rsvp events

When: February 15th, 2017 (Event runs all day, real time)
Where: Aether paradise VLFS Grand Ballroom, Alola region
Why: The Aether foundation has always pledged itself to the conservation of endangered species of pokemon, but we are nothing without our generous benefactors. Please join President Gladion and his family for a night of Music, Dancing and a celebration of Love of ALL kinds under Alolas Full moon.

Dress code: Formal attire, Primary color must be White, Black, Red or Gold, Secondary and Tertiary colors are your choice.

Pokemon regulations: Pokemon bigger then the ballroom must be kept in their pokeballs, but any trainers wishing to engage in Pokemon battles may do so on the Terrace at the Rear of the VLFS. Any areas normally open to the public will remain open during the party, this includes the Conservatory.

We look forward to your RSVP!

During the event, please track the tag/search “Clefairymoonball”

Participants, please tag your threads with it so other participants may find you! This event is all about bringing the Pokemon fandom together for fun and shenanigans and hopefully forming new friendships along the way!

That being said, Leave any and all OOC drama at the door, but IC Drama is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

If you’d like to participate, please send an IC RSVP message to this blog ( @typenullandvoid ), and Gladion will add your muse to the registry, which will be posted along with the commencement post on Wednesday at 10am EST, I wanna make it as easy as possible for people to find partners to interact with!

The event will run all day, so feel free to pop in and RP whenever you have the time! I hope everyone has a fun time! Oh, and please reblog this post to spread the word!

an incomplete list of really annoying adhd symptoms

- Losing your phone and/or keys at least once a day, usually multiple times. (Especially my phone. If my phone is not in my hand I probably have no idea where it is.)  

- Looking like an asshole 24/7 even though you’re actually a really considerate person at heart because you constantly forget to reply to texts and messages, RSVP to events, tip waiters, etc. It took me about two weeks to realize I hadn’t yet donated to my friend’s Kickstarter. 

- Driving is just. You know. Fun. 

- Completely forgetting what you were going to say in the middle of probably 30% of your sentences. 

- Constantly burning food, leaving detergent on too long, etc. because you step out of the room for two seconds and end up distracted by something else.

- Fighting back tears when you need to clean a space but there are too many Items and u need to move them all and sort them out….somehow…kill me

- Needing clean, clear spaces in your home in order to think straight, but everything is constantly a mess because executive dysfunction. 

- That persistent feeling, even when you’re calm and feeling mostly fine, that you’ve probably forgotten something of dire importance and your life is about to come crashing down around you. 

- Getting super flustered when someone gives you instructions to follow that aren’t written down. 

- Being actually really fucking smart but having nothing to show for it because you struggle to follow instructions, remember key components of simple tasks, and you get confused by half of what people say to you.

- Being really hardworking and taking your work really seriously but getting no credit for it because you can’t perform half as well as employees who care half as much.

- Not understanding jokes. Not understanding jokes. Not understanding jokes.  N o t  u n d e r s t a n d i n g  j o k e s   

- Thought of a good song lyric, melody, or description? You better write that shit down NOW because it’s gonna be gone in 20 seconds. 

- Not knowing how to respond to various things people say so you just end up saying the most accidentally rude or awkward thing you possibly could. 

- Literally not even being able to focus on things that you love to do. Having to structure time to do things that are fulfilling to you. *bangs head against wall repeatedly*

- Checking and re-checking any work you do because who the hell knows what glaringly obvious idiotic mistake you might have made.

- Realizing that absolutely everything you know how to do halfway competently is a combination of Google and winging it because your brain just does not process information the way it’s normally presented and “common sense” is not a thing with you. 

- Having to set an unsettling amount of alarms on your phone if you actually want to remember the things you need to do. 

- Pretty much never making any recipe that involves more than 4 ingredients because anything past that gets overwhelming. 

- Making to-do lists and forgetting you made them. 

(All times listed are US Eastern Standard time)

Please join us on Tuesday, the 11th of April, as we celebrate the joining of the Aether president and his fiancee in holy matrimony.

A private Kantonese ceremony will be held at the Gyarados shrine prior to the public, western ceremony, which will be held at the Fuschia Grand Ballroom. A reception will follow immediately after the ceremony in the dining hall.

Guests must wear formal attire.

Please RSVP as soon as possible, Seating may be limited. We look forward to seeing you there!

For this event, please track the tag ‘everglowwedding’, all event related posts will, and should be tagged as such!

Leave the OOC drama at the door, but IC drama is more then encouraged!


