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bughead standing next to each other while he's in his jacket and she's in her usual girl next door outfit is giving me serious vibes. season two is about to be crazy!

I’m crazy excited for bughead and this whole season. filming hasn’t even freaking started yet and they’re out here serving fucking looks. 

season two is about to be dope, I can feel it and I’ve never been so ready. GIVE ME OCTOBER. 


Audi RS2, 1994. The RS2 was really Audi’s first high performance sports estate car. Much of the development was undertaken, and the car was built by Porsche based on the Audi 80 Avant. It was powered by a turbo-charged 5-cylinder engine which produced 315hp. In total 2891 cars were made, with only 180 being right hand drive 

Under the cut you will find #112 gif icons of Gabriella Wilde as requested by anonymous. None of the gifs used were made by me, so full credit goes to the owners and to @kailawrites, who made most part of the gifs you can find here. If you found these useful, please like/reblog! These were made by Rita in the style rs2.

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