1. RSN?

2. Post a photo of your character

3. When did you first play Runescape?

4. How old is your current account?

5. What is your combat level?

6. What is your total level?

7. What are your goals at the moment?

8. Do you prefer to Pvm or Skill?

9. What is your most proudest achievement?

10. What is the worst thing that has happened to you?

11. Who is your bestie?

12. What clan are you in?

13. Do you like questing?

14. What is your most favourite quest?

15. Best clue scroll reward?

16. What is your most favourite weapon?

17. What is your most favourite cape?

18. What is your most favourite item?

19. What are you up to right now in game?

20. Have you ever pretended to be a boy or a girl for gp?

21. Have you ever e-dated somebody within the game?

22. Have you ever met someone in game irl?

23. Have you been to Runefest?

24. What minigame do you enjoy the most?

25. What is the most expensive item you own?

26. What is your favourite skill to train?

So I thought with these quizzes going around I’d make my own but more rs related, I wanna get to know my followers! ^o^ Idk if this is gonna work but it’s worth a try!

200 Follower Giveaway!@#$

0KKKKKKKKK, so since I was rudely interrupted by my dog and can no longer play RS for a few minutes, I guess I’ll post this now instead of in the morning. I’VE MADE IT TO 200 FOLLOWERS! Know what that means? 200 of you out there don’t hate me and that’s fab. SO, I’m not really as dice as I used to be but I feel like I should be one of those people to give back what I can to the community that isn’t trash. I’ll let this go on for about a week, maybe 2, and give everyone a chance to enter. I’ll post the exact date in a few days when I figure out which will work better. Whatcha gotta do is reblog, you can like if you want but only one will count, and to add your RSN so it’ll be easier to contact winners when I draw them. Every name will be added to a randomizer and I’ll choose 5 winners. You must be following in order to win because like, I’m only doing this cus my followers are the bomb. SO make sure you get in early for a chance to win, and goodluck!

1st prize: 10m

2nd prize: 7m

3rd prize: 5m

4th prize: 3m

5th prize: 1m

All runner ups: We can be pals

I will be picking the 5 winners on February 6th @ Reset time, make sure you enter!