Ten years ago today, on February 15, 2007, Supernatural’s Tall Tales aired, introducing Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr. into our SPN lives for the first time. 

Happy 10 year anniversary, Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr.!!

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Loose Feathers

Request: How about Reader pulling out Gabriel’s loose feather and freaking out over it? 😉 Love you! 💛💛💛💛

Characters: Gabriel x reader, Sam, Dean

Warnings: fluff, you rip out a feather, making out, mentions of smut kinda, semi-public wing fondling 

Word Count: 459

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A 7 year old Sam learning about guardian angels from someone at his school-of-the-week and how they help people

Sam going to look at the Bible in the hotel room they’re staying at as soon as he can have a moment of privacy 

Sam thinking that you pick your own guardian angel and opening the book, pointing to a random verse, and if there’s an angel named then he’s going with that one

Sam landing on Gabriel’s name 

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Klutzy Archangel

Summary: The reader lives with the Winchesters and does research for them when they go on hunts. Gabe pops in to visit the reader but he’s super clumsy and shy because he’s in love with her. 

Characters: Sam, Dean, Gabriel x reader

Warnings: Gabe being a total cutie? Fluff. Gabe is kind of out of character, but its cute so… 

Word Count: 2,035

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A/N: This wasn’t a request but someone posted about it and I wanted to write it, so I did. Thanks to @wrenrun for helping! You’re the best ily. Enjoy!

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