2 more asc pets to add to my collection both in the same day. :D Got 5/6 with quartus left to go. So that puts me at 12/26 for boss pets. As well as 150m ranged while doing araxxor. :p So happy i got the 2 pets because the little shits werent dropping their signets. (O and also forgot to screenie the primus drop rip.)

You know I’ve noticed a trend on tumblr and in Islamic studies in general. It’s not bad per se but I guess there are harmful aspects. It’s not really exclusive to Islam but any subject in all honestly. Economists for instance, try make their jobs seem like rocket science when in reality it’s pretty basic arithmetics and common sense in most cases. And I’ve noticed that people who have a basic grasp of Islam try to outdo themselves in order to prove how complicated Islam is and alright I appreciate that Islam is such a broad and detailed religion but idk man… sometimes you guys really discourage the younger people by REALLY REALLY overusing the Arabic trying to keep it very “authentic” or show others you know your stuff idk. But it can really alienate people. And honestly shoutout to Osama (partytilfajr) for trying to take a more casual approach to heavy topics and you guys don’t know how much effort it takes.  

Happy 4th of July to all our American ‘Scapers!

Make sure you head down to the Lumbridge Crater Beach and see Sam, who will spawn balloon drops for you to grab some limited edition prizes!

From all at RuneScape - have a great day.

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Bootleg Bart

After 26 seasons and a feature length film, the success of the Simpsons doesn’t need to be proved. This show is a true television monument. When you have such an influence on popular imagery, everything is possible, and that is what happened in the ‘90s with the Bootleg Bart phenomenon.

Artists would take their spin on the character to include him in some weird, trashy or political situations (sometimes all three at once). The result is a two weekend exhibition in Los Angeles and Paris, hosted by Be Street.

The most important quote from each arc
  • RBG:But if you treat with kindness, they can become your friends and partners. Don't be afraid of them.
  • Y:Your heart is in the right place, but you're fighting the wrong battle. I was guilty of the same thing once...
  • GSC:Others who received a pokedex had to answer the same question. One child called them our partners, while another described them as close friends. Tell me: just what are Pokémon to you?
  • RS:This disaster was caused by people. We cannot ask Pokémon to fix it for us.
  • FRLG:It's the ties we have with our family that makes us strong.
  • DPPt:But when they're together, they become complete. I understand that now.
  • HGSS:Team Rocket belongs to Giovanni. And Team Rocket doesn't exist without Giovanni.
  • BW:Don't you have a dream?