Influence of MUSIC | you always learn something new

So I was reading an article about the influence of Music and here is some interesting facts. Some rhythms and musical styles is associated with relaxation by altering brain wave activity. How many times have we smiled with a song that reminds us  of memorables moments in our lives or just that person that makes us happy? Similarly when the sound is a bit sad, our mood is slightly reduced and, so to speak, we  get “bitter” right?. “Music has a powerful influence in our cerebral hemispheres, Says Dr. Alejandro Jose who  has created a technique called PSICOSONIA, where he has made the management of depression, anxiety, cognitive sharpening relaxation in addition to general condition, says Dr. Espaillat The therapeutic value of music has been recognized for thousands of years. "It is mentioned in Indian scriptures, Chinese, Egyptian, and Persian.” Platón said that music was the cure of the soul. Today the music is used for cardiac pacing, tension aterial, secretion of gastric juices, muscle tone, sweat glands functioning, increase metabolism, among others. Incredible how powerful music can be. The music you like, regularly handles your mood, it definitely changes mine.