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I had a dream about zero and Mattias that was like Killing Stalking where their relationship was unhealthy as hell and Mattias tortured zero but was obsessed with him and idk it scared me so I had to check your blog to make sure it wasn't real lol

i can’t with the thought of Matt being obsessed with him. lmaoo like that wouldn’t end well at all.

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5, 13, 19, 20, 21? :3

20 and 21 are answered here :) 

5. favorite rare pair 

does seungchuchu still count as a rare pair?? if not then jjseung omg where that jjseung content yall. oh also jjbek. also seungbek. WAIT A SECOND IS JJSEUNGBEK AN OT3 YET ? ? ?? ?? BURNING QUESTIONS 

13. best character development arc 

when yuuri went from “please watch me” to “don’t take your eyes off me” wooooow holy heck RT if u cri every time

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19. what are you expecting/hoping will be in the movie 


who are u?? victor nikiforov???? i wanna knOW wHO yOu ArE i wanna know ur mums name i wanna know if ur dad challenges u to match him shot for shot at family parties 

yuri on ice ask meme