rt knives

Lightweight pocket tools for the adventure biking on the south coast.

Shomer-tec Titanium pen
Streamlight micro stream
Custom victorinox
Victorinox ratchet set
Knipex micro grips
Topeak spanner 10 & 12mm
Mini bic duck tape wrapped

Ryan Haywood and Throwing Knives

Ryan’s knowledge of throwing knives pleases me. Knives that are designed for throwing are crafted in such a way that their center of gravity is right along the midline of the knife at the point where the blade meets the handle.

That’s why if the knife isn’t properly balanced or if you have a handle that is significantly heavier or larger than the blade you have to throw it holding the handle. It counteracts the weight in the handle which causes your knife to hit the target.

Also, the only way you’d know any of this is by either

1. Having extensive experience actually throwing knives


2. Doing extensive research on throwing knives and knife techniques, which wouldn’t constitute being able to hit a target with any accuracy without practice. So basically Ryan has a lot of experience throwing knives at things. 


RT morale patch’s

 A hybrid fusion of my rustic and modern styles , stonewashed leather with hammered copper saddlery rivets mixed with Cyalume Cyflect GITD / retro-reflective maker and Velcro hook backing to fit to any loop panels on jackets or packs .

The one on the left is already sold to a good client and the right is currently available , please email if you are in need .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com