I mean Donna doesn’t even have an album on RS 500 greatest albums of all time.. and no “she doesn’t have one great album” isn’t sound reasoning. the way they do it isn’t necessarily to acknowledge singular landmark albums, like the Whitney album they chose is her debut; their Tina, supremes, Linda rondstadt, James brown, “girl groups,” etc albums are greatest hits albums, and they use those to honor the idea and legacy of them… to acknowledge them and their overall body of work and influence, over a single definitive album per se. Donna doesn’t even have one meaning they don’t respect even that.. they should put Bad girls or On the radio


last night in in a drunken stupor…

i decided to overcome my 25 year plus fear of developing my own film. Ever since I nearly burned down my middle school darkroom, from which I  fled, wreaking of chemicals with which I concocted a nefarious brew, I have been a little leery of my abilities as a chemist. 

Last night, a little loosey goosey, I tried to stuff my inebriated brain with you tube tutorials, a cheat sheet from Freestyle Photo , god bless ‘em, and instructions from the variety of chemicals that have been stored, dormant in my upstairs bathroom, more neglected than the stop smoking book I had for months before I finally dared opened, and fuck me, I never smoked again.  I’ve been miserable ever since. Five years. That’s another story. 

The results (proof sheet #1) speak for themselves. 

This evening (early morning), only mildly sedated, I shot another roll, and gave it a decidedly more focused effort. The results (proof #2) are substantive proof of that which I was already rather sure: Kids, stick to the Ativan. 

Punk priestess Carrie Brownstein is on tour right now to promote her new memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. In Austin last week, RSer and illustrator extraordinaire Lena Moses-Schmitt saw Brownstein speak on reading, writing, and getting noticed, and, of course, she reported back in the best way possible.

RS 500 Christian Vocation and Fulfillment

Sa semester na ito, ang subject na ito ay isa sa mga minors ko at kung minors syempre expected na hindi ko talaga binibigyan ng importansya at kung minsan ay tinutulugan ko lang o kaya ay hindi ako pumapasok. Pero today isang himala ang nangyari kasi aking napagtanto na hindi naman pala totally boring ang subject na Religious Studies. Bakit ko ‘to nasabi? Eh kasi hindi ako inaantok kanina sa pakikinig sa teacher namin while she’s discussing about Holiness. OMG this is so not me! Hahaha sobrang nakakagulat lang talaga na hindi ako tinamad sa subject na ito.
Hindi naman ako masama o anti-Christ, in fact i’m kinda religious in my own way pero hindi lang talaga ganun ka halata. Minsan lang talaga iba-iba tayo ng paraan sa pagshow ng ating faith and beliefs kay God.
So kanina nga parang nakapag-reflect ako na in way masaya din pala makinig sa lesson na wala kang iniisip na problema because si God ang topic niyo and your faith to Him.
OMG! At the end of the class I’ve asked myself what is my real vocation or where will I go after college? :)