To RSVP for the event: Send an IN CHARACTER Message to Gladions inbox 
( @typenullandvoid ) confirming your muses attendance. The ceremonies themselves will be taking place in single posts that will go out at the designated times.

We look forward to your attendance! and please, reblog around!

rogue one library au infodump part 2

all these are actual things that have happened at my job (part one)

  • our plucky heroes make the discovery that patrons have been shoving their scraps from the paper cutter into a hole in the desk that’s meant for computer cables
    • there is no trash can under there. in fact there is a rather large cabinet under there
    • upon removing the cabinet, they find the most massive pile of paper scraps. people have apparently been doing this for months. baze just falls to his knees in despair
  • practically having to physically restrain people from sticking their face into the industrial stapler
    • i don’t know why people think that when the stapler’s not working they have to stare directly into its maw while still slamming the top of it to determine if it’s broken
    • sir you’re going to staple your fucking nose just hand us the stapler
  • there’s a decrepit printer behind the desk that they use when they don’t feel like walking the extra 20 feet back to the official staff printer. someone was supposed to take it away for recycling ages ago and never has.
    • baze and bodhi try to print out some hold slips one day and the printer refuses to work for about fifteen minutes, at which point it starts spewing out copies of some random coworker’s resume until it runs out of ink
    • they can’t make it stop
    • they’re both crying with laughter
    • bodhi’s on the ground surrounded by resumes
    • baze goes back to k2 and all he can manage to get out of his mouth is “i think we’re out of toner”
  • support ticket that was supposed to be an RSVP to a library event. instead of specifying what event they were RSVPing to, the patron just wrote “I want to join in the activity”
  • playing pokemon go in the stacks while reshelving books
    • cassian: hey guess what i found
    • bodhi: what
    • cassian: another fUCKING ZUBAT
  • multiple patrons who fill out room reservation forms and under “tech needs” just put “yes”
    • hope you’re happy with a laptop and a projector because unfortunately we cannot read your minds
  • this stellar exchange
    • [laughing, nearly crying] “I left the ‘o’ off of hello”
    • “oh no was it in an email”
    • [laughing harder] “well unfortunately, it was a ticket”
  • I don’t even know who to give that last one to because what made it even funnier was that it was one of the senior librarians who’s basically our mom
    • she’s the sweetest human ever and she accidentally started a response to someone’s support request with “hell,”
    • mon mothma maybe?
Just go already

“Who has a Christmas party on Christmas Eve?” Harry mumbles cheerlessly as he struggles with the black tie around his neck. “It’s utterly pointless.” He continues, huffing loudly, his arms falling to his side.
“Absolutely— fucking ludicrous,” he shakes his head, somewhat amusing you as he paces in frustration.
“I believe you now owe £2 to the swear jar.” You sweetly smile, reminding him of his terrible use of words.
“That jar is going to be full by the end of the week.” He gripes, his stare gawking over at you as you adjust the Navy Blue dress.
“well, stop Ye’ swearing.” You sigh, grabbing a pair of nude heels and sitting on the bed.
“Why have a Christmas party on Christmas Eve?”

