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@socoolfahcbloghere I saw ur tags on the one photo set and couldn’t resist.

V3 Popularity Ranking

Decided to make this post to tell who seems to be the most/least popular characters after the demo.

@jinjojess and @xiil3gendary will do a poll to choose whose Free Times they’ll do on stream, so I guess you can take the numbers as a little prediction of you will get there?

Without further ado, here is the ranking:

  • 1. Rantarou Amami (his profile in my thread currently has 498 retweets and 331 likes)
  • 2. Maki Harukawa (405 RTs, 363 favs)
  • 3. Kokichi Ouma (427 RTs, 309 favs)
  • 4. Tenko Chabashira (410 RTs, 303 favs)
  • 5. Miu Iruma (398 RTs, 300 favs)
  • 6. Angie Yonaga (391 RTs, 307 favs)
  • 7. Shuuichi Saihara (386 RTs, 286 favs)
  • 8. Kaede Akamatsu (349 RTs, 291 favs)
  • 9. Himiko Yumeno (314 RTs, 241 favs)
  • 10. Ki-bo (317 RTs, 218 favs)
  • 11. Korekiyo Shinguuji (299 RTs, 211 favs)
  • 12. Gonta Gokuhara (272 RTs, 200 favs)
  • 13. Kirumi Toujou (265 RTs, 204 favs)
  • 14. Tsumugi Shirogane (246 RTs, 210 favs)
  • 15. Kaito Momota (217 RTs, 147 favs)
  • 16. Ryouma Hoshi (175 RTs, 156 favs)

Yeah, Amami won by a landslide. Ouma beat Harukawa in retweets, but had a lower total, so you can put Ouma in second depending on your criteria. Also, Iruma and Angie’s totals tied, but I put Iruma above because she has more retweets.

Gotta say I’m surprised by how high Chabashira is and by how low Akamatsu, Ki-bo, Gonta and Hoshi are. Specially Gonta, since he got a good amount of quoted retweets (which don’t add to the RT count, but even if it counted, I don’t think it would enough to get him above Shinguuji).







Crooklyn (1994), Spike Lee

It’s an often funny, sometimes brutal and dramatic portrait of one Brooklyn working class family that honestly plays like a surreal soap opera sitcom, with upbeat, comforting music and colors set against the real world struggles and realities this family faces in lieu of disease, lack of work, and tedious, sometimes accidentally quite damaging, family drama, and it consistently surprised me with how entertaining it could be and also how intelligently Spike Lee could manipulate and sometimes even amaze the viewer with his undeniably signature style. 

Metacritic: 65, RT: 76%, IMDb: 6.9

After RWBY Ep 9

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I know they said that it would take a darker turn but from happy all-is-good life to literal armageddon in the space of 4 episodes is unreasonable on my heart!


(It is turning out to be so good through I could not believe this ep)

(In other news I’ve finished Cinder cosplay, but worried because the dress is likely to break mid-con with the gold on it. Wondering maybe if I shouldn’t wear it to the con and wear Neo instead. Ahhh idk help)