A 7 year old Sam learning about guardian angels from someone at his school-of-the-week and how they help people

Sam going to look at the Bible in the hotel room they’re staying at as soon as he can have a moment of privacy 

Sam thinking that you pick your own guardian angel and opening the book, pointing to a random verse, and if there’s an angel named then he’s going with that one

Sam landing on Gabriel’s name 

Ten years ago today, on February 15, 2007, Supernatural’s Tall Tales aired, introducing Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr. into our SPN lives for the first time. 

Happy 10 year anniversary, Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr.!!

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I’ve been receiving a few asks from people wanting to know how I do the doodles that I do so I thought I’d do a small tutorial… I hope it helps. 

Pic 1. general outline of the subject’s profile; main anatomy is sketched out. 

Pic 2. correcting anatomy & adding details. 

Pic 3. more details 

Pic 4. Ink


anyone seen this?

My favorite thing about Hammer of the Gods is when Gabriel looks at Kali and, in a disgusted tone, asks, “Really? Baldr?” since in Norse mythology, Baldr’s mother made it so nothing could kill him except mistletoe, since it was such a small and harmless thing.

So one day, someone went up to the blind god Hodr, and told him to prove that Baldr in invincible by throwing a branch at Baldr, except Hodr didn’t know it was a shaft of mistletoe. It pierced through Baldr, killing him. 

That someone? It was Loki.