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Ride the Storm Appreciation Week - Favorite Relationship

Rosier and Cassie Palmer

“It was desperation, but it worked. And when desperate gambles work, they call them brilliance. Do it enough, and people start believing that you always can, you always will. They follow people like that. They write legends about people like that.”

“But…you still know the truth.  You know you’re faking it.”

“Yes, but eventually you realize something: the other side is, too. At least as often as not. Learn what you can; do what you can; get others to do it for you when you can’t. And fake it for all you’re worth in the meantime.” He shot me a look. “In other words, exactly what you’ve been doing.”

I blinked at that. It wasn’t exactly a compliment, but it was close. Somebody was basically telling me that I wasn’t screwing things up as badly as I might be.

Hell, I’d take it.

How do you do it? How do you walk away and not feel guilty? How do you look right past me? How do you act as if nothing ever happened between us? How do you replace me and tell me, “That’s life. People come and go.” How do you expect me to be fine after everything you’ve said and done, after everything you didn’t say?
—  things i wish i could ask you
People say that they can’t be good friends with their exes because it’s painful. I guess that explains why you are able to keep talking to me, just like before. The space I had in your heart, if any, was too small to make a difference.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Do you think I didn’t want to chase after you? Do you think I didn’t try? What you clearly don’t understand is how difficult it is to run after a person who’s sprinting ahead to get away from you. Your heart begins to hurt, more and more, the faster you run but you can never reach them. They’re too far gone. And even if you do manage to catch up, you know you’re not needed anymore, you’re not wanted. I got tired of running.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write