Now (age 37) and then (age 14), for Transgender Day of Visibility.

Now you know why I like to keep my hair so short, ha ha.

I didn’t start T until I was almost 33. My only regret was waiting so long. If transition is your goal, it isn’t too late. Stay strong. My Ask Box is open. 

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omg you should go back to your curly hair

Ha ha, I probably wasn’t clear in that post – the curls were from a perm, which my mother really pressured me and my sister to have.

Changing my hair was a huge part of asserting my gender identity.

I rebelled against the perm my senior year:

Kept it mainly in a pony tail:

Then I cut it all off in college and was basically a kid version of the TF2 medic for many years:

And then got on T and ended up here, where it gets ridic due to cosplay + humidity:

I’ve said this to someome privately today, but I am SO. PROUD. of all the non-binary people, especially here on the tumbles.

I’m part of the older generation where being trans only ever meant transition, and it’s important to remember that the trans experience is a SPECTRUM. All y’all who aren’t part of the binary are very important and have taught me a *lot*.

Remember: There’s no one way to be trans!

I used to think it was self-indulgent to head-canon a fictional character as trans. Because I thought it would take away enjoyment of the character from other fans if they knew I felt that way. Because I felt it was too weird or twee or overly complicated.

And you know what? That’s the EXACT same attitude that initially kept me from transitioning (10 years of waiting!) and set me down a long, dark road of deep, deep depression that nearly destroyed me. Yeah, being trans is a little weird and complicated sometimes, but so is every other manifestation of the human condition.

If you don’t head-canon a character as trans, fine. You’re entitled to your own interpretations. But fuck off if you turn that into something that makes other people feel unwelcome, and ultimately, unsafe.

Restart the clock! (Adventures in surgery)

I just got done with my phone consultation with Dr. Garramone, who will be performing my top surgery. Interesting tidbits:

- He prefers physician letters to therapist ones and my obgyn/endo will work out just fine.

- I have to have a mammogram because I am over 35. Ugh. Time to find a trans* friendly center.

- Because it’s not too bad a drive, I don’t have to stay in a hotel the entire week between surgery and bandage removal, so that saves me money and lets me convalescence at home.

Pending approval from my boss tomorrow, my surgery date will be Sept 18th! I wish it were sooner, but that gives me time to get a little better in shape. I am getting the double incision (just barely don’t qualify for keyhole). If I don’t care for my scars, I will get a chest tatt.

Hell, I may be fine with my scars and *still* get a chest piece.

I better start some designs…

So, one Otakon, I completely forgot to bring “normal” clothes except the ones I drove up in which got really gross from a 15hr drive with no AC and all I had was pocket change to find a T-shirt I could wear out to a restaurant and not feel too embarassed and out of place but all I could afford was this shirt which I still have for some reason.

One of these days,I’m going to write smut, but it’s going to consist entirely of all the goofy shit that happens during sex – stupid noises, fart breaks, intrusive fandom thoughts that MUST be shared (followed by a passionate head-canon discussion), non-sequiturs, missing various targets, “hold on, I just thought of something great to post”, giggle fits, interruptions by the pet (“Who’s a kitty? YOU ARE! YAAAYYYY!!!”) – and culminating in the realization that’s it’s 3am and the couple involved should REALLY get some sleep, good night.