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I/Rs after the end of Bleach: “Fuck you Kubo! You piece of scum! Your the worst writer ever! I’m gonna burn all my Bleach stuff!”

I/Rs a few weeks later “Maybe Kubo will rewrite the ending and make Ichi/Ruki canon!”

Yeah because you all totally deserve it given your behavior

Half of I/Rs after the final volume cover is revealed with Ichigo and Rukia (BECAUSE MAIN CHARACTERS): “Fuck you Kubo! Stop mocking us!”

The other half: “I bet this means he changed the ending! I heard there are extra pages! Ichi/Ruki is canon!”

Nope. Turns out those extra pages are just small sketches and a thank you to his team (I’ll admit I was hoping for more too, was hoping to find out what happened to Urahara, Grimm, Nel….)

I/Rs (and other Bleach fans): ”Kubo lied to us again! He over hyped extra content but it’s nothing!”

No he didn’t. We fans did.

I/Rs finding out Kubo has returned to twitter: “Everyone harass Kubo! Let him know how horrible he is for not doing Ichi/Ruki! Send him Ichi/Ruki porn pics an hate messages! Let him know we deserve Ichi/Ruki”

Again that behavior truly warrants a rewrite (eye roll) How do these people function in everyday life?

I/Rs after finding out that not only is Kubo not changing the ending but Rukia and Renji are getting light novel about their wedding: Kubo (yeah he’s not the one writing this, but will most likely call in canon) is ruining Rukia’s character! She never had any feelings for Renji! And look how he has to retcon her by making up a story of her falling in love and marrying Renji!

Retcon? Considering that’s what you wanted when you all insisted that Kubo needed to change the ending to Ichi/Ruki. Also since we all know Rukia and Renji are married with a child, can’t really call this a retcon. More like filling in the missing pieces. Not Kubo’s fault you all refused to see that Rukia had feelings for Renji. He actually made it pretty obvious, they were practically joined at the hip.

I/Rs: “What did we do to deserve this! We’re such a wonderful and loyal fandom!”

Familiar Faces

Day 2 (yes, I know it’s late) of CritRole RS week is complete, with Shaun Gilmore & Lady Kima of Vord, who ended up being an interesting challenge to write for. Hope you enjoy!

(Set after Episode 45 - “Those Who Walk Away”)

Summary:  Something about this Gilmore fellow reminds Kima of Allura. It’s strangely comforting.
Words: 1.2k

Kima slammed her warhammer into the side of a wooden training dummy, the thud of the metal and the splintering of wood doing little to chase away the worry and fear that was eating away at her chest. She had been in Whitestone for only a short while, and while Keyleth had scryed on Allura and said she appeared to be safe, there was a consistent nagging doubt that was only fueled by the knowledge that things could change at any moment.

Dragons were fucking terrifying, Kima had learned. Especially ancient red ones. And though she knew Allura and Drake were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, she couldn’t help appealing to Bahamut with each strike she landed on the effigy before her.

“Let them- return-” she muttered, taking a breath before landing another series of blows on the dummy. “And give me- your strength- to protect them.”

She’d already lost enough friends to dragon fire.

Kima stepped back, breathing heavily but not winded, wiping a trickle of sweat from her brow. For all the shit she gave Vord about early morning training sessions, they really did help her stamina.

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Fic (Critical Role): So I Won’t Be

Title: So I Won’t Be
Pairing: Discussions of Shaun Gilmore/Vax’ildan (with mentions of Vax’ildan/Keyleth)
Words: ~575
Summary: It is strange to know, with such certainty, another path you might have taken in life to find a different kind of happiness.

I wrote some notes in October on this very subject –– it turns out this was the perfect time to use them, scattered and non-linear as they may be.

[Also on Ao3]

Critical Role RS Week Day #3 (belatedly): Shaun Gilmore and Vax’ildan

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i was looking at some tattoo flash stuff just after i looked up some stuff about nex and this happened

(also sorry for not posting a lot recently, one of the things i’m working on is under wraps for the time being till there’s a decent enough amount of it to post about)

So I believe it’s the first day to RS week. Day 1 being beginning? I’m so going to be late with these, because instead of quality for weeks, I like to think more on concepts ;3; (although for jarida week I’m going to try and balance both). I’m sorry my RS stuff will be late, I just need time to really think of what I want to do for them. Not only that, like I’ve mentioned before, life is busy for me and my mind isn’t cooperating with my creativity level lately :(. 

