Variety 500 Feature, states Ridley Scott is in Pre-Production of the next Alien Prequel.



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With such oft-imitated and seminal works as “Blade Runner,” “Alien” and “Thelma & Louise,” the four-time Oscar-nominated director-producer alone seems to be equally at ease creating vast landscapes set in both the distant past and the distant future. He seems to channel David Lean, Cecil B. DeMille and James Cameron, on top of his own prodigious gifts as an epic storyteller and visual artist.

Having attended the Royal College of Art in London, where David Hockney was a classmate, his art background and training have always informed his approach to cinema, not to mention his extensive work in advertising. He got his start in TV, founded his successful commercial company RSA with late brother Tony back in 1968 (an influential advertising director, his inspired “1984” campaign that launched the Apple Mac that year still resonates), and made his feature debut with “The Duellists” in 1977.

His credits include such varied fare as “The Martian,” “Hannibal,” “Robin Hood” and “Legend.” He is exec producing “Blade Runner 2049,” the Denis Villeneuve-directed sequel to his seminal “Blade Runner,” and in pre-production on a sequel to his 2017 “Alien: Covenant.”