Flash sale! Get yourself an adorable squarey head!

So! Since I’ve just started raising money to go to Minecon (in order to fangirl and hug the lovely people I’ve made friends with this year), and since everyone seems to have liked my lil’ Mindcrack heads, I’m opening a flash sale to start gathering some money!

They are large, made with love and care, and very adorable.

>> I’m selling each one of these for $15! If you’re interested, please send me a note using this form with your IGN and desired expression! <<

 If you don’t have a Minecraft skin or would like the head to be based off something else, that’s okay too, I can adapt other characters in the style!

These will be done live in my stream either next Sunday and/or Monday. :)

If you’re not interested in getting one, please consider spreading the word! Thank you very much!