Small Girls in Rachel by Rachel Roy at South by South West [say that three times fast]

Festival dressing is difficult enough as it is, but when you’re spending the week working (over playing), when does one have the time to plan the perfect look to transition from behind the scenes to hosting guests at events?  Enter Rachel by Rachel Roy, who outfitted us for the festival and saved the day.  

Despite the fact that we chose completely different pieces, we somehow managed to coordinate our looks, down to the backpacks.  Here are a couple of shots snapped at the Fast Company Grill by our fave, Nicky Digital.


I’ve worn a denim dress at least one of the days at SXSW every year for the past 5 years. It is my top secret festival wear weapon for the following reasons:

1) It’s a dress so you don’t need to think about mixing & matching, you just throw it on your head, add a flower crown and run out the door to eat tacos and rage. 2) Denim is thin enough to breathe if its warm out and thick enough to protect you from the chilly evenings, allowing you to transition seamlessly day to night from panel to party.


I love maps and flowy things, so I was immediately drawn to the Cruisin Top by RRR– you know, to help me navigate SXSW13.   I layered the top in a L over my favorite American Apparel skater dress.  Belt it with a boy’s button down or keep it loose- it works both ways.  The map & the backpack thing kind of channels an adult Dora the Explorer thing.  We did it!  Yay!

I’ve since worn this top at least once a week since the festival. Absolutely obsessed.