Lyric Tag Game

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Rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and write your favorite lyric from each song.

1. Oh Wonder - Plans

“I’ve got a hope in the headlights. Stood still but I’m feeling fine cause all these plans I’ve been making will get me out of here in time.”  

2. The Eden Project - XO

“No, I don’t love you, and I never did. Look at us burning down in flames for kicks. But just know, I’m not singing for your XO I’m just singing cause it’s over.”

3. Ailee - Insane

“I said I don’t wanna be alone. I don’t need a wake up call. Your smile I cannot forget. Wandering around inside my head. Not to make me sad, not to make me cry. Cause baby I’m insane for you.”  

4. Chris Brown - U Did It

“You did it, you made me a better person.”  

5. Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes

“No fair. You really know how to make me cry when you gimme those ocean eyes. I’m scared. I’ve never fallen from quite this high. Falling into your ocean eyes.”  

6. Dean x Zico - Pour Up

“Just like nothing happened, laugh a bit louder. Just like it doesn’t matter to get drunk.”  

7. Day6 - Habits 

“Every day is the same, I’m running around a wheel. I really hope this feeling changes. Not having what you want makes your heart hurt, I’m only human.”  

8. Troye Sivan - Youth

“Cause we’ve no time for getting old. Mortal body, timeless souls. Cross your fingers, here we go.”

9. Fletcher - Live Young Die Free

“I don’t want the same things I used to want anymore. I know how to say what i could never say and what it means to have it my way. I only wanna do it if it’s something worth fighting for. Don’t think your money’s gonna buy my time well, who the hell wants to live a lie?” 

10. Seventeen - Q&A

“What’s so difficult. Just tell me what’s in your heart. When I look into your eyes, you tell me what’s on your mind.” 

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Scape Club

The Club owner:


The Club owner’s underling: Bilrach

The strippers: Moia and Enakhra

The lech who leches at everyone, especially if they’re female: Zemouregal

The grumpy grandpa who is babysitting from the shadows: Hazeel

The person who needs babysitting because he is going to get drunk, get too friendly with the strippers AND will eventually start stripping himself: Khazard

The guy who is just drowning his sorrows and trying to hide his meth and tobacco addiction with that ugly scarf: Nomad

The disco ball that will make Zamorak’s club the best in Gielinor: The Stone of Jas

The owner of the sleaziest, sketchies nightclub in Gielinor who currently owns the Stone of Jas: Sliske

The poor soul who is just trying to drown its sorrows but ows Zamorak and club a lot of money so tries to repay debts by trying to steal the Stone of Jas: The World Guardian

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When she catches me staring at her I’ll always pass it off as nothing. But I could honestly describe every speck of colour in her eyes, count every smile line on her face, tell you how when she’s genuinely laughing her eyes crinkle up, that her eyes widen that little bit when she’s talking about a topic she’s passionate about, or how when she’s trying really hard to remember something she’ll bite her lip a little. All these little things I’ve picked up on, yet every time she asks me what I’m looking at I’ll still pass it off as “nothing”, and she’ll believe me.