“Because you can’t have a Christmas party after Christmas, Harry.” You enlighten him, sliding your foot into the nude heel, your eyes swiftly glancing over at the time that reads: ‘seven-fifty-two.’ You’re both already late. “Harry, hurry up, we are late.” You utter, hating the fact that the two of you have managed to run overtime despite your constant persistence to get him ready by seven-thirty.
“The party will still be there when we get there.” He says in a low voice, grabbing his shirt jacket and sliding it up his arms. “There’s my sweetheart.” He chimes, your eyes looking over to see your little girl wobbling in, her little legs still like a baby deer. At just under nine months old, she’s begun to find her legs and wobble her way around. “I’m glad her baby sitter is watching her.” Harry comments as your little girl stumbles over her legs and falls on her rear. “Awah, baby.” He chuckles, scooping her up in his arms, bouncing her on his hip.
“The baby sitter is watching her, thank you.” Nialls voice echoes and you see him leaning on the doorframe of the door. “She can’t go too far.” He adds,
“Don’t call me when she’s hiding and you’ve lost her in the house.” Harry advises his friend, a slight chuckle escaping his lips.
“Learnt from experience didn’t ya?” You wink, referencing the other night where he took his eyes off her and couldn’t find her for a good ten minutes— to him ten minutes felt like an hour. Of course he managed to find her curled up in the basket of clean towels in the laundry room.
“I believe we are late.” He clears his throat, deciding not to respond to your comment. “I need you to watch your uncle Niall.” Harry talks in soft voice to his little girl, blissfully bouncing her, “no beer until you’re fast asleep.” He continues, placing a kiss to his little girl’s forehead,
“Yes, your eight month old is baby sitting me.” Niall nods with a smile,
“Don’t undermine her ability to get into things. She will wobble away from you.” Harry presses, seeming slightly anxious to leave his little girl, as he always is. He even gives his own mother a set of rules on how to watch a child, forgetting she has already successfully raised two of her own. “Will you please go?” Niall groans, looking towards you for help.
“Yes! We are late.” You stand to your feet, “come here, darling.” You coo, but Harry turns away from you,
“No, it’s daddy’s time to cuddle,” he shakes his head, happily holding his daughter.
“Fine.” You roll your eyes, stepping closer and placing a kiss to her rosy red cheek, “tell your Daddy to stop fussing.” You whisper, watching as her eyes continue to gleam the same shade of her fathers.
“Tell mummy not to RSVP to Christmas Eve events.” He smiles gently down at his daughter, enjoying having her full attention on him.
“C'mon Niall, at some point he will follow me downstairs.” You gesture, stepping outside the bedroom and walking down stairs. “You have our numbers, but your best bet is to call Gemma, she’s the closest, and I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.” You wink, gently nudging him as you grab the paper from the table, a list of small instructions left for him.
“I’m going to disregard that comment.” He murmurs, taking the list from your hand.
“You know what to do. She will fall asleep soon so you can do whatever, just check on her every so often, she tangles herself in her blankets and sometimes she kicks them off.”

“Y/N, please. I can handle it.” He assures you with that wide smile of his. Of course he can handle it, he’s an adult and has watched your daughter before. Overly anxious parents is never a bad thing though, right?
“Okay, I guess I better part ways with her.” Harry sighs as he walks down the stairs, your little girl securely in his arms.
“About damn time.” Niall nods,
“Swear jar.” You and Harry say in unison, gesturing towards the jar of coins on the kitchen table.
“Damnit!” Niall cusses under his breath,
“That’s £2.” Harry chimes, amused that he’s not the only one contributing to the donations of the swear jar.
“Yeah, yeah.” Niall matters, pulling out his wallet,
“Now, please leave, you’re going to miss the party.”
“That’s the point.” Harry grins, handing your little girl over to Niall.

You walk hand in hand into the venue the Christmas party is being held at, quite a lovely reception area, red and gold decorations perfectly decorated around the area, everything matching perfectly, nothing out of place. “Let’s say hello and goodbye.” Harry whispers as your eyes meet all the other guests mingling and sipping wine.
“Be kind.” You warn, hoping he can put on a smile and pretend that he wants to be spending a few hours surrounded by these people. Your eyes continue to take in the scenery; two large ravishingly decorated Christmas trees in the corner with twinkling lights wrapped around it stand tall. “Y/N!” A woman chimes, pulling you in for conversation as Harry let’s go of your hands and walks in the opposite direction. He’s not one to enjoy the socialising aspect of these things unless it’s with people he’s really close to. “Hello.” You politely greet,
“I’ve missed you, how’s the baby?” She asks with a smile,

“She’s good, she’s starting to walk.”

“Ah, so sweet, I remember those days. We need to get together for coffee.”

“Yes we do. I’m going to go find my husband who’s disappeared, I’ll talk to you later.” You dismiss the conversation, walking towards the bar to find your husband.
“Would a handsome man like you buy a girl like me a drink?” You grin, leaning on the bar as he takes a sip of his own drink.

“I don’t know, my wife would get pretty mad.” Harry responds,

“Mhm, but she wouldn’t have to know.” You engage in playful teasing, watching as he rolls his eyes, handing you his drink. You take the glass into your hand, bringing the alcohol to your lips.
“Damnit, I hate you.” You utter, handing the whiskey back to him, he chuckles adorably, his devious eyes radiating.
“You fall for it every time.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” You mutter, taking his hand and dragging him to socialise.

After a few minutes of scanning the room you find Harry outside in the lobby area, “the party is inside.” You remind him, taking his attention away from his phone, “and I’m sure our daughter is fine.” You assure him, knowing he’s probably blowing up nialls phone.
“I know.” He smiles, “how about we leave?” He proposes,

“Harry, it’s only eleven,”

“We should be at home with our daughter.”

