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Sailor Soldiers + First Kisses
  • Sailor Moon: Her *real* first kiss she can't stop laughing and Tuxedo Mask is kind of self-conscious about it but her giggling is also kind of spreading to him and so they're just sitting there laughing with their lips pressed against each other and not doing anything but they love it
  • Sailor Venus: Technically her first kiss was Saitou and he thought she was someone else BUT she tells everyone that every kiss is her first kiss with her first love and their wedding date is three months from now RSVP xoxo
  • Sailor Jupiter: Her first kiss was with her old boyfriend, and it was intoxicating and light-headed and she thought the giddiness would last forever. But looking back on it now she half-wishes that she gave her first kiss to someone more deserving, but also half feels like it's better this way; a first kiss is a first lesson
  • Sailor Mercury: She's in her late teens to mid twenties, after a very chaste and meaningful date where they discuss the ramifications of their joint university research. She's traveling abroad to study and she knows that she'll never see them again so she indulges herself in something out of character that catches a smile on her face years later
  • Sailor Pluto: "First" is subjective.
  • Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus: They've already said "I love you" before they even kiss. They had to wait so long because Uranus was scared that once she finally did it, Neptune would disappear, like a bubble or a dream; eventually Neptune runs out of patience and just plants one on her before she leaves for a performance and Uranus is catatonic for 2 full hours
  • Sailor Mars: Your Ass Goodbye
The Big Damn (Incomplete) Barisi Fic Rec List

There’s a lot of amazing Barisi fics out there and I wanted to compile some of my favorites for a friend to get them onboard, so I decided to share!

If you read any of these fics please, please, please comment/give kudos/thank the creator. Fandoms thrive when there’s active support for creators!

Ones with stars next to them (☆) are my absolute favorites. This is a completely subjective list. Fics here are aligned to my special interests. 

This list will be updated periodically as I read more fics, so feel free to bookmark and check back.

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I haven’t seen anyone talking about the guest list at Gideon’s birthday party. Belle mentioned Snow & David, Emma & Hook, and Zelena. Which means that we’re supposed to believe that all these former enemies have buried the hatchet. No mention of Regina & Henry attending the party, which I thought was odd. I’d expect them to be invited sooner than Hook or Zelena.

And again, what could have been moments of great character development happened off-screen, and we’re supposed to just believe that all the bad blood between characters has disappeared & they’re now RSVP'ing to each other’s kids’ parties.

To New Beginnings: a Dramione New Year Drabble

The glitzy gold party dress was not Hermione’s usual style, but it wasn’t every day you rang in a new millennium. So she strapped shiny heeled shoes to her feet and clasped jeweled barrettes in her curls, gave herself an appraising look in the mirror, then apparated out of her flat.

Earlier that month, she had received an invitation by owl from a swanky, new hotel in London cordially inviting her to attend their grand opening the 31 of December for a New Year’s countdown soiree.

Harry and a very round Ginny were contentedly staying home while Ron was currently sailing across the Atlantic with his new girlfriend to her home in New York City, so Hermione promptly sent her RSVP. She now arrived unescorted.

She found herself in a ritzy lobby area. A few other guests popped in beside her as a set of french doors opened on their own accord. They led to a ballroom full of guests. The first thing Hermione noticed was a mirrored clock face that reached from floor to ceiling, taking up the entire wall, counting down the last remaining time of the year.

Many familiar faces appeared. Luna sat happily by the pianist, tinkering the keys of his black baby grand. Several former classmates, including Dean and Seamus, danced beneath enchanted fireworks. Kingsley Shackelbolt and Horace Slughorn chatted over h'orderves, and leaning elegantly against the bar was a dapper looking Draco Malfoy.

He wore a silver suit with tails and a black bowtie. His hair was shorter than it had been during their school days, and was parted neatly on the side. He was chatting with the barman, but his head slightly in her direction as if he had felt her gaze.

Not keen on being caught staring, Hermione turned quickly away slipped deeper into the crowd. She plucked a flute of champagne off a hovering tray just to busy her hands. It felt strange to be there alone, without Harry or Ron, not in a bad way, just in a new, unfamiliar way. Lost in thought as indulged in the bubbly drink, she did not notice her former nemesis approach.

“Good evening, Granger,“ said a voice from behind her.

Startled, she composed herself and merely looked over her shoulder to nod politely. “Draco.”

“I’m surprised you are here tonight.“

“Well, I was invited,” she replied cooly, keeping her back to him.

“Undoubtedly, since it was invitation only.”

Snarky as ever, she thought, somewhat amused. Hermione no longer loathed Draco Malfoy, nor did the rest of the wizarding world. He was just another victim of war. His parents had left the country and rumors were that he was trying to forge his own way in the world. His name was often splashed across the Prophet.

Speaking of, Rita Skeeter and her photographer companion stalked the room, no doubt writing a scathing review of what Hermione thought to be a lovely and promising establishment.

“I can’t believe they let her in,“ Hermione thought out loud.

“Well, you know what they say, all publicity is good publicity.”

Draco had come to stand beside her, holding his own champagne flute. He drained it, and Hermione watched as it refilled itself from the bottom up. Classy. No wonder she was feeling a little fluid, having not noticed she was sipping an endless drink.

Jazzy music filled the room as a band queued up on stage. Luna was now gliding around the shimmering dance floor with, was that Blaise Zabini? Hermione looked down accusingly at her champagne as if it had once again tricked her. Shrugging, she sipped some more, unsure of how she’d managed to find herself in this strange place with only Draco Malfoy as company.

“Where are your sidekicks?” he asked in what was almost a playful tone. He seemed in a jubilant mood.