ANYWAY, let me explain my “beginning” concept for RS :), because I like it and wish for it to be a thing!

So, I figured we all know the red string of fate thing, right? I don’t know about everyone else, but back when kids were small, they used to tie a string around their tooth and shut the door to pull it out. I never personally tried it, but I’ve seen it enough times from movies and shows to know it’s a thing 8D;. Anyway, Jack tries it out during his first tooth, tying a string around it, never realizing, it also became a red string that ties him to tooth. It’s fate in a way and version I think fits to them, considering who Tooth is. Idk, I thought it was a cute idea :<, and I thought it would be a nice beginning for them. Hopefully I can plan more things out for RS week that might sound better <3.


i think we have quite possibly got the absolute worst luck at nex, but it’s okay cause the fight is the best bit <3

Rainbow Snowcone....Begginings

so quick note, I cannot draw very well but im in love with rainbow snow cone and i wanted to be part of RS week so I decided to write a story. Of how they first met.

Toothiana was new to Frost High. She was so nervous, who would she meet? Would they be nice? How many kids would be in her class? This was the third time she moved in 2 years. She was hoping to start highschool in one place and finish in that same place but of course that couldn’t happen.

Toothianas POV

OK Tooth you can do this, you can do this. You’ve done it so many times. As I put on the new dress my dads gave me for a “first day at a new school outfit” as they always did, I became a little less nervous and scared. The dress was comforting some how. As I finished off the dress with my bicuspid shaped earrings and silver necklace that had a “T” charm I heard my dad call me, “Tooth its time to come down for breakfast do-” I cut him off

“Don’t wanna be late for the first day of school yeah I know I know.”

“That-a girl now get on down here.” My dad always made pancakes for the first day of school. He used to own a diner, Bunnymuds Hoppin Hot Cakes.

I finished breakfast and steped out the door. It was about a 10 minuet walk to the High school. My dads offered to drive me but I like walks, because you never know what you’ll see on a walk.

I got to the high school but before I stepped through the doors I took a deep breath, “Here we go again.” As i walked down the hall I felt like everyone was staring at me, it was probably the earrings. The bell rang as everyone quickly rushed to their class as not to be late I frantically searched for my class room. “Excuse me could you-” “Hi Im looki-” “If you could just help me fin-” no help anywhere from anyone.

I finally found my classroom, I was 14 minuets late.

“Your late!” The teacher was strict, dark black hair slicked back and he wore a dark black tux.

“Yeah I-I know Im new and I couldn-”
“There is no excuse for tardiness in my class young lady! Do you understand?” “Yes-Yes sir, I’m sorry, I-It wont happen again.”
“Lets hope not. Your name please?”

“Toothina.” A few people snickered I wasn’t surprised.

“Ah yeah the new girl, lets see you sit next to….ah yes Mr. Frost stand up please.” a boy with white hair and amazing blue eyes stood up.“Names Jack Mr. Black.” Some of the class laughed but Mr. Black was not amused.

“You sit next to Mr. Frost, now go.”

“Yes sir.” I rushed to my seat. When I sat down Jack looked at me,

“Nice earrings.” I was a little shocked I didn’t expect to get a compliment on my earrings.“Oh! Thank you.”
“So your new?”

“Oh yeah.” I brushed my bangs behind my ear.

“Well then if I may, can have the honor to show you around?”
“I don’t think it’d be much of an honor.” at this point i was blushing a little.
“For a pretty girl like you, yes it is.” He winked at me. I was about to reply but then Mr. Black stood up and was near shouting,

“Absolutely no talking in this class! Do you understand?!" Jack stood and said, "Now how is she supposed to answer that? You just said absolutely no talking.” most of the class went, OOOOOOOOOHHH and then Jack smiled and sat down.

RS Week


Fanfiction feature:

PROJECT GUARDIAN: Rise and Fall  by  Her Head in the Clouds

When Princess Thia is kidnapped by British terrorist, Pitch Black, a mysterious secret agent comes to the rescue. But protecting her is a challenge as he is wanted dead by multiple spy agencies. Now she and the ex-spy who only goes by the codename ‘JACK FROST’ must work together and stop Pitch, all while uncovering the dark secrets of something he left called the GUARDIAN program. AU

I love her action packed RS fanfic.