Underground, on the ring, and Clarke alone with Madi on the ground. You can expect real changes. To me, that’ll be part of the fun of it, putting Clarke and Bellamy back together when Bellamy has been a leader in his own right, if that’s his story, for six years on the Ark Rt if u cri evrytim

RT, im so excited