hi all! it’s my birthday in a week (i’m turning 20😱) and i just hit 300 followers which i know isn’t really all that many but i’m very excited!

so i’m making this follow forever – it’s my first one and i’m just happy to let you all know how much i love you💕

i hope it’s ok that i’ve tagged those of you i don’t know in this, (and if not i’m sorry and will happily untag you) i’m just glad you’ll know of my undying love for you 

xoxo emma faerieheir 

p.s. mutuals are bolded + some of you follow me on my sideblog @zleepily !

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In honour of reaching 5K followers (seriously, that’s so amazing, thank you to each and every one of my followers!) I decided it was time for a Follow Forever. I follow so many amazing blogs and I’ve become such great friends with so many of you, so thank you for making my Tumblr experience that much better! I follow hundreds of blogs, so if I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry! Love you all muchly! xoxoxo

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Chums of the Pub Series

Dance with Me Tonight  


Summary: So, Courfeyrac and Cosette were meant to see a movie.. honestly.

Rated 18 because I’m british. 

But, no, really, M or R or whatever you call it. 

a/n: dedicated to rrueplumet because this ship i just cannot with you 

also i have an entire backstory planned out for this inc. the rest of les amis and other people, all set within this AU. 

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