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My 120 Divination Guide - WARNING - LONG POST - SORRY IN ADVANCE

I’ve been asked by a lot of people in-game and on tumblr about how I train Divination when you’re going for 120!

This is gonna be a long post…I thought I’d put together a little guide of what my methods are. There might be better ones out there? Who knows, but this is mine!


Diviner’s outfit! it is important, each part of the set gives an experience boost of 1%, so the whole 5-piece set gives 5% + an extra 1%, so in total 6%! 

Max cape! Easy teleport to Bank, and easy access to the Max garden skill portals which you can rig up to the Incandescent wisp colony portal.

Enhanced yaktwee stick is for catching Chronicle Fragments, when wielding the stick you get a 5% bonus on hunter experience. When you get 10 of the fragments, you deposit them at Guthix’s Shrine you get 10k divination exp. You are able to catch 30, but the spawn rate decreases once a player is holding more than 10 - including if they are in the bank. 

Sixth-Age circuit! direct teleport to Guthix’s Shrine to drop off those fragments and get those expzzz

Wisdom aura OR Enrichment Aura! The Wisdom Aura increases all experience gained by 2.5% for 30 minutes! You can also use any tier of the Enrichment Auras increase your chance of receiving enriched memories, so always worth having this! I only have the tier 3 at the moment which gives me a 7% increased chance. 

Pet - Nightmare Muspah! this is super important, its like a whole other inventory plus 4 added slots, its awesome.


Tok-kul-zo ring in inventory to go to bank, and crystal teleport seeds to get to Cadarn and into the max guild garden portals! (You can still get into the gardens if you have 1 or more 99)



Okay, basically my method is I spend all the time I can collecting enriched memories and banking them, then I go to the Guthixian Cache mini-game every 3 hours, get 100 points, and with the 20 minute buff I go between bank and rift to deposit as many enriched memories as possible. 


This is what I have found to be the best exp, I can get around 200-400k within the 20 minute buff and probably more if I really tried hard enough, and thats 3 times a day… ;D

Okay, so as I said above spend all the time I can collecting enriched memories. I “filter” them from the regular memories by choosing the middle option when converting in the rift. 

When you click the middle option, just keep an eye on how many normal memories you have till they are all gone, then stop - otherwise it will start using your enriched! 

I keep going until my pet and my inventory are completely full of enriched memories, and then I teleport to max guild using my Max cape, bank, surge to the portal, go through portal in the max garden and repeat!

When you look a lil something like that ^ … go bank!

So basically, just bank a ton of enriched memories & energy. 


Make sure you have a bank preset enabled as either preset 1 or 2, this will be easier in the long run, something similar to this:  (don’t forget your energies)

Guthixian Cache and Buff:

~hint~ Harvest the Enrich before you go inside Cache, you only miss 1 minute of the mini game but you get more exp when you get out because you’ll have more enriched in your inventory! 

So! inside Guthixian Cache my method is to transform to a Cres as much as possible, mainly aiming for the Confused Automations (2 points) and Enraged Automations (3 points)

Just getting 100 points in Cache grants you 75k divination exp, woo

Also!!! don’t forget to also make sure to use the double points options as much as possible especially when your about to subdue an Enraged or Confused Automation. 

When converting, only grab Large Memories (3 points) and don’t forget to have your ability-bar open and surge as much as possible to get past those annoying Cres!

Okay so Cache is over, and now you got this nice lil timer thing, 20 minute buff!

What that basically does is it gives you a 10% chance to convert ALL memories in your inventory and pet (Muspah) at once! 


So… basically do this and repeat!

I started going for 120 Divination Early January, and I'm almost there. In total I think I've had about 2m bxp just from daily treasure hunter stars, but apart from that it’s all just been this method above

I hope this was helpful to some people, or at least you learnt some tips!

Thanks to toujours-rs and whoever the other anons were for giving me the idea to do this, it was actually pretty fun putting it all together. I just hope I didn't miss anything

TL;DR:  collect enriched memories and bank them, go to the Guthixian Cache mini-game every 3 hours, get 100 points, and with the 20 minute buff go between bank and rift to deposit enriched memories and boom exp.

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