rs rewatch


you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along, would you? ( for @poisonpam )

RS Rewatch Sunday 04th of June

Where: for the live chat

4x05 - No wolves in Whitechapel

10.00 pm - 11.00 pm BST

So, @soot is undecided whether he’ll make it, so no trivia option for this week. Next one, I’m going to be absent but rewatch can still go on, I’ll delegate to someone else (I know, convenient that I’ll be absent for THAT episode :D But hey, you’ll be able to talk shit about Rose fully without meXD) 

Good news for RS Rewatch/Trivia

My wi-fi still sucks, but I’m spending the weekend in Cork city and staying at a hotel that boasts “super-fast” wifi, so I’ll actually be able to watch the ep!!!