“She is sleeping, Harry. Look, I don’t get to go out much, I don’t get to wear a lovely dress and heels very often, hell, I barely get to have clean hair because it always has baby food or spit-up in it, so give me a night out, please.” You firmly instruct, not wanting to go home to a quiet house just to watch another Christmas movie or to fall asleep the minute you hit the bed. Being a Mum is great, but on the rare Occassion you get the chance to leave the house and feel pretty, you want to grasp it and enjoy every moment of it. Sure, it’s Christmas Eve and you should both be at home, but your daughter is asleep and she won’t know the difference.
“You wanna get a hotel room?” He quietly propositions, a sparkle in his eyes.
“The last time you said that we ended up with our daughter.”

“A wonderful addition.”

“Yes, but we are not doing anything tonight.”

“Hm, want to go drive around and look at Christmas lights?”

“I’m in a badass dress, I look fucking hot and you want to gaze at Christmas lights and drive?” You place your hands on your hips, a little irritated by his suggestion. What does he need to realise that his wife wants a nice night out.
“No, I want to—” he begins but stops himself, “I’m not allowed to say my thoughts out loud. So, what do you want to do?” He grins, being cheeky and captivating you with his mischievous grin.
“Don’t look at me like that.” You warn, his eyes narrowing down on you,
“Like what?” He smirks,
“That look, you know that look makes me want to take those clothes off.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Although you need to behave yourself, that’s no way to talk.”

“Get the room.” You breathe, taking a step away from him as he nods obediently.

Foxes do a charity fashion show to raise money for a children’s foundation.  It’s Allison’s idea and all the money they charge for the event as well as any money people bid on the clothes they model goes towards the foundation 

  • After much persuasion and threats the monsters agree to participate 
  • andrew and neil are the hardest to convince but allison is able to wear neil down and neil asks Andrew so of course he agrees
  • Nicky is ecstatic because he always knew he had what it took to be a model and now he can show the others
  • allison is able to use her connections to get several expensive dresses for the girls and suits for the guys to model
  • so many people rsvp for the event that they end up having to book a much bigger hall to do the fashion show but that just means they will make more money so Allison is delighted
  • on the day of the show Allison hires an entire make up crew to help the foxes get ready 
  • and much to Aaron and Kevin’s horror two of the crew members start applying concealer to their faces
  • but one look from Allison and a reminder as to where the money is going shuts both of them up 
  • Nicky is delighted to learn more about make up so he doesn’t complain
  • Neil is of course used to make up by now especially after the Evermore incident  
  • and Andrew likes to pretend that nothing bothers him so he lets the crew member do their jobs but occasionally growls at them if they touch him for too long
  • after everyone’s make up is down they finally put on the clothes and all the foxes except allison are startled by good (and filthy rich) they look
  • Renee is the first one to walk in the show and she’s wearing a royal purple dress that compliments her pastel hair and just overall makes her look majestic and eternal 
  • the rest of the foxes are backstage so they can’t see the audience’s react to Renee’s outfit but the cheers are good enough for them
  • Kevin goes next and he’s wearing a black slim fit Armani Suit that hugs his body in all the right places and he looks like he just stepped off the page of a magazine 
  • when he goes out and audience goes crazy
  • Neil can’t help but feel nervous all of a sudden
  • he has no problem with crowds he plays in front of sixty five thousand people but showing off his body is not something he’s used too and he’s worried that the crowd might not be as pleased with him as they are with the others so he might not bring in as much money
  • Dan and Matt go next
  • Dan wears a knee length maroon dress with a deep neckline while Matt dons a gray Armani suit that accentuates his biceps
  • when the couple goes out the crowd is just as pleased with their outfits
  • Aaron and Andrew go after the couple
  • Aaron is wearing a deep blue Ralph Lauren suit while Andrew wears midnight black suit from Hugo Boss
  • they both look extremely good much to everyone’s surprise including the audience 
  • it’s Neil’s turn finally and he’s dressed in a black Ralph Laurent suit that had to be specially tailored for his smol body but damn does he look good
  • when he walks down the runway his heart is pounding so quickly but the audience is in love with him and some people even confess their love for him
  • Nicky and Allison close the show off with Nicky in a navy blue suit and Allison in a tight floor length black dress
  • the fashion show ends up being a success and they much more money than they anticipated 

Dancing With The Stars is doing it’s biggest opening number ever, and you may have a chance to be a part of it! Come down to the El Capitan Theater at 9pm on September 10th on Hollywood and Highland. You’ll see our pro’s and their partners and maybe even dance with them! Learn the dance in the video and RSVP to our Facebook event!