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It's honestly mind-boggling what harry managed to for promo in a 6 week span, the pacing was perfect and every appearance was super high profile already and backed up all the hype around him every single time. Like carpool karaoke, SNL, RS, a full week on the late late show, the breakfast show, plus a duet with Stevie Nicks? All incredible and so iconic, and there was even more beyond that. So now he has the luxury of chillin a bit while they ride out all that buzz before starting the next wave

Yes he does 😊 I have to give it to Harry - when he does something, he always does it big lol


I fail at coloring Tooth -falls on floor and cries- ;A;. I vow to master in coloring her in this form. I’m so used to drawing her, sure, but coloring her is a new big step X<. This was meant for RS week, but I’m lazy in the race =w=. I tried to make it pretty ;A;. Avert your eyes at the ugliness! >A< It’s like I’m proud, but not at the same time ;w;. Originally the snowflakes were supposed to be flowers, but it just didn’t fit to me anymore XD;. Besides, Jack doesn’t do flowers, he does snowflakes! 8D

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I'm slowly coming onboard het harry idea. I've always considered him ambiguous and it hinted to me he might not want to discuss his homosexuality. But honestly this past week's RS just seems to indicate that whatever harry was portraying was more british fop with a comfort in his masculinity - hence the women's blouses. I don't have to like who he dates thats his choice - as he progresses in the world he'll most likely meet more people - or lol maybe he'll surprise everyone and settle early

Character development 👍

I/Rs after the end of Bleach: “Fuck you Kubo! You piece of scum! Your the worst writer ever! I’m gonna burn all my Bleach stuff!”

I/Rs a few weeks later “Maybe Kubo will rewrite the ending and make Ichi/Ruki canon!”

Yeah because you all totally deserve it given your behavior

Half of I/Rs after the final volume cover is revealed with Ichigo and Rukia (BECAUSE MAIN CHARACTERS): “Fuck you Kubo! Stop mocking us!”

The other half: “I bet this means he changed the ending! I heard there are extra pages! Ichi/Ruki is canon!”

Nope. Turns out those extra pages are just small sketches and a thank you to his team (I’ll admit I was hoping for more too, was hoping to find out what happened to Urahara, Grimm, Nel….)

I/Rs (and other Bleach fans): ”Kubo lied to us again! He over hyped extra content but it’s nothing!”

No he didn’t. We fans did.

I/Rs finding out Kubo has returned to twitter: “Everyone harass Kubo! Let him know how horrible he is for not doing Ichi/Ruki! Send him Ichi/Ruki porn pics an hate messages! Let him know we deserve Ichi/Ruki”

Again that behavior truly warrants a rewrite (eye roll) How do these people function in everyday life?

I/Rs after finding out that not only is Kubo not changing the ending but Rukia and Renji are getting light novel about their wedding: Kubo (yeah he’s not the one writing this, but will most likely call in canon) is ruining Rukia’s character! She never had any feelings for Renji! And look how he has to retcon her by making up a story of her falling in love and marrying Renji!

Retcon? Considering that’s what you wanted when you all insisted that Kubo needed to change the ending to Ichi/Ruki. Also since we all know Rukia and Renji are married with a child, can’t really call this a retcon. More like filling in the missing pieces. Not Kubo’s fault you all refused to see that Rukia had feelings for Renji. He actually made it pretty obvious, they were practically joined at the hip.

I/Rs: “What did we do to deserve this! We’re such a wonderful and loyal fandom!”