Hermione, who was now eyeing the slowly revolving table of decadent desserts, a mint green sorbet in particular, almost didn’t catch his question.

“What? Oh, they are, well they’re celebrating with others tonight.” she replied, happy to find no bitterness in her voice.

Draco, who had followed her gaze, silently summoned the crystal dish of sorbet. It bobbed gracefully through the sea of dancing pairs and landed lightly in his waiting palm. He presented it to her, and Hermione felt the redness creep up her cheeks, for her craving had been so obvious. She thanked him as he took her endless champagne flute to hold and she took a bite, hoping it would cool the flush in her face.

“What do you think of this place?” Draco asked, gesturing their surroundings.

Hermione popped the expensive silver spoon from her mouth. “Actually, I quite adore it. There’s a rich, but not pretentious quality and also, it has an old fashioned grandeur while at the same time feeling modern and, well, millennial. It’s quite unique.”

“Spectacular,” he said, oddly pleased. “That’s exactly what I was going for.”

The cold lump of sorbet nearly caught in Hermione’s throat. “This.. This is your hotel?”

“Mine indeed, Granger.”

“So, you-“ Her sentence was cut short.

“Mr. Malfoy, sir, a picture please, for the Daily Prophet? We need it to accompany the article. You and your date, if we may?” The old wizard held up his camera hopefully as Hermione backed away in a panic.

“Of course,” Draco beamed, pulling Hermione back into frame. She barely composed her face before a bright flash rendered her momentarily blind. The photographer thanked and congratulated Draco before leaving.

“Have you gone mental? What was that about? That picture will be plastered all over the front page!” Hermione fretted.

Draco only gave a sly smirk. “I was very pleased you accepted my invitation tonight, Granger, as I couldn’t exactly host my own grand opening sans date, let alone ring in the new millennium solo.”

At that moment the music cut off and the band leader amplified his voice via wand to announce the one minute notice to countdown. The hands on the mirrored clock glowed electric blue, illuminating each dot as it moved by the second. Draco took Hermione’s hand replaced in it her champagne flute, which was full once again, then raised own.

“To new beginnings,” he toasted.

Draco smiled, a real genuine smile, and Hermione was surprised feel herself smiling, too.

“10, 9, 8, 7,” the crowd bellowed.

“Cheers,“ he said, as they clinked their glasses together before drinking.

“3, 2, 1! Happy New Year!”

Silver and gold balloons appeared, floating upward toward the enchanted firework ceiling. Sparkling confetti rained down upon them. Poppers popped and people cheered, and Draco leaned in and kissed Hermione’s cheek.

“Happy New Year, Granger.”


[Revision of a drabble I wrote last NYE]

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we were our high school’s golden couple but we went to different colleges and the distance broke us up. fifteen years later, i’m in the middle/just getting over a bad marriage and you’re having your own relationship problems and it’s the high school reunion. (dont-remember-who-i-am)

Clint stood at the bar of the hotel ballroom that had been rented for his 20 year class reunion, well on his way to drinking himself into a better mood.

Three months ago, when he’d received the invitation, this had seemed like a great idea, and he’d sent RSVP back immediately. But now, freshly single and living in short-term housing until he could find an apartment close to work, he could think of a dozen other places he’d rather be.

He downed his beer and raised the empty bottle to signal the bartender. Another was placed in his hand and he turned to view the crowd of his former high school classmates.


RSVP is now live for BLU in bio
AW18 Presentation: Dec 15, 8pm - 12am
Showroom: Dec 16 - 17, 11am - 8pm, APPOINTMENT ONLY
East Room: 50 Carroll St, Toronto
Sales + Press: (at East Room)

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We are so excited to be returning to Austin for our 4th year to celebrate SXSW! From March 15 – 20, The Spotify House will be your go-to venue to unwind, discover the best new artists and take part in unique experiences.

Our 2015 line-up boasts 30+ must-see-acts including breakout talent Marian Hill, Conrad, Cam and many more. Everyday, we’ll have live performances on two stages, so come ready to rock. You can check out the full daily line-up here. We’ll also be serving up the best local Austin eats, curated by our friends at SUPPER.

To kick start each day, The Spotify House will be hosting a unique SoulCycle pop-up experience. Each morning, live DJ sets and the best fitness instructors in the world will take Spotify fans on the ride of their lives, set to a once in a lifetime musical experience. SoulCycle fans will be riding to some of the world’s best DJ’s, including Ryan Hemsworth and Hudson Mohawke throughout the week. Check out the daily schedule here to sign up for a ride.

We’ve also teamed up with Bose, Squarespace and truth to bring to life one-of-a-kind experiences for guests.

  • Bose: Spotify is excited to launch Unveiled in partnership with Bose at this year’s SXSW. Unveiled provides music fans with a once in a lifetime experience of seeing their favorite artists perform their newest or soon-to-be-released album live, for the first time. Inaugural artists include James Bay, MisterWives and other special guests. Music fans visiting The Spotify House will also experience the power of Spotify through Bose® SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi® music systems.
  • Squarespace: Each day at The Spotify House, Austin-based Squarespace visual artists explore the intersection between music and art, creating new pieces inspired by the music of the day.
  • truth: Truck is making its way to Austin to inspire people to #FinishIt. truth Tour Riders will keep visitors entertained with special guest DJs scratching from the iconic orange truck and with #LeftSwipeDat themed listening booths.

For additional information about The Spotify House, RSVP now and follow us on our dedicated SXSW Spotify handle, @sxspotify, to stay up to date on the latest news! And, be sure to follow us here as well as on VineInstagramFacebook and Snapchat for more information about our SXSW plans this year.

See you at SXSW!