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R/S Games: a bittersweet announcement

Dear fellow Wolfstar shippers,

After much soul-searching, the mod team have decided to make this the last year for the Games. 

The change to LiveJournal’s terms of service has proved to be the final nail in the coffin. We’re going to try to fly under LJ’s radar this year, but it would be pushing our luck to continue beyond that. Moving the Games off LJ entirely would require too many changes to the way our fest operates. It would not be the R/S Games anymore, as we know them.

We are sad that things are drawing to a close, but it feels like time. Ten years is a good, long run for any fest. The work we have done, along with our participants, has generated hundreds of fanworks for our beloved OTP over the years, including some genuine classics. We couldn’t ask for more than that.

So if you’ve been on the fence about participating this year, now is your last chance. Sign-ups will take place June 14-19. We hope you will join us for one last hurrah, as we celebrate ten years of the R/S Games.

All our love and gratitude,

Team Mod


I fail at coloring Tooth -falls on floor and cries- ;A;. I vow to master in coloring her in this form. I’m so used to drawing her, sure, but coloring her is a new big step X<. This was meant for RS week, but I’m lazy in the race =w=. I tried to make it pretty ;A;. Avert your eyes at the ugliness! >A< It’s like I’m proud, but not at the same time ;w;. Originally the snowflakes were supposed to be flowers, but it just didn’t fit to me anymore XD;. Besides, Jack doesn’t do flowers, he does snowflakes! 8D

I found this blog because of the BLM talk going on. I hope you’ll let me say this and I’m going to be polite.

I don’t understand why everyone is saying how Harry is losing his fanbase. Its your right not to love him but that’s not true. Harry has an army of devoted fans far beyond 1D fandom. His tweets get a ton of likes, more than most of the other boys. He sold out a world tour. You might not like Kiwi but fans beg him to sing it twice every night and they’ll support it hard. The BLM stuff will blow over and his many fans will stay. And outside fandom he’s relevant. He’s on all kind of fashion lists. People want to know what he’s wearing, who he’s dating. If you let go of your prejudices you’ll see that he got his own BBC special bc he’s relevant. Critics took his album seriously enough to review, unlike others, even if they had some criticisms, fair or not. The media almost always puts his name first when naming 1D. The Sun just called his music alt-rock, you can say the Sun’s a rag but it’s what ordinary ppl read and that’s what they think of him. His music is risky. And all you can say is he bought his press and I think you need to open your minds a bit to his popularity.

I don’t hate the others at all. I like them fine but I don’t think they’re doing interesting things. Liam’s got a good voice but I wish he’d make songs that sound different from everything on radio. Niall’s a nice folk singer who seems sincere and I wish someone around him would be honest and tell him he’s not suited for the big leagues. You can call these my opinions, fine. But why the double standards? If you drag Harry for stunting, are you calling out Liam for relying so much on Cheryl to sell himself? If Harry’s sales fading quick is so horrible will you say the same thing about Niall, whose already falling fast? I’m not trying to be mean, I’m honestly asking. If Harries are in a bubble aren’t you in a bubble of your own?


well I’m gonna point out that I’m not part of the fandom, I came in at the tail end as a Harry fan, so no, his promo and nonsense did not work on me and it turned me off massively, so no, I’m not in any bubble whatsoever, I just have my eyes open and don’t buy everything he does at face value because I’m savvy enough to know how this business works. He did not get the BBC on his relevance, nor did he get RS, SNL or the week on LLS. That was all connections, it’s very easy to see that and as I’ve said before, kudos to him for making those connections, they got him a lot more than the others. But that promo didn’t work, he gets passing mentions at best, he got a few album reviews at the beginning like every other bloody artist out there and the GP seems very disengaged with him. His popularity is within his own fandom and that’s it, which is why his sales fell off a cliff. It is far far too soon to say what Niall’s will do, but there is a chance they will do the same and there is a chance they won’t. No offence, but of all of us, you are far more in a bubble.