rron tresi

Interview with Rron Tresi about studying at the DIA

Rron Tresi, 27, Prishtina, Kosovo

Your current project: DIA/DSD Studio: “Civilian Border Conflicts”, Damascus Gate Project, Jerusalem.

Your current other project: Freelance photography and graphic design projects.

Your favorite object: Water.

Your favorite place: Inside Tadao Ando`s buildings.

Your childhood dream: To own the Ring that rules all other rings…

Worst architect: Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Best architect: Tadao Ando.

Something you don’t understand, but admire: Extraterrestrial life.

What and where did you study before coming to Dessau?

 I studied architecture at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo.

Why did you decide to come to Dessau?

To get a taste of studying abroad and to get some international experience.

DIA is in Dessau, which is a very small and quiet city. How do you feel about studying in such a place?

The advantage is that you get familiar with all the students and you have the comfort of studying quietly. Getting the experience of studying in a European city not so much, there is an absence of cultural and social events. 

In your opinion, what does the DIA have to offer?

Interesting studios, introduction to architects from all over the world and very attractive challenges.

And the courses..?

Most of them are good, there can be an improvements, but I guess that will come with time because DIA is improving every year. 

The DIA has students from all over the world, in fact, there are very few German students enrolled since the course is presented entirely in English. How do you feel about studying with international students? 

Even before coming to DIA I knew about this fact so I was prepared to deal with it. Having international students around is always an advantage because of cultural diversity. German students can also be part of this international group and I would recommend them to join.