The Catterdome is just fine post-Irma. We’ve luckily held power the entire time and only had minor tree damage outside. Thanks for all the good vibes, everyone! And if you’re an Orlando mutual and still stuck without power, shoot me a line and we’ll get you hooked up. :)

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I went to your blog bc of the sexy Halloween costume, but omg catch me in your notifications bc I love you + the fact you're trans and bi like me ily!! Do you have a sweetheart??

Yoooooo! ::blushes::

My partner and I mutually found each other on tumblr 4 years ago thanks to a little Guillermo del Toro movie called Pacific Rim. We just aggressively resist being “social media official”. ;)

::whispers, i have done 2 interviews now with NPR local about trans healthcare and i hope the story becomes nationally broadcast, but i am also scared about my words being taken out of context because the cis reporter, while eager to learn, is still cis. also i sound like a muppet on tape::


Now (age 37) and then (age 14), for Transgender Day of Visibility.

Now you know why I like to keep my hair so short, ha ha.

I didn’t start T until I was almost 33. My only regret was waiting so long. If transition is your goal, it isn’t too late. Stay strong. My Ask Box is open. 

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omg you should go back to your curly hair

Ha ha, I probably wasn’t clear in that post – the curls were from a perm, which my mother really pressured me and my sister to have.

Changing my hair was a huge part of asserting my gender identity.

I rebelled against the perm my senior year:

Kept it mainly in a pony tail:

Then I cut it all off in college and was basically a kid version of the TF2 medic for many years:

And then got on T and ended up here, where it gets ridic due to cosplay + humidity:

I’ve said this to someome privately today, but I am SO. PROUD. of all the non-binary people, especially here on the tumbles.

I’m part of the older generation where being trans only ever meant transition, and it’s important to remember that the trans experience is a SPECTRUM. All y’all who aren’t part of the binary are very important and have taught me a *lot*.

Remember: There’s no one way to be trans!

I used to think it was self-indulgent to head-canon a fictional character as trans. Because I thought it would take away enjoyment of the character from other fans if they knew I felt that way. Because I felt it was too weird or twee or overly complicated.

And you know what? That’s the EXACT same attitude that initially kept me from transitioning (10 years of waiting!) and set me down a long, dark road of deep, deep depression that nearly destroyed me. Yeah, being trans is a little weird and complicated sometimes, but so is every other manifestation of the human condition.

If you don’t head-canon a character as trans, fine. You’re entitled to your own interpretations. But fuck off if you turn that into something that makes other people feel unwelcome, and ultimately, unsafe.