Reblog if "Little Things" by One Direction Still Gives You the Biggest Feels Even to This Day in 2015

Accurate Depiction of Me every time I hear it: 

Justice Smith Almost Lost Himself in The Get Down
“There were days I would just go home and bawl because the lines get blurred and you're like, What is me and what is the character?"

It sucks because when you’re a person of color in the industry, you have to be an activist. You can’t just be known for your abilities. White actors have the privilege of never addressing race, of never addressing what’s going on in the world and just focusing on what it means to be an actor. When you’re a person of color most of the roles you’re going to play address race, address social constructs, and even if you don’t play those roles, people are going to ask, “Did you hear about Ferguson? Did you hear about this? What is your opinion on that?” Because you’re a person of color. They will never ask a white actor that. I just think it’s important to acknowledge their abilities as an artist and not just acknowledge their abilities as an activist.